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Letters to and from the Hon. Edward Harbord (including draft replies) and related correspondence

Harbord - Catalogued of Wimborne SB rules. 1 January 1819: From : The Hon. Louisa Harbord (Richmond, Surrey) to Harbord (Henbury House) re her annuity, family affairs, fog, Harbord's children, informational content in Suffield's [2nd Lord] letter re annuity, latter's ill health [Harbord's sister]. 2 January 1819: correspondence between Henry Francis, Joseph John Gurney and Harbord enclosed together : sub-bundle: - 1) Francis (Norwich) to Harbord (Vernon House) re Norwich friends looking forward to seeing Harbord, Thomas Bach, [Jeremiah?] Ives, Robert Hawkes, imminent meetings, Harbord's wife and child [The Hon. Alfred Assheton Harbord] 'doing well'. 12 February 1819 [Bacon p.106]; 2) re[?], [? Johnson], calendar of Castle prisoners, Norwich Gaol list, Norwich Gaol building, Scilly Islands committee. 10 March 1819 [Bacon p. 106]: 3) Gurney (Earlham) inviting Harbord and Francis to dine at Earlham. 12 March 1819: 4) Harbord's reply declining, also re topics for mutual discussion between self, Francis and Gurney. n.d.: Francis to Harbord (Vernon House) re list of prisoners (obverse), offences, sentence from Bridewell keeper. 8 April 1819; re prisoner numbers in County and City gaols, Poor Laws, new County Gaol and [Phillip] Barnes's plans, committee's approval, Barnes help for Wodehouse's 'cause' in county, reciprocity called for, Barnes and Harbord to meet. 13 April 1819: re bankruptcy of committee member due to speculation, ' work on the Hill', Barnes. 24 April 1819: to Harbord (Mudeford) re possibility of setting up Mendicity Society branch in Norwich, quotes J.J. Gurney's letter: 28 July 1819: William Tooke (Bedford Row) re enclosed and distribution, Poor Laws (30 March 1819) and enclosing William Jones's circular- 'Society for superceding the necessity of climbing boys, by encouraging a new method of sweeping chimnies and for improving the condition of children and others employed by chimney-sweepers' (1816); sub-bundle:- 1) Robert Hawkes (Norwich) to Harbord (Vernon House) re letter enclosed (2) and its writer [James Fulcher], 'a staunch friend to our cause', Castle Chaplain's seeking help from Harbord for 2 prisoners, writer's opposition. 3 April 1819;2) James Fulcher (London) to Hawkes re need for Harbord's help in obtaining post for son at Somerset House, Treasury or a 'mercantile house': 28 March 1819: Edmund Wodehouse (Breccles, Norfolk) re Game Laws, spring guns, injury to woman on Gunton Estate. March 1819: William Simpson (St Giles Street, Norwich) to Harbord (Vernon House) re [County Gaol] Committee, impropriety of Barnes's conduct, plan, [William] Wilkins' prison plan, estimates. 1 April 1820; re Committee report. 15 April 1820; re Harbord's appointment to County Gaol Committee, Committee aims-gaol enlargement, 'classification' and inspection of prisoners, architects and submission of plans. 24 April 1819 [Bacon p.106]; re Committee and Harbord's suggestions. 9 May 1819 [Bacon pp.126-9]: Philip Barnes (All Saints, [Norwich?]) to Harbord (Vernon House) re County Gaol plans (not encl.), adapt castle or new site?. April 22 1819: 'Summary of proposition from Messrs. Thomas and Storey to Bowles' re Shaftesbury election, mentions Lord Rosebery's tenants and agent - [Charles] Bowles. 18 February 1820: [Abraham] Moore (Salisbury, Wilts.) to Harbord (Henbury) re election, need for Harbord to bring 'qualification' being the 'landlord's candidate'. 5 March 1820: J.E. Gordon (Duke St. [?]) re Harbord's letter, Bill [?], need for frank. March 1820: Revd Charles Heath (Bailie [House - Sturminster Marshall Parsonage], Wimborne) to Harbord (Vernon House) re new school house in [Corfe Mullen] 25 May 1820; re enlargement of [Corfe Mullen] Church, [William] Churchill (landlord) and [?] Willett, church attendance, conversion of meeting-house into a poor house, gratitude to Harbord. 17 June 1820 [Curate-Corfe Mullen, E. Dorset c. 1819-22 and later Rector-Gunton, Hanworth and Suffield, Norfolk 1828-1864]: William West ( Shaftesbury) to Harbord (London) re corn laws, suggests alleviation of rents burden, tax reduction on 'agriculturalists'. 30 May 1820: Revd James John Hornby (Rector-Winwick, Warrington) to Harbord (Vernon House) re brother [Revd E.T.S. Hornby?], Harbord's interest in 'refuge' in Lancs., writer's unintended offence to Lady Grosvenor due to necessity to invite Lord Wilton to be a vice-president [Rector-Northrepps, Norfolk 1806-1813]. 16 June 1820: Harbord (Vernon House) to Lady Anne Hamilton re willingness to present address to Queen Caroline on behalf of Shaftesbury inhabitants. 11 July 1820: 2 statements re Blandford Savings Bank. July 1820; D. Gillingham (Mayor-Shaftesbury) to Harbord (London) re presentation of petition to Queen Caroline. 5 October 1820: 4 documents (accounts and receipts) and covering letter from the Superintendent of Male Refuge (Hoxton, Middx.) to Harbord (Vernon House). 1820 : also including :- Thomas Starkie (Inner Temple) to [Edward Bootle] Wilbraham MP [later 1st Lord Skelmersdale] (Portland Place) re printed circular on Lancaster Castle Prison. 24 June 1820: 'Address delivered in the Exchange Room in Manchester to a general meeting convened by the Borough Reeve and Constables on Wednesday, December 11, 1811 for the purpose of taking into consideration the expediency of founding schools on the plan of Dr [Revd Andrew] Bell' by Revd C.W. Ethelstan (Rector-Worthenbury & Curate-St Mark's, Cheetham, nr. Manchester) re history of education, local situation, evaluation of systems.

Marked 'no.7 1819 and 1820 scheduled and examined by R.M. Bacon'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies)

Letters to Lord Suffield including from C. De Blanchy on catholic emancipation; R.F. Elwin; T.W. Coke; Sidal Hawes seeking clemency for poachers apprehended in Stanninghall; circular from Thomas Wingman on proposed book on Kant's philosophy; Amos Ogden sending Lady Suffield specimens of silk made at Middleton and reporting on the bad state of the industry; James White of Plymouth re game laws and a proposed Bill against seduction; Lord Melville; Samuel Lewis with prospectus of the Topographical Dictionary; printed list issued by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge; Edmund Wodehouse; the Committee of Master Spinners of Manchester on the reasons for striking against wage reductions; copy of part of the Licensed Victuallers of Manchester and Salford against an increase in retail brewers and billeting; prospectus of the New Equitable Fire Assurance Society, 1828, with letters from John Skipper; R. Parker, ship agent, Wells; copy opinion of R.E. Broughton re power of Justices over the pay of soldiers on active service; Smith, Middleton Hall, re proposed Featherstale Turnpike Bill; Sir Robert Peel advising on the interpretation of the licensing Act; John Richardson, the Haydon estate agent, re valuation for Lord Suffield and a proposed scheme for poor law; letter from the Norfolk Cricket Club inviting Lord Suffield to serve as president for a further year; John Ninham re gilding of John Harbord's monument St George Tombland, Norwich; Henry Smith, Gunton agent, re estate matters including the desire for a pound at Southrepps; Lord Salisbury; Mr Parry, storekeeper, Ordnance Office, re consignment of arms to Norwich; newscuttings re Middleton Reform Meeting, with a copy of a speech by Amos Ogden on being appointed chair.

Marked 'No.13 examined and scheduled by R.M. Bacon'.

Norfolk County Cricket Club; 1833-1977

Letters, circulars and statistical accounts on various subjects

Printed letter to Lord Suffield's tenants giving permission to course hares, 1821; resolution attested by labourers of Felmingham parish to strike for an increase of wages, 26 November 1830; oath of Special Constable for suppressing riots in Hundreds of Tunston and Happing, c. 1830; summary of returns for the parishes of Antingham, Southrepps, Colby, Felmingham, Suffield, Hanworth, Northrepps and Thorpe Market giving population analysis, employment statistics etc., c. 1831; populations totals in the Hundred of North Erpingham 1811-31 with note of increase especially in coastal villages 'accounted for by the salubriety of the sea air'; scale of charges at Norfolk Quarter Sessions, postmarked 1831; deposition of Emma Lines of Roughton re drunkeness of the Revd Fleetwood Churchill, the clergyman there, 1831; account of fencing required; epigram on electoral corruption at Norwich, 1832; prescriptions against cholera, inc. mode of treatment followed at the Middlesex House of Correction, 1832; note of conversations with Mr Windham re proposed exchange and highway division, 1833; extract from letter re land in Antingham belonging to Norwich Corporation leased by Lord Suffield, 1833; roll of money advanced to the Norfolk Shipwreck Society by the Cromer Committee, 1828-33; printed circular for emigration to Canada promoted by the Earl of Egremont, in Sussex, 1834.

Marked 'no 49', on the back of the visiting card of Lady Suffield.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies) and associated correspondence

From: H. Sefton (Stockport, near Manchester) re writer's invention of a 'steam vessel of war' and requesting financial aid. 6 Jan 1822:
Correspondence from Lt. Edwin Thrackston R.N. (St Mary's, Scilly Isles) to Suffield dated Jan-May 1823: re Scilly Islands (Sc. Is) fisheries, funding ending, distress, writer's employment, co-operative fishing scheme with Ireland?, suggestions, writer's brother's death due to long service in East and West Indies, Suffield's kindness to writer's brother [Bacon pp. 113-4]; re need for Sc.Is. fisheries to be administered on a national basis, re-iteration of potential in Irish link; (at Greek Street, Soho) expressing thanks for Suffield's letter:
Printed circular re 'Greek Cause', list of names. 8 March: enclosed together:- 1) F.S. Barlee (County Gaol, Ipswich, E. Suffolk) re marital problems, action taken: 2) re receipt of Suffield's letter, considers he is misinformed, she persecuted and her rights unprotected: 3) Revd Thomas Methold (Cransley, Kettering, Northants.) re Mrs Barlee's case April-May 1823: 1823: William Keer Brown (Cretingham, near Framlingham, E. Suffolk) re enclosed and setting up of Ipswich sub-committee on 24 Feb. (11 March) and enclosing 1) John Bowring (Greek Committee Room, Crown and Anchor Inn, Strand) re setting up of Norfolk Branch sub-committee,. Suffield (offered self as Honorary Secretary), sufferings of Greeks. 4 March: 2) Printed circular (8 March) re Greek Cause with list of names: George Charles Vernon [later 4th Lord Vernon] (at Malta) re help from Spanish Committee for 3 Spaniards. 20 March: W. Thorold (Gt. Nelson, Wymondham, Norfolk) to Edmond Wodehouse MP (London) re 'improved reel', Norfolk General Committee of the National Association for the Better Preservation of Lives from Shipwreck, mentions Col. Petre, Wheatley and Lord Rust. 3 May: [Sir?] Thomas Fowell Buxton (Spitalfields, Stepney. Middx.) re horse, [?] Bond, J.J.Gurney's praise of Lady Suffield -'he speaks unspeakable things' 6 May: Colonel Sir John Wodehouse (Witton Hall) re Wheatley's Cup, subscriptions, Lady Suffield's health, [W.] Thorold's letter and Wheatley. 10 Aug: R. Plumtre (Norwich) re Henry Cooper's premature death, and help for family. 25 Oct: James Butterworth (Coldhurst, Oldham, S.E. Lancs.) re writer's book about Ashton-Under-Lyme [S.E. Lancs] and resulting financial problems, Earl of Stamford and dedication. 2 Nov: enclosed together:- 1) William a' Beckett re resolutions passed at general meeting of subscribers to North Walsham and Dilham Canal [NW and DC]Act (4 Nov 1824) and enclosing committee meeting proceedings signed by chairman, John Butterworth: 2) Suffield to [?] Deynes (North Walsham) re acquisition of shares in NW and DC. 28 Oct 1824: Lord Belgrave (Eaton Hall) re Gunton shooting - 'best shooting in that feathered county', requests help in choice of game-keeper, Eaton-much improved, mentions Gen. Grosvenor, parents, Knowsley shooting, Wiltons, Robert (son); re employment terms for new gamekeeper procured by Suffield, his acting on father's behalf, Eaton's game. Nov-Dec: Armine Wodehouse (Barnham Broom, Wymondham) re enclosed from natural son of Henry Hobart, solicitor requests support from Suffield (16 Nov) and enclosing Hobart's letter (Bethel Street, Norwich) requesting introduction to Suffield, assumes Suffield will carry Bill for enclosure of Roughton Heath unopposed, with added note by Suffield emphasising total opposition. 13 Nov: Barclay Mounteney (Newman St.) re Norfolk family link, biography of Napoleon, mentions Lord Holland. 24 Dec: Henry Wood MP (South Audley Street) re enclosed circular (31 Dec) and enclosing printed appeal circular - 'Meeting of the Friends of the liberty of the press and its faithful advocates', (24 Dec) endorsed with Suffield's draft reply: 1824: enclosed together:- 1) John H. Freese (Old Broad Street) re enclosed and likely benefits, unscrupulous bread makers, wants Suffield as president and enclosing Prospectus of Metropolitan Flour and Bread company re bread manufacture: 2) Suffield's reply re need for time to consider project: 3) Freese re decision not to establish company: Jan: enclosed together:-1) Suffield to Lord Lauderdale (Admiral of the Red) expressing gratitude for help given to Mr Playford (Northrepps), comments on latter, Suffield to inform local Committee of Shipwreck Association, mentions Lt. Gen. Sir Herbert Taylor, Duke of York; 2) expressing gratitude for his putting forward his own recommendations on Playford's behalf, and to Duke of York: 3) Robert. W. Playford (Northrepps) expressing gratitude to Suffield: March-April: 4) Henry Playford (Northrepps) re desired promotion of son, Robert to Lt., 24th Regt. Kilkenny. Nov 29 1825: Sir Richard Birnie (Police Magistrate - The Public Office, Bow Street) re personal disassociation with Equitable Loan company. 3 May: Revd James Archer (Middleton School) re school (Curate-Middleton). 17 May: Robert Hyde Grey re aspects of Cotton Mill Regulations Bill, American economic threat, tax burden, corn prices. June: Charles Godfrey Mundy (Burton Hall, Loughborough, Leics.) re Suffield and mutual friendship, family matters. 30 June: David Holt (Chorlton New Mills, Manchester) re employees' age structure in his factory (i.e., over and under 16), Suffield's inspection of cotton factories, writer's [quaker] opinions on cotton industry. 6 Aug: George Murray (Ancoats Hall, Manchester) re Suffield's request for information on age structure of employees in cotton mill. 15 Aug: J. Brotherton (Salford) re quaker mill owners, Crewdson, Phillips and Nathan Gough's breaking law, working conditions of children, Suffield's vote in obtaining Act [1819 Cotton Mills Act] enclosing extract from 'Manchester Gazette' dated 17 Aug 1825 re Act. 12 Sept: enclosed together:- 1) George Everitt (Paston, Norfolk) re writer and a Mr Purdy's (of Paston) accidental trespassing on Suffield's land, mentions Col. [?] Petre: 2) Suffield's reply re acknowledgement: Nov: S.W. Stevenson [Editor - Norwich Chronicle] re present of game, printing of Suffield's letter. 26 Nov: John W. Dowson (St George's, Norwich) re Suffield's membership of Norwich Mechanical Institution. 6 Dec: 1825: also including:- Printed circular re subscription payable to The Refuge for the Destitute, Preston, Lancs. Jan 1823: Printed circular re The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. April 1823: John Mayhew (Aylsham House of Correction/'Bridewell') to [his parents] re lessons learned and warning to others (prisoner). 1824

Marked 'no. 9 scheduled and examined by R.M. Bacon'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies)

From: Revd J. Brown (Norwich) re poaching and its cause, prisoner's accounts, receivers' network. 1 Feb; re present state of prison discipline, problems caused by accommodating influx of rioters, writer's talks with rioters, criticism of farmers' attitudes and actions - 'at bottom of all the mischief' and against 'peasantry' and 'landlords', rents and tithes, Thoresby (Lincs.) living. 14 Dec: Lord Dacre (Chesterfield Street) re Suffield's address to Quarter Sessions, condition of poor, agricultural distress, parish allotments [Bacon p. 308] re Suffield's charge, writer's illness, George IV and 'Mrs Kent' [Bacon pp. 308-9]: March-May : James Temple (Bradfield, Norfolk) expressing gratitude to Suffield for help with Antingham School. 13 April: enclosed together:- 1) G. Mason (Committee Secretary-Norfolk foxhunting club-East Dereham, Norfolk) re possible membership of Suffield [Bacon p. 311]: 2) Suffield's reply re preservation of foxes in Gunton area, reasons for opposition [Bacon p. 311]: April: Sir George Walpole (Larlingford, Norfolk) re Suffield's 'charge' [to March Quarter Sessions], Poor Law. 6 June [Bacon p. 309]: H. Townsend (College of Arms) re arms to be flown on yacht, Suffield's armorial bearings. 17 June: John Fleming [?] re Suffield's 'charge', writer's Bill on agricultural distress in Commons, old fellow Etonians, allotments for poor. 25 June: Edmund Wodehouse (Thorpe Market, Norfolk) re candidacy of Sir William Folkes. 28 July [Bacon p. 313]: Suffield to T.W. Coke re Swanton Mills bridge, Aylsham to Dereham Turnpike, third County newspaper, why opposed, next meeting of parliament and its interference with shooting. 8 Sept: Lord Ribblesdale (Gisburn Park, Yorks., W.R.) to J. Spencer Stanhope re possibility of cattle-cross with Suffield's cattle. 14 Nov [Bacon p. 286]: Lord Melbourne (Home Office) re Suffield's letter, approval of action taken, Suffield's responsibility for arms issued by Ordnance Dept. 6 Dec [Bacon p. 332]: G. Pellew re rioting of agricultural labourers, gratitude to Suffield, garrison, arms, locations of trouble. 8 Dec [Bacon pp. 331-2]: Printed circular (29 Nov) signed by William Postle re wages, reduction of rents, tithes and Suffield's reply to Postle (King's Arms, North Walsham) re enclosure, agricultural labourers' wages, tenants' rents. 13 Dec [Bacon p. 333].

Thomas William Coke; 1752-1842; 1st Earl of Leicester, agriculturalist

Brown carrot factory

Description: Unidentified presenter discusses the prosecution of a factory owner found Guilty of employing two 14 year old girls in his carrot topping plant. Jeffrey Baker a representative of the Health and Safety Executive, discusses how the law will be enforced.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): unidentified (speaker, female, presenter); Shearing, Paul (speaker, male, interviewee, Solicitor); Brown, Kenneth (speaker, male, interviewee, Carrot Topping Factory Owner); Baker, Jeffrey (speaker, male, interviewee, Health and Safety Executive)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Euro Jobs

Description: Trevor Austin interviews John Stawes about job opportunities created by the upcoming single European market. He urges the need to teach children European languages from primary school age.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): Austin, Trevor (speaker, male, presenter); Stawes, John (speaker, male, interviewee)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.


Description: Presenter discusses new leaflets, help and information available for people living with disabilities and their careers.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): unidentified (speaker, female, presenter)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.

'25 year club' photographs and staff photograph, possibly of printing or publishing pensioners

Envelope of black and white photographs marked '1982. 25 yr club photos'. These depict staff, including Peter, Richard, and Joan Jarrold, at a celebratory event, many of whom appear to be receiving awards. This is likely to have been an event for staff with 25 years' service. Found with these was a larger photograph of Herbert John Jarrold and other Jarrold staff standing outside St James' Mill - these are possibly printing or publishing pensioners.

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