Diplomatic Papers of Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
BUL 1/1/2/1-16, 561X4 Memoranda by HLB on the Prussian army, the church in Prussia and Austrian finances (some printed), nd; article on the Revolution in Belgium by HLB which appeared in the 'Westminster Review', 1831; articles from 'The Times', 1906, 1909, relating to Belgian Revolution of 1830, and notes. File 1831-1909
BUL 1/2/2/1-7, 561X4 Letters to HLB from Mme. S.D. (unidentified) File nd [c 1833]-1834
BUL 1/3/1-55, 561X5 Letters to HLB, mostly concerning politics and parliamentary affairs File 1831-1837
BUL 1/4/1-8, 561X5 Letters to HLB as member of Consular Committee about proposed reform of consular service, 1835-1836 File 1835-1836
BUL 1/6/1-42, 561X5 Letters to HLB, mainly from Marylebone constituents, about constituency and parliamentary affairs, patronage, begging letters etc. File 1835-1837
Correspondence and Papers relating to New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land Series 1833-1842
Letters, Papers and Accounts relating to HLB'S Financial and Business Affairs Series 1831-1855
BUL 1/12-12(a), 561X8 Volume containing lists of HLB's creditors and sums paid to them; financial papers inc. copy assignment of personalty for payment of debts File 1831-1833
BUL 1/13/1/1-51, 561X8 Bills and receipts: rates, domestic expenses, clothes, furniture etc. File 1831-1848
BUL 1/14/4/1-9, 561X8 General Reversionary and Investment Co., letters, receipts for payments etc. File 1845-1848
BUL 1/14/5/1-54, 561X8 Letters from William Borradaile, solicitors, 20 King's Arms Yard, mainly to HLB, 1848-1855. File 1848-1855
BUL 1/16/1-65, 561X9 Notes, papers and printed material relating to Belgium File 1835-1837
Secretary to Embassy, St Petersburg, 1838, Paris, 1839-1843 Series 1806-1844
BUL 1/19/45-84, 562X1 Letters to HLB File 1838-1843
BUL 1/20/1-24, 562X1 Letters to HLB File 1806-1840
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