Gateley Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
NAS 1/1/16/92 Extent of lands rented by John Foxe and Christopher Sheringham File nd
NAS 1/1/16/93 Draft petition (incomplete) of Sir Thomas Knyvett about claim by Hugh Bourchier to the Knyvett inheritance File nd [late 16th century]
NAS 1/1/16/77 Incomplete account of Thomas Denys farmer of said manor File nd [? late 15th century]
NAS 1/1/16/79 Schedule listing court rolls and other records of the manor of Gateley, [? temp.Edward I]-1579 File
NAS 1/1/16/85 Particular of Gateley manor File nd [c 1590]
NAS 1/1/16/90 Copy of grant by the Crown to Joan Knyvett, widow, of power to convey the manor of Gateley held in chief to John Walpole, gent., and Stephen Borell, to hold to her for life, then to her assigns for twenty years, then to William and Edmund her younger sons, then to her son John File 1552
NAS 1/1/16/95 Note of relief due from the Dean of Norwich for lands in Gateley in the years 1408/9-1540/1 File 16th century
NAS 1/1/16/75 Manors of Gateley, Fundenhall and Ashwellthorpe, draft court roll, 1468, with note that John Holand took from Reyner lately vicar of Houghton a pair of chalices and two 'ryellys' (?rowells) File 1468
NAS 1/1/16/76 Accounts of rent received from the farmers of the manor of Gateley for the years 1483-1484 and 1484-1485 File 1483-1485
NAS 1/1/16/78 Manor of Cootes Croft in Gateley, court book (with leet) File 1570-1577
NAS 1/1/16/86 Feoffment by Roger Martyn, Roger his son and Thomas Fulsnap to Robert Thorp, gent., James Hobart, king's attorney, William Walgrave, esq., Edmund Jenney, esq., Thomas Brampton, gent., Henry Foxe, Thomas Hayward and Nicholas Trendell of messuages, meadows, pastures, moors, marshes etc. in Gateley with liberty of one fold, excepting 7a. and pightle in croft called Goldynges near land called Chaunceys (close called Harpours cancelled), had from William Spark, citizen and clothier of London, to use of Thorp File 10 Sep 1496
NAS 1/1/16/87 Copy grant by Richard Everard to William his son of parcel of messuage with garden and parcel of croft annexed at Enlond (in Gateley) and seven pieces of land dispersed in the fields of Gateley including Smalemedowes, near Sowterstye, Swadlingsdeale and Hareaker furlong, had from Roger Martin of Metfield, Suff., and Henry Trendill File 1547
NAS 1/1/16/88 Extent of the Everards' holdings and note of their baptisms and deaths in 1554-1558 File 1554-1558
NAS 1/1/16/89 Notes of grants of (?)manorial demesne to the Everards and others File 1557-1558
NAS 1/1/16/94 Copy conveyance by Sir Thomas Knyvett and Thomas his son to Michael Hare, esq., of the manors of Gateley and Colkirk with appurtenances in Great and Little Ryburgh, Pudding Norton, Whissonsett, Oxwick, Horningtoft, Testerton and Toftrees. Nicholas Tymperly to deliver seisin File 1591
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