Estate Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
DCN 47 Ledger Books (i.e. Lease Registers) Sub-series 1538-c 1958
DCN 47/4 Ledger book File 1625-1667
DCN 47/6 Ledger book File 1687-1698
DCN 47/8 Ledger book File 1715-1727
DCN 47/16 Ledger book File 1798-1809
DCN 47/17 Ledger book File 1810-1820
DCN 47/21 Ledger book File 1843-1850
DCN 47/27 Transcript of first ledger book File c 1958
DCN 48/1 All Saints Ber Street, Chapter leases File 1539-1846
DCN 48/2 All Saints Fyebridgegate, Chapter leases File 1580-1673
DCN 48/3 St Andrew, Chapter leases File 1551-1830
DCN 48/4 St Benedict, title deeds only Sub-sub-series 1749-1834
DCN 48/4a Bundle of title deeds, assignments, mortgages etc. re estate leased by Mayor and Corporation to John Shilling 9 Feb 1749, assigned to John Allcock on Shilling's bankruptcy 7 Sep 1756 and later to the Huggins family, including probvate copy of will of Henry Huggins proved in Norwich Consistory Court 1792 File 1749-c 1819
DCN 48/8 St Giles, Chapter leases File 1598-1665
DCN 48/13 St John Timberhill, Chapter leases and unrelated title deeds Sub-sub-series 1589-1841
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