Francis Cresswell (1789-1861), naval officer and banker of King's Lynn, mayor, 1845 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
WMH 3/1/A4 Francis Cresswell, bank book File 1847-1854
WMH 3/1/A11/1-10 Letters to Francis Cresswell, many about S.G.C.'s promotion File 1858
WMH 3/1/A3 Valuation of household effects taken over from Henry Birkbeck, made by Robinson Cruso, appraiser and auctioneer File 1825
WMH 3/1/A9/1-38 Letters to Frank Cresswell (many addressed jointly to F.C. and his wife) mainly congratulating him on the safe return from the Arctic of his son Samuel Gurney Cresswell, about the address presented to S.G.C. at Lynn, and discussing prospects of promotion File 1853
WMH 3/1/A1 Certificate of admission of Captain Francis Cresswell junior as Younger Brother of Trinity House File 4 Nov 1819
WMH 3/1/A2/1-2 Alliance British & Foreign Life & Fire Insurance Company, certificates of renewal of policy on life of Francis Cresswell for £4,000, share certificate, 1844, policy on household goods at King Staithe Square, Lynn, 1845; share certificates, etc., of same company, 1824-61, with brochures, etc. File 1824-1861
WMH 3/1/A7/1-15 'Testimonials Capt Gurney Cresswell' File 1847-1856
WMH 3/1/A10/1-9 Letters to Frank Cresswell, mainly relating to career of S.G.C. File 1854-1856
WMH 3/1/A5-6 Francis Cresswell, personal and household account books (ledger and day book) File 1847-1860
WMH 3/1/A8/1-10 Letters to Francis Cresswell File ? 1848-1856