Diplomatic Papers of Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
BUL 1/86/1-11, 564X2 Letters to HLB File 1849-1851
BUL 1/88/12-34, 564X3 HLB to Lord Palmerston (DNB) (22 draft and copy letters, enc. copy letter to Lord Dundonald DNB, 1849; suggestions with respect to Cuba, 1851, in French). File 1849-1851
BUL 1/96/4, 564X5 Printed convention between H.M. and U.S.A. relative to establishment of Communication by Ship-Canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans File 1850
BUL 1/96/10, 564X5 Copy sworn statement by John McTavish, British Consul for Maryland, that Revd Noah C.W. Cannon is clergyman of Methodist African church of Toronto File 1850
BUL 1/96/25-32, 564X5 Misc. newscuttings etc. File 1850-1851
BUL 1/96/37, 564X5 'A Reply to a recent speech of Sir Roundell Palmer on the Washington Treaty and the Alabama Claims' by Reverdy Johnson File 1871
BUL 1/101/1-22, 564X6 Letters to and from HLB File 1852-1854
BUL 1/110/1-79, 564X9 Letters to HLB, mainly about Costa Rica File 1851-1856
BUL 1/111/1-13, 564X9 Grant of power of attorney from HLB to Don Ramon Quiroz of San José, Costa Rica, 1853; 2 grants of land in Costa Rica signed by Felipe Molina, with three copies, April 1853; Copies, and translations into English and French, of ?further grant, Sep. 1853. File 1853
BUL 1/116/1/1- 38, 565X1 Letters to HLB from General James Watson Webb, (37, 1 incomplete, list of names) File 1854
Commissioner to Investigate the Condition of the Danubian Principalities, July 1856-May 1858 Series 1824-1859
BUL 1/124, 565X5 Volume of copy despatches from HLB to Lord Clarendon, Sept. 1857-March 1858, and to Lord Malmesbury, March-April 1858, containing a few loose copy despatches to Lord Malmesbury. File 1857-1858
BUL 1/126/1-54, 565X6 Documents, part of a numbered series, copies of which were enclosed in official despatches. File 1856-1858
BUL 1/129/1-27, 565X7 Telegraphic messages and copies of same, between HLB, Lord Clarendon, Embassy officials, British Consuls etc. File Aug 1856-Mar 1857
BUL 1/131/2, 565X7 Part of volume of copies of despatches and/or official letters from HLB to Samuel Gardner, Charles Alison, Edmund Hammond, and un-named File 1859
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