Family and personal papers of Betty and Revd Donald Rae of Norwich, Hingham and Oxford Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MC 2419/2, 971X7 Copy of Henry Francis Conyngham's certificate of birth in 1875 at Kingstown, Dublin File 1899
MC 2419/10, 971X7 Letters written to Dr H. F. Conyngham, medical officer to the Anglo-Liberian Boundary Commission in Sierra Leone File Jan-Nov 1903
MC 2419/22, PH 14 Two monochrome photographs of Betty's family on holiday at Port Erin, Isle Of Man File nd [c 1913]
MC 2419/24/7, PH 14 Mounted photograph, taken in Borneo, of Betty as a young girl, seated in wicker chair holding two kittens Item nd [c 1916]
MC 2419/26, PH 14 Photographic portrait of Betty as young teenager in London File nd [c 1923]
MC 2419/31, 971X7 Photographic portrait of Betty in late teenage at Lausanne, Switzerland File nd [c 1928]
MC 2419/33, PH 14 Photographs of Betty as a young woman, in Weston-super-Mare and elsewhere File nd [c 1930]
MC 2419/35, 971X7 Monochrome photograph of Betty's elderly mother, Eleanor Margaret Conyngham and unidentified elderly man File nd [? 1940s]
MC 2419/41, PH 14 Packet of miscellaneous monochrome photographs File nd [1930s-1970s]
Girl Guides records Sub-sub-fonds 1937-1951
MC 2419/46, 972X1 Betty's 'qualified camper badge' File Jul 1939
MC 2419/49 Scrapbook of war-time recipes, pasted over the jottings of one of Betty's girl guides File nd [c 1940]
MC 2419/51, 972X1 Letter and postcards from 'Auntie C.', Betty's mother's older sister, Clara F. Wynne, in Bath File 1919-1929
MC 2419/61, 972X2 Four letters of condolence on Donald's death, from Donald's old college in Cambridge and from others File Oct-Dec 1964
MC 2419/65, 972X2 Betty's detailed narrative of her impromptu trip by railway from Devon to London to view King George V's Silver Jubilee celebrations on 6 May 1935 File nd [1935]
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