Deposited on 16 March 1983 Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
SF 512/1, 537X2 Statement of purposes for which Daniel Boulter's legacy was held in trust File 1822
SF 512/4, 537X2 Gildencroft Meeting House, Norwich File 1670-1857
SF 512/7, 537X2 Letter from L. Candler, Saxlingham, to E.S. Dix File 1856
SF 512/15, 537X2 Letter from Alexander Peckover, Burlingham, etc. File 1862-1865
SF 512/16, 537X2 Letter from Burlingham on financial matters relating to Downham and Lynn File nd [? 1864]
SF 512/25, 537X2 Solicitor's account to Buckingham's trustees File 1869
SF 512/43, 537X2 Letters from D.C. and S.S. Buckingham re Buckingham Trust and account with Lynn Preparative Meeting File 1896-1900
SF 512/48, 537X2 Table compiled by Arthur J. Eddington of numbers joining and leaving the Norwich Monthly Meeting File 1699-1826
SF 512/5, 537X2 Report by Benest re alterations to Goat Lane Meetinghouse. File 1857
SF 512/12, 537X2 Copy letter Bidwell to D.C. Burlingham re common right at Saddlebow File 1861
SF 512/14, 537X2 Letters from Jane P. Crisp and D.C. Burlingham File 1862-1866
SF 512/18, 537X2 Buckingham Trust vouchers File 1864-1884
SF 512/23, 537X2 Letters from D.C. Burlingham on drainage and estate matters File 1867-1870
SF 512/24, 537X2 Letters from H. Hunton, Scoulton, Stevens & Paull, Liverpool, Joseph Geldart, and others File 1868-1881
SF 512/26, 537X2 Great Western Railway stock statements File 1863
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