Financial Inventory list

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HMN 3/4/1-6, 736X6 Quitrent receipts from the manor of Pensthorpe, 1714, 1716, 1765, 1767, and receipts issued to Richard Palmer the Hamonds' tenant at South Lynn for drainage rate, 1844. File 1714-1844
HMN 3/5/1-36, 736X6 Quitrent receipts from the manors of South Wootton and Timworth in West Dereham File 1717-1770
HMN 3/14/1-12, 736X6 Rentals, rent accounts and audit papers File 1818-1822
HMN 3/15, 736X6 Fee account from the manor of Haspalls and Whitsands in Swaffham File 1823-1837
HMN 3/16-17, 736X6 Fee receipts from manor of Haspalls and Whitsands in Swaffham File 1838
HMN 3/19/1-3, 736X9 Receipt from Philip Newell and Sons of Pimlico for £181 for work done at High House, 1840; letter from George R. Winter, East Bradenham Rectory, acknowledging payment for portraits, 1871; letter from Ruth Whitwell re family portraits and ring. File early 20th century
HMN 3/20, 736X6 Receipt by Henry Underwood for £100 for planting at High House File 1842
HMN 3/22, 736X6 Swaffham manor, account of fines File 1865
HMN 3/23, 736X6 Westacre Estate balance sheet, naming tenants File 1883-1884
HMN 3/6/1-24, 736X6 Quitrent receipts from the manor of Gaywood File 1722-1772
HMN 3/7/1-31, 736X6 Quitrent receipts from manors in Grimston, Setch, Dersingham, Anmer and Ingoldisthorpe, 1722-1781, and Swaffham, 1775; rent receipt for feed of 102 acres in Dersingham Outfield, 1768. File 1722-1781
HMN 3/9, 736X6 Account for fees on deaths of Susan Hamond and Anthony Hamond (d 1743) from an unidentified manor. File nd [c 1743]
HMN 3/13/1-10, 736X6 Receipts from the Dean and Chapter of Westminster for rent for Swaffham Rectory and for tithes, rents and portions payable therefrom File 1811-1823
HMN 3/1, 736X7 Nicholas Hamond of South Wootton, estate and farming accounts. File 1663-1685
HMN 3/2/1-25, 736X6 Accounts and receipts for dues paid to the manors of West Dereham, Curples in West Dereham, Grimston, South Wootton, Broughton in Tilney and Fitton in Wiggenhall File 1693-1770
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