Edwardian foundation of the city charity of God's House Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
NCR 24b/2/1-10 Foundation and administration Sub-sub-series 1546-1741
NCR 24b/2/2 Indented (mainly counterpart) articles of agreement for the keeping of the poor people in God's House between the Corporation and successive keepers (and later, receivers of the revenues) of the Hospital, detailing their wages, allowances and duties File May 1566-Jun 1686
NCR 24b/2/5 Warranted invoice of William Buxton, carter, for carting and carpentry work File nd [Nov 1633]
NCR 24b/2/8 Petition by William Burnham, keeper of the Great Hospital to the court of mayoralty complaining of the extraordinary cost of provisions, and requesting the reduction of his debt to the City to ease the management of his business File 24 Feb 1693
NCR 24b/2/21 Articles of agreement re letting of God's House alias Great Hospital estates and contracts for building work and repairs File 1700-1716
NCR 24b/2/24 Valuation of rectorial tithes of Seething and Mundham by surveyor, Bailey Bird File Sep 1790
NCR 24b/2/26 Copy draft agreement for the commutation of tithes in Calthorpe between the impropriator of the great tithes there, the Rt Hon. Horatio, Earl of Orford, and the Revd William Heath Marsh, vicar of the same parish, and the several landowners in Caltthorpe liable to pay tithes File 24 May 1838
NCR 24b/2/29 Case for counsel's opinion concerning the right of making appointments to and regulations for the Hospital and grammar school File 26 Apr 1765
NCR 24b/2/32 List of jurors' names in a cause between John Fuller and others, plaintiffs and John Lovet and others, deforciants File nd [? mid 17th century]
NCR 24b/2/3 Copy of Thomas Fidell's [Fydell] receipt and payment accounts and demands for reimbursement for legal work in the years 1601-1610 File nd [post 1613]
NCR 24b/2/6 Keeper of the Hospital, Edward Ainsworth's account of his purchases of wheat and barley for the hospital in the year, 1638 File nd [1638]
NCR 24b/2/9 Petition to the Corporation by Nicholas Middleton, nephew and executor to ex-Great Hospital treasurer, Nicholas Bickerdike [will proved 1701] File nd [c 1705]
NCR 24b/2/12 Indented and 'tripartite' copies of inventory of writings, 'taken' in June 1570, received from William Myller, shepherd to George Redmayne, and delivered by Mayor John Aldriche and sheriffs, Chritopher Layour and Richard Bate, to Henry Grenewoode, citizen and alderman for safe-keeping for the mayor and sheriffs File 26-30 Jun 1570
NCR 24b/2/15 Probate copy will of Christopher Barrett the Elder of Norwich, mercer File 19 Dec 1598
NCR 24b/2/18 Receipt from the king's escheator for the county of Norfolk to the mayor, sheriffs, citizens and commonalty for monies, being a tenth of the Manor of Wymondham for the previous year File 7 Nov 1624
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