Dereham Antiquarian Society records Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
DAS 1 Administrative records of the Society and Bishop Bonner's Cottage Museum Sub-fonds 1953-2006
DAS 2 Records relating to East Dereham collected by the Society Sub-fonds 1648-2010
East Dereham Urban District Council records Sub-sub-fonds 1877-1959
ACC 2012/84 BOX 3 Business records of Hobbies Ltd Sub-sub-fonds 1906-2001
ACC 2011/327 BOX 13 Dereham Cage Birds Society Sub-sub-fonds 1952-1977
ACC 2011/327 BOX 15 Dereham Electors Association Sub-sub-fonds 1956-1968
Hamerton family and business papers Sub-sub-fonds 1866-1982
Miscellaneous and unsorted papers Sub-sub-fonds 17th century-21st century
ACC 2011/327 BOX 8 Business records of Utting and Buckingham Ltd Sub-sub-fonds 1929-1970
ACC 2012/84 BOX 3 (part) Dereham and District Organ Club records Sub-sub-fonds 1983-2000
ACC 2012/46 BOX 4 (part) Records relating to places other than East Dereham Sub-sub-fonds 1976-1977
Business records of Crane Fruehauf (founded as Cranes, 1865) Sub-sub-fonds 20th century
Mid-Norfolk Singers (previously Elmham Choral Society) Sub-sub-fonds 1946-c 2010
ACC 2012/84 BOX 4 (part) East Dereham Town Council/Breckland District Council Sub-sub-fonds 20th century
ACC 2011/327 BOX 12 Dereham Men's Society Sub-sub-fonds 1925-1973
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