Freeman Collection Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Dollie Freeman Sub-series 1877-1928
MC 17/94, 543X8 Letter from J. Atterbury, Burton-on-Trent, brother-in-law. File 1928
MC 17/95-97, 543X8 Letter from Nellie Cann File 1891-1897
MC 17/99-102, 543X8 Letters from brother David, Sheffield. File 1889
MC 17/108-112, 543X8 Letters from mother Mary Freeman, Norwich. File 1877-1900
MC 17/129-134, 543X8 Christmas cards and envelope addressed to Dollie Freeman. File nd
Edith Freeman Sub-series 1881
MC 17/138-139, 543X8 Letters from 'Maud' to 'Kitten', a child File 1885, 1888
Lilian H. Freeman Sub-series 1878-1900
MC 17/171-172, 543X8 Letters from son Bernard Freeman, London. File 1881, 1886
MC 17/173, 543X8 Letter from son Bernard Freeman, surveyor with Uxbridge Rural Sanitary Authority. File 1874
MC 17/192-194, 543X8 Letters from sister Elizabeth Hogarth, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, where she was a governess. File 1850, 1856
MC 17/195, 543X8 Letters from sisters Emilie (sic) and Jane Hogarth, Great Yarmouth. File 1850
MC 17/207, 543X8 Envelope addressed to Mrs Freeman, 35 King Street, Norwich File 1890
MC 17/210, 543X8 Inventory and valuation of Mrs Freeman's household effects File nd [? c 1912]
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