Ditchingham, Norfolk



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Ditchingham, Norfolk

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Ditchingham, Norfolk

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Ditchingham, Norfolk

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Ditchingham, Norfolk

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Map 1839, by George Baker of Bungay; Apportionment 1841 (attached); Altered Apportionment 1846; Altered Apportionment 1879 with marginal plan; Tithe Redemption Certificates 1879, 1922 (x2).

Earsham, Ditchingham and Hedenham

Award: 1816. Maps (3): Earsham, nd, 1 inch: 8 chains, 67 by 77; Ditchingham, nd, 1 inch: 8 chains, 54 by 85; Hedenham, nd, 1 inch: 8 chains, 42 by 77. Surveyor: Richard Barnes of Lowestoft, Co. Suff.

Scrapbook of William Carr of Ditchingham Hall

  • MC 3508, 1075X6
  • Fondo
  • 1904-1920

Scrapbook of news cuttings, often obituaries of county personages and aristocracy, photographs of local country houses, local postcards, art and antiquarian sale catalogues and auction notices, memoranda and Carr's in-letters from various cor...

William Carr; 1862-1925; landowner, magistrate; Ditchingham, Norfolk

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