Diocese of Norwich: Records of the Estates of the Bishop of Norwich Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
DN/EST 3/2 Obedientary roll File 1438
DN/EST 4/1 Extent: Heigham, Eaton. File 1275
DN/EST 4/3 Rents of property in Hoveton, Worstead, Hardley. File 1341
DN/EST 4/8 Terrier in villein tenements in Ashmanaugh File nd [14th century]
DN/EST 4/16 Terrier of lands in Taverham, Keswick File nd
DN/EST 5/2 Petition from abbot of St Benet's to Earl Warenne complaining of interference with the collection by the abbot of his dues in North Walsham market File nd
DN/EST 5/4 Paper relating to a dispute between the abbot of St Benet and the city of Norwich File nd [? 16th century]
DN/EST 6/2 Bull of pope Alexander IV File 28 Feb 1257
DN/EST 7/2 Grant by William de Redham, knight, to abbot of St Benet and the convent of 6s. rent from land in Stokesby. File nd
DN/EST 7/4 Grant by William, son of William de Stalham, to Stephen, son of Thomas de Waltun, of tenement in Happing hundred in [Potter] Heigham and Catfield, namely the lands of Coping, Scherswin and Sparheft with their homage and service, excepting a meadow in Estfen called Stolhamdele, paying 26d. yearly. File nd
DN/EST 7/5 Grant by Nicholas, son of Andrew de Couteshale, to Henry, son of Alan de Horning, for 4 marks of 5 acres in the field of Humeton [? in Coltishall] for 1d. per year. File nd
DN/EST 7/6 Grant by Laurence, son of Eche, with consent of his kinsman Nicholas, son of Hawenilde, to Edric Notelis and his daughter Anicia and Betha of 1.5 acres in Ludham, with Spurning meadow adjacent thereto, to hold of the lord abbot, paying 2d. yearly holding Laurence free of hundredscot for which they give 4 marks, a mantle and tunic worth 2s., and one quarter of wheat of the same price. File nd
DN/EST 7/11 Grant by abbot Reginald to Nicholas, son of Richard de Martham, of land which John Rache held of them in Yarmouth to hold for ever at a rent of 4s. per annum File nd [between 1214-1229]
DN/EST 7/12 Grant by Geoffrey le Syre of Belhagh to abbot Robert and the convent of 0.5 acre in Belaugh. File nd [between 1237-1251]
DN/EST 7/13 Grant by John Ybri of Belae to abbot Robert and the convent of 1.5 roods of land in Belaugh. File nd [between 1237-1251]
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