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Letters to and from the Hon. Edward Harbord (including draft reply)

From: sub-bundle:- 1) Harbord (Vernon House) to [?] Clive re Harbord's wish to receive Lord Sidmouth concerning James Belcham, prisoner condemned to death. 5 April 1819; 2) J.J. Gurney (Norwich) to Harbord (Vernon House) re Belcham, writer's faith, praise of Harbord, questionable efficacy of capital punishment, execution, Scilly Islands. 10 April 1819: 3) re Aylsham Bridewell improvements and Harbord's efforts, turnkey, electioneering 'man-buying', Robert Harvey's death, criticism of [Henry?] Francis and [William?] Foster (party before principles), sister's (Louisa Hoare) illness, Gurney's book-publishing problems, fisheries. 18 January 1820 [Bacon p.116]: Joseph Geldart (Norwich) to Harbord (Vernon House) re writer's application for consulship at Odessa, previous opposition to Harbord but a 'reluctant opponent'. 9 July 1819: William Simpson (Town Clerk and Treasurer of County-Norwich) to Harbord (Mudeford) re building of gaol and financial estimates, Marsham Elwin and Col. Wodehouse. 31 July 1819: Lord Grosvenor (Eaton Hall, Cheshire) re agreement with Harbord on unspecified subjects [Peterloo?], marriage of son [Richard, Viscount Belgrave, later 2nd Marquess of Westminster], mentions Lord and Lady Stafford, Lord Gower, Wrexham Races. 6 October 1819: Suffield [2nd Lord] (at Gunton) re Harbord's intention to stand for Shaftesbury - 'you are fortunate in finding a place, where no questions are asked as to political principles and no money required'. 20 February 1820: Sir Robert J. Buxton (Shadwell Lodge, Brettenham, Norfolk) re Harbord's letter via newspaper, County Gaol, County rate, distress of tenantry. 6 Nov 1820 [Bacon pp.127-8]: William Blake (Swanton Abbot, Norfolk) re Aylsham Bridewell, prisoners, work, discharge and 'classification' (of debtors). 24 Nov 1820: also including:- printed copy of 'Norfolk Declaration' signed by Lord Suffield [2nd. Lord in capacity of Lord Lieutenant], 4th Earl of Orford, T.T. Berney, C.H. Wodehouse, J.T. Mott, Thomas Cubitt, Hamond Alpe, re their refusal to support proposed County Meeting to protest against Peterloo massacre, with written amendments by Harbord. 25 October 1819:

Bacon's notes marked 'no.7 schedule 1819-1820'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to HLB

From: Lord Aberdeen (DNB), 1841-1843 (4, encl. letter to Aberdeen from Lord Stanley asking that HLB be offered appointment in Canada, 1841; formerly in S/2); H.U. Addington (DNB), 1842; Hortense Allart, 1841, nd (6, incl. letter to Mme. Allart from George Sand, ? 1841; formerly in G/3); J.J.G. Basto, 1841; H.M. Boodle, 1839-1840 (2); Maria de Bouteneff, ? 1840; Mme. ?C., ? 1840-1842, nd (20, all unsigned; 1 initialled; formerly G/1); Lord Clanricarde, 1838, ? 1843 (2); Lord Clarendon (DNB), 1839; Alexander Edmund Cockburn (DNB), ? 1839; N.J.C. (endorsed Cordoba), 1839; Eyre Evans Crowe (DNB), nd.

Letters to HLB

From: Henry Unwin Addington (DNB) (12, enc. memo. for despatch from Lord Palmerston, 1847, formerly in S/3; draft letter from HLB, 1846, formerly in S/44); Hortense Allart, 1844, 1848 (9, formerly in G/3); Augustin Arg├╝elles, 1844 (2).

Letters to HLB

From: E. Barcena, 1847; William Barker, 1843; Col. Benjamin Barrie, 1848 (draft letter from HLB); Col. Bartmanski, 1847; Juan Basso nd; Jose Bastidas, 1843; Lord Beaumont, nd [1848]; Marquise de Bedmar, 1847; Antonio Benavides, 1847; W.A.B. Bennett, 1846 (2 enc. letter to HLB from Col. B.E. Rooke about conduct of Bennett's wife); Grenville Berkeley, 1848; M. Bertran de Lis, 1844, 1846 (2, enc. copy of memorial from merchants of Gibraltar to Earl Grey, 29/21b); John and Alfred Blyth, 1844; Angel Bonfante, 1847 (2).

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