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Letters to John Harbord from Francis Negus, James Heriott, William Thursby, the Duke of Norfolk, William Lonqueville, J(onas) Rolfe, John Berett and Robert Smith

Relate to the sale of the Duke of Norfolk's estates in Yorkshire and Norfolk and especially the sale of Hanworth to Harbord. Negus also refers to the loyal Associations, Sir Edward Sampson's opposition to them, and the Dauphin buying horses at Newmarket and a draft from Harbord invites the Duke to Hunt at Gunton and refers to fitting up his room 1696-1702. With part of will of John Jermy of Bury St Edmunds dated 1662, grant by the Duke of the next presentation to the benefice of Colby 1697, valor of the Duke's estate at Sheringham 1695, and receipt acknowledged by Rolfe of £10 subscription towards defence of suit brought against him as undersheriff by the Duchy of Lancaster 1701.

Sermons of friends of Edward Harbord, 3rd Baron Suffield

Marked 'Sermons of friends'.

Texts of sermons by Mr Heath, Revd Houghton, Revd Hepworth, Samuel Rees of North Walsham (with a letter) and two unattributed, one of which was given at various dates in 1817-20 including at Middleton. Also includes a sermon 'Partly compiled for the opening of the organ at Thorpe Market, 28 January 1827.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and from the Hon. Edward Harbord, 3rd Lord Suffield

From: J. Sharpe (North Walsham) re crimes and problems caused due to tenant farmers payment of labourers' wages on Sunday mornings. 11 Oct 1821: 1821: A. W. Hall (Southwark, near London) re fund for indemnifying Sir Robert Wilson from consequences of dismissal from Army. 23 Feb: G. Chetwynd MP (Westminster) re Vagrant Bill and Game Laws. 14 March: F. Howard (Ottery St. Mary) re Country Bakers' Act, weight of bread. 8 May: 1822: Robert Peel (Home Office) re Prison Act and Thetford Assizes. 11 Aug [Bacon p. 187]: 1823: Miles Beacon (Mulbarton House, Norfolk) re county reimbursement of man who arrested a turkey thief. 6 Jan: Revd James Browne (North Walsham) to Suffield (Vernon House) requesting support for enclosed petition (not encl.) on 'slavery of British factories'. 9 March [Bacon p.370]: Edward Hull (Liverpool) re Suffield's speech on Pluralities Bill and writer's own analysis of pluralities, state of Church of England, mentions Bishops of Durham and London, Lord Grey, Sir John Newport, writer's tract - 'Institution and abuse of ecclesiastical property', distribution and publishing problems (Murray and Rivington). 12 April; re encl. sermon (not encl.), crime increase, especially local. 13 April: Printed letter by John Dirsley (London) to Suffield re (own) political views and opinions of society (personalised). 11 May: George Washington Busteed (Rotherhithe, Kent) re abolition of slavery, Lord Goderich, colonial authorities' attitude in ignoring British government in treatment of freeborn, lack of religious teaching and education for them, need to notify Lords committee. 16 May: Henry Crosley (Camberwell, Surrey) re employment of slaves, Anti-Slavery Society committee, wants Suffield's patronage for enclosed (1 June) enclosing Crosley's 'Observations on the production of sugar by free labour': Henry Dover (at Christchurch) re [Norfolk] Quarter Sessions (Criminal Court). 20 June: John Baker (Mundesley, Norfolk) to Suffield (Vernon House) re county politics review, Norwich yeomanry committee meeting to choose candidate, mentions E. Lombe, [Richard Hanbury] Gurney, [E.G.] Keppel's letter and expenses problem re E. Norfolk candidacy, Tory opposition expected, need for money, mentions others to be asked - William Beecham (sic) [Beauchamp-Proctor], William [Howe] Windham and William L. Bulwer, excludes [John?] Weyland - unpopular as voted against Reform Bill, worry over Suffield's possible support for Weyland-would 'divide interest' and strengthen 'the old Tory faction'. 24 June; re Weyland, county politics, canvassing in Hundred, Windham, Reform Bill, Tories, confidence concerning Hundreds of Tunstead, Happing and own [North Erpingham?]. 22 July: Revd Edward Edwards (Marsden Parsonage, Huddersfield, Yorks., W. R. ) re achievements at Marsden, seeks offer of vacancy at Middleton [S.E.Lancs] or Aldborough [Norfolk] due to wife's health. 6 July: William Frere (at Malta) re writer's turn as Chairman of Norfolk Sessions postponed, mentions Copeman, Weyland, [Henry] Dover, congratulates Suffield on Norwich Assize Bill, opposition. 27 July: Edward Buller (Dilhorn Hall, Cheadle, Staffs.) requesting support for N. Staffs. candidacy, supports parliamentary reform and present government. 4 Aug: Sir John Peter Boileau (at Tunbridge Wells, Kent [Ketteringham Hall, Norfolk]) re writer's cousin, Edward Buller's candidacy - member of old Whig family, writer's Holkham visit, full employment of local poor, effect of Poor Law administration, worry over young Tory candidate's inexperience (8 Aug) and enclosing Suffield's reply re Gunton visit, Lady Suffield's pregnancy [Emily], illness of Coke and wife. 23 Aug: Edward Cole (Norwich) requesting Suffield's patronage of Norfolk and Norwich National School Society. 8 Aug: C. Bowles (Shaftesbury) re Bill to repeal Acts relating to bribery and corrupt practices in election of MPs-needs speedy implementation, Penrhyn [Edward G.D. Penrhyn-Shaftesbury MP, later Lord Pennant] and opponents' actions, [subject?], public and beer houses evils. 12 Aug: Joseph Brotherton (Salford, near Manchester) re writer's support for candidacy of J.W. Wood with Lord Molyneux for S. Lancs constituency, writer's own candidacy for Salford and support. 16 Aug: T.W. Coke (Holkham Hall) re [?]. 26 Oct; re [?]. (11 Nov) and enclosing Sir James E. Graham (1st Lord of the Admiralty) to Coke re Norfolk Marines Association and Lt. Harmer (Graham's hand and marked 'private'). 9 Nov: sub-bundle:- 1) Suffield to [?] re. O'Reilly's case, House of Lords Slavery Committee, colonial witnesses and perjury, Suffield's evidence [Bacon pp.390-1): 2) re O'Reilly case: 3) R.M. Bacon (Costessey) re O'Reilly's speech; 4) Bacon re O'Reilly: Nov 1832: Peter Clare (Manchester) re letter received from Joseph Brotherton concerning problems over William Burge and Oldham candidacy, Joseph Sturge and letter from James Cropper of Liverpool, George Thompson-to lecture at Oldham, writer's many arrangements and activities in support of abolition - 'Holy Cause', Theophilus Smith [Agent/Steward-Middleton Hall], Oldham votes 'engaged', James Stephen's entering contest. 1 Dec; re meeting with Theophilus Smith, Burge, estimated voting figures for Cobbett and [John] Fielden, B.A. Bright and Burge, Stephen-too late, anti-slavery meeting, George Thompson's speech, Burge and slavery. 4 Dec: Elizabeth Fry (at Northrepps Hall, Norfolk) re enclosed tracts of society for Preventing the Punishment of Death, Report of British Society of Ladies for the Reformation of Female prisoners to Lady Suffield, hopes Lady Suffield will become patron of committee for visiting Wymondham prisoners, her gifts of biblical books to Suffield's children, respect for his views. 21 Dec. 1832 also including 6 other miscellaneous enclosures:- 1-4) Notes re oaths by Suffield: 5) Lord Castlereagh [Viscount, later 2nd Marquess of Londonderry] (Downing Street) to Edward Harbord re letter Harbord also wrote to Huskisson, electioneering, problems of Harbord standing with Lushington as [Yarmouth] candidates, Lushington- 'not a friend to government' (Sec. of State- War and Colonies). 1807 [Bacon p.30]: 6) Marked list of 49 MPs: William Crawford (Southampton) to S. Hoare re American methods of punishing prisoners, crime increase, English prison conditions, Criminal Law reform, capital punishment. 23 June 1832: 2 letters (labelled 'Election Matters' by Suffield) from R.M. Bacon (Costessey) to Suffield (Vernon House) (illegible) 1) dated 17 July 1832 and 2) nd.

Marked 'no. 4 examined and scheduled 1832 by R.M.Bacon'.

Stephen Lushington; 1782-1808; civil and ecclesiastical lawyer, politician; Watford, Hertfordshire, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Letters to and from the Hon. Edward Harbord (including draft replies)

From: James Frampton (Moreton, Dorchester) re rules of Savings Bank. 24 Feb: Revd John Thomas Horton-sic [Haughton] (Rector-Middleton) to Harbord (Henbury House) re death of [Revd Robert] Walker, request for recommendation to living. 1 March: William Castleman (Wimborne) to Harbord (Vernon House) re enclosed resolutions concerning Wimborne Savings Bank [SB], mentions Lord Shaftesbury (18 March) and enclosing 1) resolutions and list of committee members and 2) list of subscribers. 18 March: C.I. Hoare (Blandford) E. Dorset) to Harbord (Vernon House) re Blandford SB and tracts ['A word to the wise…'] supplied by Harbord in Dorset towns and its distribution to farmers for reading to servants, 'A word to the wise…' mentioned. 27 March [Bacon p.51]: Edward Barrett (Actuary-Blandford) to Harbord (Vernon House) re Blandford SB. 14 April; re Blandford SB. 6 June: A. Stuart (Blandford) re Blandford SB. 22 April: [Edmund] Newton (London Lane, Norwich) to Harbord (Henbury House) re [subject?], [Thomas] Bach. 14 July: William Churchill to Harbord (Mudeford) re writer's tenant's behaviour over game, social news, health, suitable gun for Harbord. 4 Sept: [Jeremiah] Ives (Town Close, Norwich) re [Blandford] SB, benefits to poor, Norwich Savings Bank. 15 Sept: Harbord (Henbury House) to Lord Sidmouth [1st Viscount] (Home Office) re mutilation of cattle, suggests reward for and pardon of accomplice. 18 Dec [Bacon p. 53}: [Henry] Hobhouse's reply (Permanent Under Secretary-Home Office) in acknowledgement expressing approval of suggestion. 19 Dec: Harbord's reply re crime details, reward. 20 Dec [Bacon p. 53]: Hobhouse's reply re crime. 22 Dec: also including:- 'Eighth report of the Sunday School Society for Ireland for year ending April 22 1818: Bacon's notes marked 'no.5 schedule 1818 and 1819'.

Marked 'used'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies)

Letters to Lord Suffield including from C. De Blanchy on catholic emancipation; R.F. Elwin; T.W. Coke; Sidal Hawes seeking clemency for poachers apprehended in Stanninghall; circular from Thomas Wingman on proposed book on Kant's philosophy; Amos Ogden sending Lady Suffield specimens of silk made at Middleton and reporting on the bad state of the industry; James White of Plymouth re game laws and a proposed Bill against seduction; Lord Melville; Samuel Lewis with prospectus of the Topographical Dictionary; printed list issued by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge; Edmund Wodehouse; the Committee of Master Spinners of Manchester on the reasons for striking against wage reductions; copy of part of the Licensed Victuallers of Manchester and Salford against an increase in retail brewers and billeting; prospectus of the New Equitable Fire Assurance Society, 1828, with letters from John Skipper; R. Parker, ship agent, Wells; copy opinion of R.E. Broughton re power of Justices over the pay of soldiers on active service; Smith, Middleton Hall, re proposed Featherstale Turnpike Bill; Sir Robert Peel advising on the interpretation of the licensing Act; John Richardson, the Haydon estate agent, re valuation for Lord Suffield and a proposed scheme for poor law; letter from the Norfolk Cricket Club inviting Lord Suffield to serve as president for a further year; John Ninham re gilding of John Harbord's monument St George Tombland, Norwich; Henry Smith, Gunton agent, re estate matters including the desire for a pound at Southrepps; Lord Salisbury; Mr Parry, storekeeper, Ordnance Office, re consignment of arms to Norwich; newscuttings re Middleton Reform Meeting, with a copy of a speech by Amos Ogden on being appointed chair.

Marked 'No.13 examined and scheduled by R.M. Bacon'.

Norfolk County Cricket Club; 1833-1977

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft reply)

From Edward Groves (Committee Secretary-Dublin) re adoption of enclosed printed resolution (20 Jan) on Catholic Emancipation, need for support (5 Jan) and enclosing same: J.P. Jones (North Bovey Rectory, Exeter) re benefits of 'open court', Norfolk attempt, mentions Coke (26 Jan) and enclosing petition to magistrates re [exclusion of freeholders and occupiers of land in Devon from discussions on County business, Quarter Sessions, need for 'open court' (not incumbent): James Fletcher (Church Warden-Middleton) to Suffield (Vernon House) enclosing Address (not encl.) on Revd [James] Archer's appointment as Middleton Rector [30 Jan 1829]. Feb [Bacon p. 279]: Suffield (Vernon House) to [Middleton Inhabitants] re their Address on Archer's appointment. 12 Feb: R.M. Bacon (Costessey) re religious vows, Catholic Emancipation Bill and writer's support, mutual agreement between Suffield and himself - 'the accord of our thoughts', mentions William Husenbeth. 22 March: sub-bundle:- 1) Dr T. Hay (Christ Church, Oxford) re admission of Harbord (Edward V.) as gentleman commoner, Eton report, mentions [Revd Dr Richard] Durnford; 2) re Harbord's Oxford admission and rank. April-May: 1829: Duke of Richmond [5th Duke] re committee, the Revd[?] Wells to give evidence, Kent farm. 10 Jan; (9 Cavendish Square) re enclosure (not encl.). 19 Dec: John Richardson (Aylsham) re Poor Laws. 17 Oct 1830 [Bacon p. 315]: H.F. Smith (Gunton Park) to Suffield (Vernon House) re local breaking of threshing machines, threat to saw mills, mentions Buxton, Southrepps mob who want tithe reduction, Archdeacon Glover [Private Chaplain to Duke of Sussex/friend of T.W. Coke]. 25 Nov 1830 [Bacon p. 327]: George Pellew (Dean of Norwich-Shire Hall) re cases of arms and ammunition received from Harwich, mentions Col. Somerset, Col. Sir John Wodehouse, Lord Melbourne, danger in sending them on to Gunton due to 'disturbed state of the country'. 1 Dec 1830 [Bacon p.330]: 1830: also including:- Bacon's notes marked '1829-1830 no. 12 schedule'.

Marked 'used'.

Thomas William Coke; 1752-1842; 1st Earl of Leicester, agriculturalist

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies) dated Jan 1829-Nov 1829 and Nov 1830

Signed Address of thanks from 'Middleton Inhabitants' to Suffield (Vernon House) on appointment of Revd James Archer as Rector of Middleton. 30 Jan [Bacon p. 279]: Lady Stafford [Frances Henrietta] (Costessey Hall) re Relief Bill [Catholic Emancipation - 1825], emphasises that Catholic laity and clergy hold different opinions, gratitude to parliament for passing of Catholic Emancipation Bill and to Duke of Wellington. 25 March [Bacon p. 281]: Dean-Christ Church, Oxford) re Harbord's [Edward V.] Oxford entry. 15 May [Bacon p. 282]: Lord Lyttelton [3rd Lord] (Hagley Hall, Worcs.) re 'election of children at Asylum', willing to vote for any child chosen by Suffield, writer's enjoyment of countryside - 'ruralising' compared to London life, 'Manchester affair' of Suffield, invitation to Hagley. 21 May [Bacon pp.282-3]: Marsham Elwin (Thurning, East Dereyham) re writer's acquisition of fee of land in Felmingham, willing to sell to Suffield, situated middle of Gunton Estate, land tax and rent. 23 May [Bacon p. 283]: sub-bundle:- 1) Henry Dugmore (Swaffham, Norfolk) requesting Suffield to act as Norfolk Cricket Club President for 1830, [Vice] Admiral [William] Windham's [formerly Lukin] subscription [Bacon p. 284]: 2) Suffield's reply expressing gratitude for Presidency offer. Aug [Bacon pp. 284-5]: sub-bundle:- 1) Suffield (Vernon House) to Lord Chancellor [1st Lord Lyndhurst] re reference for Revd James Brown [Chaplain-Norfolk County Gaol and Curate-St Andrew's, Norwich], his application for livings of Raithby or Winesby, Lincs., approval of Brown. 31 Aug: 2) Suffield (Vernon House) to Lord Chancellor re Brown. 31 Aug and 16 Nov 1830: Brown (Norwich) to Suffield re earlier notification of disposal of crown livings of Raithby and Winesby, gratitude for support of Suffield, Col. Sir John Wodehouse and Edmund Wodehouse, mentions Marsham Elwin's letter enclosed (not encl.), Bishop Henry Bathurst. 7 Sept; expressing gratitude to Suffield, enclosure, wish for Thoresway [Lincs.] appointment to add to present living, personal distress, family's financial problems, mentions Marsham Elwin. (9 Dec) and enclosing copy letter from Brown to Lord Chancellor re Thoresway (Crown) living. 9 Dec: A. Ogden expressing gratitude to Suffield for parcel sent to Middleton Mechanics Institute. 4 Nov: Lord Vernon [George Charles, 4th Lord] (London) re Suffield's re-valuation of his farms (crops and stock) on an 'entirely new system', rent arrears problem, currency fluctuations, Thrackston and promotion, Sir Robert Stopford. 19 Nov [Bacon pp. 287-8].

Norfolk County Cricket Club; 1833-1977

Papers relating to Plurality of Benefices Bill of 1838

Includes copy of the Bill as well as amendments; pamphlets by the Reverend Edward Hull, 1831; notes by Edward Harbord, including for speeches; and letters to him. Some of the correspondents are anonymous, others include J.C. Laycock, Joseph Wilson enclosing statement regarding pluralism of M. Spry of Marylebone, William Henry Carnell, the Reverand Joseph Morris, Montagu Robert Melville, Joshua Scholefield, Edward Hull, John Turner of Birmingham, and Sir J.C. Hobhame.
Bundle has paper wrapper annotated [by Richard Mackenzie Bacon] as '[bundle number] 2, Plurality, examined by R.M. Bacon'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to Lord Suffield entitled by him 'Letters on petitions and parliamentary business 1834' (petitions not enclosed unless indicated)

From: Henry Hanbury (Blackfriars Road) re petition (Southwark Borough Baptist Denominations) on disestablishment and enclosing same. 7 March: R.E. Hankinson (Norwich) re petitions on 'Sunday observance', influential signatories, Sunday trading - 'an act of open profanation'. 10 April: John Bane (Aylsham) re petition from Aylsham 'dissenters'. 14 April: William P. Bartlett (Nicholas Lane, Tombland, Norwich) re petition, dissenters' grievances, comments on disestablishment-last resort only. 14 April; re petition, objects to church rates as also paying for own ministers, quotes figures (dissenters). 16 April: Francis Edward Arden (Gresham, Norfolk) re petition on Sunday observance, beerhouses' and public houses' opening hours [Beer Act 1830], apologises for petition written on paper not parchment. (14 April) and enclosing same: Robert Bird (Taplow, Maidenhead, Berks.) to Suffield (London) re beer house problem, mentions Lord Brougham, 'mischief and gambling' near church, farmers (church wardens) frightened to act due to incendiaries, absent Rector, [parish] constables ineffective as probably customers. 19 April: W.F. Poile ([King's] Lynn, Norfolk) to Suffield (House of Lords) re petition from Lynn Baptist Church on compulsory payment of church rates - 'violation of conscience'. 21 April: I.G. Wigg (Lyme Regis, Dorset) re anticipation of support for dissenters from Suffield, petition and Suffield's objections to last paragraph, church rates, dissenters' church attendance and contrast with Anglicans. 21 April: Thomas Collins (Somers Town, Middx.) re papers, [Portugal?], supporters incl. Gurneys (Lynn bankers) and Birkbeck. 22 April: Thomas H. Bastard (Magistrate-Charlton, Blandford Forum) re Suffield's help over Blandford Savings Bank, beer shops, 'curse on the country', Beer Act, recommendations, immorality, crime. 24 April: William Slater (Hebden Bridge, Yorks., W.R.) to Suffield (House Of Lords) re dissenters' claims, church reform, petition of local Wesleyan Methodists. 24 April: Francis Lloyd (High Bailiff and Magistrate-Birmingham) re beer shops, crime. 24 April: Thomas Rust (Colegate, Norwich) re beer shops and petition of Norfolk Magistrates. 25 April [Bacon p. 465]: Peter Duncan (Wesleyan Minister-Birmingham) re disestablishment, refusal to present unauthorised Birmingham petition since it does not represent views of Wesleyan Methodists (although presented in their name), abolition of slavery, praise of Suffield. 26 April; re Earl Grey and refusal to present Birmingham petition, writer anti-disestablishment. 2 May: J.H. Steward (East Carleton, Norfolk) re enclosed list of recommendations re beer houses and enclosing same. 26 April: Robert Grundy (Bury, S.E. Lancs) re petition against Beer Bill, evils, law inadequacy, licence. 29 April: William Paxon (Grays Inn Terrace) re petition from 'Congregation of Protestant Dissenters' (Little Wild Street Chapel), anti-slavery campaign and request for whip used by Suffield in Lords Committee 'with good effect', mentions Sir George Stephen. 30 April: John Richardson (Heydon, Norfolk) to Suffield (at Cavendish Square) re Eynsford Hundred wish for malt tax repeal, beerhouses, Poor Law Amendment Bill. 30 April; to Suffield (at Cavendish Square) re Poor Laws, Lord Orford. 9 May; re [Poor Law Amendment] Bill, mentions R.M. Bacon and Norwich Mercury, Eynsford Hundred petition, 'the little Lord' [Lord Orford?], South Erpingham hundred. 12 May: W. Withers (Holt) re Lord Calthorpe, detrimental economic effect of Blakeney Harbour Act (3 May) and enclosing petition to Calthorpe from Blakeney inhabitants: Henry Turner (Magdalen Street, Norwich) re petition, Suffield's speech on 'Sabbath observance', 'public characters are in a measure public property'. 4 May: Revd William Upjohn (Vicar-Binham and Field Dalling Holt) re petition, beer houses, Sunday observance, petition support. 6 May: W. Lee (Upwell, Welney, Cambs.) re land owners' petition on [subject?] 6 May: Revd Charles John Way (Rector-Middleton) re petition against admission of 'dissenters and infidels' to universities, claims strong support in Middleton for established church. 10 May: W. Ewart (Liverpool) re petitions on dissenters' claims, opposes secular use of churches. 12 May: Hugh McFarland (Paisley, Renfrewshire) re Paisley Voluntary Church Association petition for disestablishment, advocates secular use of church property. 15 May: W. Sheldon-Godrell (Saxlingham, Holt) re petition on beer house evils. 22 May: Benjamin Ash (East Retford, Notts.) re petition on Sunday observance. 2 June: Unsigned letter asking for support for Wisbech (Cambs.). (14 June) and enclosing printed petition re town improvement, with Suffield's written comments: A. Farrar (Regents Park) re Wesleyans' Sunday observance petition. June: Society of Friends (London) petition re enforcement of tithes, church rates, Easter offerings et al. June [Bacon p. 464]: William Fitton (Royton, Oldham) re petition against Poor Law Amendment Bill. 7 July: Mrs [?] Hunter (Hungerford, Berks.) requesting help (widow of Knapton (Norfolk) minister). 12 July: W. Ward [Jewin Street, London?] re Poor Law Amendment Bill, sufferings of poor, tithes, general grievances. July: Petition against beer houses from [?]. nd.
Petition re civil registration.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Six letters of Henry Spelman and others relating to Great Snoring, one of the livings of which Doctor Willoughbie was deprived by the bishop of Norwich for default of reading the articles of religion himself in church, rather than by proxy. The bishop presented Richard Gawton to the benefice in Willoughbie's place in 1572.

Thomas Heydon to his brother in law, Henry Spelman, at Great Snoring, notifying him that the bishop had given the benefice to another minister and advising him to meet Mr Shelton and at the bishop's house, 8 September 1572.
John [-] to brother Spelman at Snoring, referring to Mr Shelton and Thomas Heydon, 28 March 1573.
Two letters in the same hand as the previous one, from 'your loving brother' to Henry Spelman at Great Snoring, reporting Willoughbie's having said there is no danger of his losing his benefice and hoping shortly to be at Snoring where he meant to end his life, living another four or five years 'as you and my sister will cherish him', nd, and from London, 13 April 1573.
Thomas Noryes to his uncle Mr Might at Flitcham, 25 July 1573. Cut into two pieces.
William Spelman to Christopher Daubneye, 16 August 1573.

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