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Notebook of Robert and Lizzy Dennis

Comprising list of churches visited; exhibits in South Kensington museum; International Exhibition, diary of visit to Dorset, Devon and Cornwall with natural history notes, notes on churches in various counties etc.


Selected to join draft for the east in the 1st Royal Dragoons. Promotion to rank of Lance-Corporal. Stationed briefly at Hampton Court in March. Ordered to take up post of Quarter Master Sergeant in Canterbury barracks in May; appeal against this failed and Quevillart took unauthorised leave in order to join the 13th Light Dragoons at Dorchester barracks by impersonating Private Smith. Regiment embarked for the Crimea in June, and landed at Balaclava on 10 July. Encamped near Sebastopol and remained there on active service until after the fall of Sebastopol on 8 September. The troops wintered in Scutari.


Regiment remained in Scutari until May when it embarked for the return voyage. From April Quevillart was selected as a 'Watcher of the sick'; a special orderly to attend invalids in the Great Hospital at Scutari. Returned to Dorchester barracks, but ordered to rejoin the 1st Royal Dragoons in Camp Curragh, co. Kildare.

Letters of W.H.M.H. Aitken

Letters from Aitken to his wife, with letters to Aitken on spiritual matters, including letter from Mrs Everett, wife of the vicar of Dorchester praisng Aitken's mission in Dorchester which has brought her back to her faith in the Lord, 1884; letter from Aitken to his father expressing enthusiasm for a trip to Egypt and saying that he is not proposing to get ordained until 'next summer', 1865: letter from J.W. Jackson of Shaldon, Devon, in reply to a lost letter of Aitken's, and drawing a distinction between 'immortality' and 'eternal life', 1883; letter to Aitken from his nephew 'Bertie' at Pike Lake, Canada, where he is working as a railway engineer ('we have to live in little log shanties about the size of a good big pigstye, but they are very warm and comfortable'), 1884.

Letters to and from the Hon. Edward Harbord (including draft replies)

From: Suffield [1st Lord] (Gunton Park) to Harbord (at Lincoln's Inn) re earlier petition of [William] Jacob and [Abbott] Upcher against election of Harbord and Lushington, concern over Yarmouth election expenses, financial problems, ailments, government, family news. 18 May 1807: Edmund Lacon and other signatories (Yarmouth, Norfolk) giving 'Pledge of Support' for Harbord in connection with petition against his election as Yarmouth MP. 19 Jan 1808: Harbord to Suffield [2nd Lord] re likely dissolution of parliament, intention to resign Yarmouth seat. 1 Jan 1811: Suffield re Harbord's resignation. 7 Jan 1811: Harbord's reply (at Gunton Park) re his astonished reaction to brother's letter [on subject of Harbord's speech on Receiver- Generalship], latter misinterpreted it, dismissal of Lord Petre. 21 Jan 1811: Suffield (Gunton Park) re Harbord's intention to resign [Yarmouth seat], Lord Charles Townshend's wish to stand, asks Harbord to re-consider in view of expenses incurred and family interests. 2 Oct 1811 [Bacon p. 45]: Harbord's reply (in wife's hand) re candidacy, considers Suffield family had good return on sums expended, wants political independence from family. 7 Oct 1811 [Bacon pp. 45-6]: Suffield's reply re candidacy and Harbord's attitude to his decision. 13 Oct 1811: re enjoyment of Gunton, entrance alteration, shooting, thanks to Harbord for [anti-poaching device?], approves Harbord's candidacy for Tories. 25 Jan 1818 [Bacon pp. 54-5]; (Gunton) re candidacy and interest expressed in Harbord by [Charles] Harvey and [Henry] Francis. 22 March 1818 [Bacon p. 55]: (at Newmarket, W. Suffolk) re Harbord's speech at County Meeting, very hurt that Harbord has sided with political enemies of self and late father. 2 Nov 1819 [Bacon p. 91]: Harbord's reply (at Richmond, Surrey) confirming own political independence, non-allegiance to Whigs, defence of right to speak out [on Peterloo]. 3 Nov 1819 [Bacon pp. 91-3]: Lord Grosvenor [Robert, 2nd Earl later 1st Marquess of Westminster] (Grosvenor House) to Harbord (Henbury House) re dissolution of parliament, health of George III. 6 Feb; re offer of Shaftesbury [Dorset] seat, 'I think I can venture to offer it you with no expence or trouble than that of presenting yourself there occasionally and making your bow to the electors', description of borough (not 'rotten') and voting rights, candidacy arrangements, mentions [Abraham] Moore and [John] Jones, Lord Rosebery's [4th Earl-Shaftesbury estate owner] role, Grosvenor's name not to be mentioned [seal intact]. 7 Feb; re Shaftesbury candidacy and need for discretion, Blandford [Forum] arrangements, with endorsement by Harbord re conduct of [Henry] Francis and promise of support from Tory if Harbord maintains 'independent principles'. 9 Feb; expressing wholehearted support (secure seat) for Harbord, and also mentions Robert and Thomas [Grosvenor]. 10 Feb 1820.

Stephen Lushington; 1782-1808; civil and ecclesiastical lawyer, politician; Watford, Hertfordshire, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Letters to and from the Hon. Edward Harbord (including draft replies) and related correspondence

Harbord - Catalogued of Wimborne SB rules. 1 January 1819: From : The Hon. Louisa Harbord (Richmond, Surrey) to Harbord (Henbury House) re her annuity, family affairs, fog, Harbord's children, informational content in Suffield's [2nd Lord] letter re annuity, latter's ill health [Harbord's sister]. 2 January 1819: correspondence between Henry Francis, Joseph John Gurney and Harbord enclosed together : sub-bundle: - 1) Francis (Norwich) to Harbord (Vernon House) re Norwich friends looking forward to seeing Harbord, Thomas Bach, [Jeremiah?] Ives, Robert Hawkes, imminent meetings, Harbord's wife and child [The Hon. Alfred Assheton Harbord] 'doing well'. 12 February 1819 [Bacon p.106]; 2) re[?], [? Johnson], calendar of Castle prisoners, Norwich Gaol list, Norwich Gaol building, Scilly Islands committee. 10 March 1819 [Bacon p. 106]: 3) Gurney (Earlham) inviting Harbord and Francis to dine at Earlham. 12 March 1819: 4) Harbord's reply declining, also re topics for mutual discussion between self, Francis and Gurney. n.d.: Francis to Harbord (Vernon House) re list of prisoners (obverse), offences, sentence from Bridewell keeper. 8 April 1819; re prisoner numbers in County and City gaols, Poor Laws, new County Gaol and [Phillip] Barnes's plans, committee's approval, Barnes help for Wodehouse's 'cause' in county, reciprocity called for, Barnes and Harbord to meet. 13 April 1819: re bankruptcy of committee member due to speculation, ' work on the Hill', Barnes. 24 April 1819: to Harbord (Mudeford) re possibility of setting up Mendicity Society branch in Norwich, quotes J.J. Gurney's letter: 28 July 1819: William Tooke (Bedford Row) re enclosed and distribution, Poor Laws (30 March 1819) and enclosing William Jones's circular- 'Society for superceding the necessity of climbing boys, by encouraging a new method of sweeping chimnies and for improving the condition of children and others employed by chimney-sweepers' (1816); sub-bundle:- 1) Robert Hawkes (Norwich) to Harbord (Vernon House) re letter enclosed (2) and its writer [James Fulcher], 'a staunch friend to our cause', Castle Chaplain's seeking help from Harbord for 2 prisoners, writer's opposition. 3 April 1819;2) James Fulcher (London) to Hawkes re need for Harbord's help in obtaining post for son at Somerset House, Treasury or a 'mercantile house': 28 March 1819: Edmund Wodehouse (Breccles, Norfolk) re Game Laws, spring guns, injury to woman on Gunton Estate. March 1819: William Simpson (St Giles Street, Norwich) to Harbord (Vernon House) re [County Gaol] Committee, impropriety of Barnes's conduct, plan, [William] Wilkins' prison plan, estimates. 1 April 1820; re Committee report. 15 April 1820; re Harbord's appointment to County Gaol Committee, Committee aims-gaol enlargement, 'classification' and inspection of prisoners, architects and submission of plans. 24 April 1819 [Bacon p.106]; re Committee and Harbord's suggestions. 9 May 1819 [Bacon pp.126-9]: Philip Barnes (All Saints, [Norwich?]) to Harbord (Vernon House) re County Gaol plans (not encl.), adapt castle or new site?. April 22 1819: 'Summary of proposition from Messrs. Thomas and Storey to Bowles' re Shaftesbury election, mentions Lord Rosebery's tenants and agent - [Charles] Bowles. 18 February 1820: [Abraham] Moore (Salisbury, Wilts.) to Harbord (Henbury) re election, need for Harbord to bring 'qualification' being the 'landlord's candidate'. 5 March 1820: J.E. Gordon (Duke St. [?]) re Harbord's letter, Bill [?], need for frank. March 1820: Revd Charles Heath (Bailie [House - Sturminster Marshall Parsonage], Wimborne) to Harbord (Vernon House) re new school house in [Corfe Mullen] 25 May 1820; re enlargement of [Corfe Mullen] Church, [William] Churchill (landlord) and [?] Willett, church attendance, conversion of meeting-house into a poor house, gratitude to Harbord. 17 June 1820 [Curate-Corfe Mullen, E. Dorset c. 1819-22 and later Rector-Gunton, Hanworth and Suffield, Norfolk 1828-1864]: William West ( Shaftesbury) to Harbord (London) re corn laws, suggests alleviation of rents burden, tax reduction on 'agriculturalists'. 30 May 1820: Revd James John Hornby (Rector-Winwick, Warrington) to Harbord (Vernon House) re brother [Revd E.T.S. Hornby?], Harbord's interest in 'refuge' in Lancs., writer's unintended offence to Lady Grosvenor due to necessity to invite Lord Wilton to be a vice-president [Rector-Northrepps, Norfolk 1806-1813]. 16 June 1820: Harbord (Vernon House) to Lady Anne Hamilton re willingness to present address to Queen Caroline on behalf of Shaftesbury inhabitants. 11 July 1820: 2 statements re Blandford Savings Bank. July 1820; D. Gillingham (Mayor-Shaftesbury) to Harbord (London) re presentation of petition to Queen Caroline. 5 October 1820: 4 documents (accounts and receipts) and covering letter from the Superintendent of Male Refuge (Hoxton, Middx.) to Harbord (Vernon House). 1820 : also including :- Thomas Starkie (Inner Temple) to [Edward Bootle] Wilbraham MP [later 1st Lord Skelmersdale] (Portland Place) re printed circular on Lancaster Castle Prison. 24 June 1820: 'Address delivered in the Exchange Room in Manchester to a general meeting convened by the Borough Reeve and Constables on Wednesday, December 11, 1811 for the purpose of taking into consideration the expediency of founding schools on the plan of Dr [Revd Andrew] Bell' by Revd C.W. Ethelstan (Rector-Worthenbury & Curate-St Mark's, Cheetham, nr. Manchester) re history of education, local situation, evaluation of systems.

Marked 'no.7 1819 and 1820 scheduled and examined by R.M. Bacon'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and from the Hon. Edward Harbord (including draft reply)

From: sub-bundle:- 1) Harbord (Vernon House) to [?] Clive re Harbord's wish to receive Lord Sidmouth concerning James Belcham, prisoner condemned to death. 5 April 1819; 2) J.J. Gurney (Norwich) to Harbord (Vernon House) re Belcham, writer's faith, praise of Harbord, questionable efficacy of capital punishment, execution, Scilly Islands. 10 April 1819: 3) re Aylsham Bridewell improvements and Harbord's efforts, turnkey, electioneering 'man-buying', Robert Harvey's death, criticism of [Henry?] Francis and [William?] Foster (party before principles), sister's (Louisa Hoare) illness, Gurney's book-publishing problems, fisheries. 18 January 1820 [Bacon p.116]: Joseph Geldart (Norwich) to Harbord (Vernon House) re writer's application for consulship at Odessa, previous opposition to Harbord but a 'reluctant opponent'. 9 July 1819: William Simpson (Town Clerk and Treasurer of County-Norwich) to Harbord (Mudeford) re building of gaol and financial estimates, Marsham Elwin and Col. Wodehouse. 31 July 1819: Lord Grosvenor (Eaton Hall, Cheshire) re agreement with Harbord on unspecified subjects [Peterloo?], marriage of son [Richard, Viscount Belgrave, later 2nd Marquess of Westminster], mentions Lord and Lady Stafford, Lord Gower, Wrexham Races. 6 October 1819: Suffield [2nd Lord] (at Gunton) re Harbord's intention to stand for Shaftesbury - 'you are fortunate in finding a place, where no questions are asked as to political principles and no money required'. 20 February 1820: Sir Robert J. Buxton (Shadwell Lodge, Brettenham, Norfolk) re Harbord's letter via newspaper, County Gaol, County rate, distress of tenantry. 6 Nov 1820 [Bacon pp.127-8]: William Blake (Swanton Abbot, Norfolk) re Aylsham Bridewell, prisoners, work, discharge and 'classification' (of debtors). 24 Nov 1820: also including:- printed copy of 'Norfolk Declaration' signed by Lord Suffield [2nd. Lord in capacity of Lord Lieutenant], 4th Earl of Orford, T.T. Berney, C.H. Wodehouse, J.T. Mott, Thomas Cubitt, Hamond Alpe, re their refusal to support proposed County Meeting to protest against Peterloo massacre, with written amendments by Harbord. 25 October 1819:

Bacon's notes marked 'no.7 schedule 1819-1820'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies)

Enclosed together: from: 1) Henry Bathurst (Archdeacon of Norwich - North Creake, Burnham, Norfolk] re benefits from Suffield's elevation to peerage (5 Aug) and 2) Suffield's reply (Henbury House) in acknowledgement, awareness of new responsibility. 30 Aug: Suffield (Henbury House) to Col. Sir John Woodhouse resigning command of 1st Regiment of East Norfolk Local Militia Rifle Corps, also re refusal to take military post under present government. 25 Aug [Bacon pp. 141-2]: [James] Scholes (Stakehill) to Suffield (Henbury House) re widow's request for help to obtain son's discharge from regiment. 4 Sep: Charles Bowles (Recorder-Shaftesbury) to Suffield (Henbury House) incl. covering letter mentioning Aldermen [J.] Bennett and Hannen and Address from Shaftesbury inhabitants expressing gratitude. 8 Sep [Bacon pp. 146-7] and Suffield's reply expressing gratitude for Address and inviting Deputies to dinner. 9 Sep: John Jones (Shaftesbury) re meeting and Address by Bowles, disapproval of Bennett, Hannen and Gillingham of Lord Grosvenor's 'interest at your election', Queen's supporters' refusal to sign Address. 8 Sep [Bacon pp. 144-5]: T.W. Coke (Holkham Hall) re Suffield's wish to be appointed Chairman of the Quarter Sessions. 29 Sep [Bacon p. 149].

Henry Bathurst; 1744-1837; clergyman and Bishop of Norwich

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