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F.W. Hornor, Records of the Surveyors to Commissioners for Inclosure in Parishes in Norfolk and Suffolk

  • BR 90
  • Fonds
  • 1790-1846

Note that not all these maps relate to inclosures, and some pre-1790 material is included.

Norfolk parishes

  1. Old Buckenham (Act 1790)
  2. Great Ellingham (Act 1799), Surveyor, J. Browne, Norwich
  3. Thorpe St Andrew (Act 1800) Surveyor, R Chasteney of Trowse
  4. Beighton, Lingwood, Moulton (Act 1801) Surveyor, R. Chasteney of Trowse
  5. Burgh, Billockby (Act 1801) Surveyor, Chasteney
  6. Gooderstone (Act 1802), Surveyor, Chasteney
  7. Halvergate (Act 1802)
  8. Runham (Act 1802)
  9. Sutton, Catfield (Act 1802)
  10. Tharston (Act 1802)
  11. Thetford (Act 1804)
  12. Winterton, East Somerton, West Somerton (Act 1805, Amended Act 1827)
  13. Horning (Act 1807)
  14. Shipdham (Act 1807), Surveyor, Chasteney
  15. Ashmanhaugh (Act 1808)
  16. Fulmodestone with Croxton, Stibbard, Little Ryburgh, Great Ryburgh (Act 1808)
  17. Gaywood, Mintlyn (Act 1808)
  18. Neatishead (Act 1808)
  19. Wicklewood (Act 1808)
  20. Sheringham (Act 1809)
  21. Strumpshaw, Surlingham (Act 1809)
  22. Swanton Abbot, Lamas, Buxton (Act 1809)
  23. Thuxton (Act 1810)
  24. Drayton, Bawburgh, Hellesdon (Act 1811)
  25. Foulsham, Themelthorpe (Act 1811)
  26. Mattishall Bergh (Act 1811)
  27. Wells, the Warhams (Act 1811)
  28. Wickhampton (Act 1811)
  29. East Dereham (Act 1812)
  30. Longham, Kempston, Mileham, Beeston Next Mileham (Act 1812)
  31. Rockland (Act 1812) Rockland St Mary (Norwich)
  32. Feltwell (Act 1813)
  33. Stow Bedon (Act 1813)
  34. Hockwold (Act 1814)
  35. Skeyton, Burgh next Aylsham, Tuttington (Act 1814)
  36. Hindringham (Act 1815)
  37. Stoke Ferry, Wretton, Wereham (Act 1815)
  38. Thompson (Act 1815)
  39. North Tuddenham (c 1817)
  40. Ingham (Act 1819)
  41. Worstead (Act 1821)
  42. Felbrigg, Aylmerton, Metton, Sustead, Gresham (Act 1825)
  43. Dilham (Act 1826)
  44. Belaugh, Scottow, Little Hautbois, Hoveton St Peter (Act 1828)
  45. Tittleshall with Godwick (Act c 1837)
  46. West Beckham and Alby (Act 1839)
  47. Freethorpe, Limpenhoe and Reedham (Act 1840)
  48. Bedingham (Act 1841)
  49. Bramerton (Annual Inclosure Act 1849)
    Suffolk parishes
  50. Barningham and Coney Weston
  51. Metfield
    Other lists
  52. Papers relating to estates of Admiral Windham
  53. Papers relating to estates of Dean and Chapter
  54. Numerical Reference Books
  55. Scaling Books
  56. Estate Surveys and Scalings
  57. Sketch Maps

Francis.W. Hornor; 1859-1932; land agent, valuer, steward, surveyor, Sheriff of Norwich; Norwich, Norfolk.

Letters to Lord Suffield (including posters and pamphlets)

Isaac Newton, Norwich, re present of game and suit of Great Hockham v. Mundford; Samuel Adams, Swannington, Labour Rate Bill and Bacon's proposal of a General Inclosure Bill; Sir William Beauchamp Proctor [? Reform Bill]; John Richardson re Poor Law and Parliamentary Reform; the Revd Robert Charles William Wilkinson re Adult School library and Sunday School, Middleton; Lady Charlotte Bury seeking subscription to her book 'Three Great Sanctuaries'; William Yuard, North Walsham, re address to the King in favour of the Reform Bill; Cooke re Mackenzie Beverley, a pamphleteer and his conversion to dissent; Lord Auckland on progress of Reform Bill; the Archbishop of York re renewal of lease of rooms for the Antient concert at York; Randell, Bridge and Randell re coronets for the Coronation; W. Moore, late Bicknell and Moore, Old Bond St. re Coronation robes; Henry Smith, Gunton on estate matters, enclosing letter from tenant E.H. Lyon of Horstead; Joseph Brotherton re Salford petition; William Gray, minister of Haslington, Lancashire, re petition; J. Webster, Highgate, re forwarding his views to the Chancellor; J. Weyland on Reform; Lord Ducie; Lord Denbigh re appointment of gamekeeper; G.W. Manby, Yarmouth, sending treatise on averting fires in towns; William Windham urging the enforcement of vagrancy laws within the Hundred; handbill offering reward for information leading to the conviction of persons who broke horse works of a threshing machine at Coltishall; pamphlets against blood sports and war.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and draft replies from Lord Suffield and associated documents dated March 1823 and Oct 1832-Nov 1834

2 sets of correspondence and printed documents from John Hull (Hillingdon, Uxbridge, Middx.) to Suffield and folded together:- Set 1 - letter (10 Oct) re enclosed tract and enclosing 1) John Hull. 'On popular education: plans for the establishment of day schools on the British System of Agricultural Schools', Uxbridge. 1832: 2) Aylesbury (Bucks) Vestry Meeting Report re employment of labourers. nd: 3) H. Cosier. Self-supporting dispensaries, Uxbridge. 1832: Set 2:- 1) copy of tract (1,1): 2) John Hull. 'On self-supporting agricultural schools of industry', Uxbridge. 1832: 3) Hull's covering letter. nd: Lord Grey (Prime Minister-Downing Street) re hoped-for attendance of Suffield at discussion following King's Address at new parliamentary session. 11 Jan 1833: F. Gardner [Wells, Norfolk?] re Wells petition on Lord's Day observance and Sunday trading. 25 Feb 1833: R. Greville (Edinburgh) re Edinburgh Anti-Slavery Committee petition, signed by 21,291. 27 Feb 1833:
Documents and correspondence relating to Capt. E.R.P. Mainwaring R.N. (Coast Guard) dated April 1833-Aug 1834 and enclosed together: sub-bundle:- 1) Printed statement issued at Cromer re Henry Sandford and action taken against him by Mainwaring following resolutions signed by Herbert J.Johnson and others: 2) Mainwaring (Mundesley) to Suffield re accusation and personal service record, possible action against Johnson and enclosing copy of testimonial by Duke of Clarence (later William IV) re Mainwaring's family, his naval promotion problem: 3) Suffield's reply re accusation:
T. Edwards (London) re slavery. 5 June 1833: J.H. Howard (Chairman-West Indies Planters and Merchants-Cheltenham) re slavery issues, mentions Hon. Edward Stanley and Lord Lyndhurst. 25 June 1833:
Correspondence between Suffield and Lt. Jehosophat Leigh R.N. (Winterton, Norfolk/Chief Officer-Winterton Coast Guard) re Leigh's career, lack of promotion and enlisting Suffield' support dated April 1833-July 1834:- Report by Capt. William Black, R.N., Winterton C.G. re rescue of crew of 'Crawford Davision', wrecked on Happisburgh (Hasbro') Sands on 19 March 1823. 23 March 1823: Leigh (Winterton) to Suffield (Vernon House-22 and 24 April) - 20 April 1833; 22 April 1833; 24 April 1833; 1 May 1833; Leigh to [?] Cook (Secretary) - Norfolk Shipwreck Society-Norwich) re 'beachmen', coastguard station, personal details, saving of crew from 'Annabella' and 'Henry' in Autumn, 1830. 23 July 1833; J.J. Gurney (Norwich) to Suffield re Leigh, asks Suffield to 'urge the poor man's suit … true and inveterate Quaker as I am', misgivings re naval matters, adds 'my impression is that we are sailing into port in the Slave Question' (endorsed by Suffield). 27 July 1833: Leigh to Suffield re enclosure of Graham's letter (17 Feb 1831) (not encl. but copied by Suffield on reverse), achievements and sacrifices, naval career summary, bravery, patronage of Prime Minister's brother, Sir Henry Grey, claims to be most decorated naval lieutenant. 12 Aug 1833; 20 Sept 1833: 2 April 1834: re Royal Humane Society dinner and presentation, wearing of '5 splendid decorations … Nelson style'. 16 April 1834; Sir James Graham (First Lord of the Admiralty) to Suffield re Leigh, 16 April 1834: Leigh (at Lambeth) to Suffield re wish to be presented at levée, intention to wear medals and be noticed, enjoy honour. 25 April 1834; re gift for Suffield, Graham's neglect, writer's mental state, levée and meeting with King, Graham and[?] Harmer (MP). 4 May 1834; covering note by Leigh, nd: Leigh to Suffield (at Cavendish Square) re need for Suffield to make case a matter of urgency, ascertain Graham's intentions, 5 July 1834. Thomas C. Hansard (Paternoster row) re copies of Suffield's speeches on Burglary Bill. 30 Aug 1833: Correspondence from William Hamilton (Plymouth) to Suffield re West Indies agriculture and personal details dated Sept-Oct 1833:- re Abolition, expresses gratitude to Suffield concerning Bill, negroes' and planters' interests, alternative crops to sugar, quotes Duke of Bedford re supervision of Bill's enactment, requests Suffield' support, time spent in St Kitts and Nevis, mentions St Lucia conditions, wheat samples (not encl); re pita cultivation and enclosing sample, Jamaican planters unco-operative, cf. hemp; crops, desire for appointment as Special Justice in W.I., to do agricultural research, pessimism about chances due to identification with 'negroes' cause', quotes from Duke of Bedford, Suffield unwilling to help and enclosing 2 copies of circular headed 'Oxalis crenata'; re rejection by Colonial Office of application due to mistrust, W.I. agriculture: Revd Joseph Ivimey (member-Anti-Slavery Society-Devonshire Street) requesting help in building 'Sunday and Lancasterian school' to mark Abolition (2 Nov 1833) and enclosing:- 1) front elevation and subscription list: 2) writer's sermon published in 'The Pulpit'. 29 Sept 1833: John McCoy (Howard Society-Dublin) re enclosed, hope for Suffield's support and his efforts to reform Criminal Code (25 Jan) and enclosing report of 'Howard Society for the improvement of prisons in Ireland and the mitigation of the punishment of death'. 20 Jan 1834: Secretaries-Society for the Reward of Boatmen and others, who risk their lives for the preservation of their fellow creatures from shipwreck or drowning (Walworth) circular letter re enclosed prospectus (25 Jan) and enclosing same: John Keate (Eton) re request to Suffield to oppose proposed Windsor railway line, re enclosed (not encl.). 20 Feb 1834: John Murray (Glasgow) re Glasgow Emancipation Society, George Thompson's trip to America, slaves elsewhere, enclosure, seeks Suffield's advice and enclosing Address to William IV from Society. Feb 1834: Committee of Lord's Day Society re enclosed petition (not encl.) (11 June 1834) and enclosing 2 printed copies of Lord Wynford's Lord's Day Bill: Edmund R. Lacon (Ormesby, Norfolk) re Yarmouth Races, Harbord [Edward V.] as steward. 10 July 1834: H. Lloyd (Charterhouse Sq.) re slavery aspects, Antigua, society report enclosed (not encl.). 19 July 1834: Thomas Barrett Lennard MP re Lord Brougham's promise, Bill postponement 'delays the reform for a year' [Municipal Reform Act?]. 23 July 1834: E.J. Lloyd (Manchester) re enclosed Address (not encl.) by [?] Wood in event of dissolution of parliament, [subject?]. 13 Dec 1834. Lord Molyneux (Croxteth Hall) re candidacy for S. Lancs, hopes for Suffield's support, activities of 'conservatives', regrets postponement of retirement. 14 Dec 1834: also including:- [J.] Martin to R.M. Bacon itemising election expenses. 29 Nov 1834 [Bacon p. 482]: Printed report-Derbyshire General Infirmary. 30 Oct 1834: Mendicity Society Office (London) incl. correspondence and documents detailing 2 cases of destitution with Suffield's account. Feb 1834: Printed report-Lancashire County Refuge for the Destitute. [1834].

Marked 'no.3 examined and scheduled'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

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