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HARE 1018, 190X6 Charter: Feoffment. Isabelle daughter of Lord Walter of Litlewelle to John son of William Cemtar of Fincham. File nd [13th century]
HARE 1024, 190X6 Charter: Feoffment. Adam ad Portam to Raymond son of Cusin of Fincham. File nd [13th century]
HARE 1032, 190X6 Charter: Feoffment. Richard of Cumbes to Stephen son of Vincent of Wirham. File nd [13th century]
HARE 1037, 190X6 Charter: Feoffment. Richard son of John of Fincham to John of Fincham, chaplain. File nd [13th century]
HARE 1039, 190X6 Charter: Feoffment. Henry son of David of Fyncham, shepherd, to Alice daughter of William of Suldham and Agnes and Martina his daughters. File nd [13th century]
HARE 1041, 190X6 Charter: Feoffment. Sampson son of John of Ho, Knight, to John Curpel of Fincham and Mathilda his wife. File nd [c 1250]
HARE 1044, 190X6 Charter: Feoffment. Adam son of John son of William of Fincham to Adam son of Sampson Thalebot of the same. File nd [c 1250]
HARE 1045, 190X6 Charter: Feoffment. Robert son of Turstan of Fincham to Master Sampson Thaleboth of Fincham. File nd [c 1250]
HARE 1046, 190X6 Charter: Feoffment. John son of Robert of Fincham to Sampson son of Sampson Talebot of Fincham. File nd [c 1250]
HARE 1047, 190X6 Charter: Feoffment. Richard son of John of Fincham to Amice daughter of Walter of the same town. File nd [c 1250]
HARE 1053, 190X6 Charter: Quitclaim. William son of William of Ruiston (?) to Richard of Benefeud. File nd [c 1270]
HARE 1060, 191X1 Charter: Feoffment. Roger son of Walter son of Peter of Fyncham to Lord Adam Talebot of Fyncham, Knight, and Mistress Petronella his wife. File nd [c 1270]
HARE 1062, 191X1 Charter: Grant. Sampson son of Sampson of Fincham, Knight, to Thomas de Tymehurze of Derrham. File nd [c 1270]
HARE 1063, 191X1 Charter: Quitclaim. Robert de Finchellee of Fincham to Thomas of Tymworthe son of Richard of Tymworthe. File nd [c 1270]
HARE 1066, 191X1 Charter: Quitclaim. Richard Attegate of Fincham to God and the church of Blessed Mary and All Saints of Westacre and the canons serving God there. File 4 Dec 1271
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