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Letters to and from the Hon. Edward Harbord (including draft replies)

From: [J] Erskine (London) re reference for coachman, William Benham, seeking stable job. 16 Nov 1810: Harbord (at Hill St.) to [?] Churchill (Grosvenor Street) re attendance at Fisheries Bill Committee and unwillingness to support Churchill on this, Lord Walpole also opposed. 7 April 1811: Churchill's reply re misunderstanding by Harbord , not being asked to support cause that he (Harbord) does not support, mentions Lord Walpole. 7 April 1811: re Fisheries Bill, Harbord opposed? 8 April 1811: Suffield [2nd Lord] re Mrs Harbord's birthday, executors' meeting re father's will. 12 Dec 1811: (at Blickling) expressing need for family affairs to go to Chancery and for executors' meeting. 13 Jan 1812: re Sir George Chad and executors' meeting, Chancery. 19 Jan 1812: re bill to build navigable canal from Wayford Bridge to Antingham, committee, benefits, canal's extension to Antingham, new home. 14 March 1812: Sir George Chad (Thursford Hall, Norfolk) to Harbord (Coulson's Hotel, Bond Street) re writer's being granted power of attorney by Suffield for sale of stock, complications, hopes Harbord will enter Commons, family matters. 22 Feb 1812 [Bacon p. 41): re illness of Harbord's son 'little Edward' [?], writer's supposed resentment of Suffield retracted. 22 Feb 1812: Thomas Lockwood (Dan y Graig, Swansea) to Harbord (Came House, Dorchester, Dorset) re Briton Ferry Estate and late Lord Vernon's (George, 2nd Lord) leases. 8 Jan 1813: W. Churchill (Agent-Wimborne, E. Dorset) to Harbord (at Came House) re West Lodge, Bloxworth, Hants. and hunting. 3 Jan 1814; re Harbord's declining West Lodge as tenant 'we are all anxious to keep you among us', cold weather. 14 Jan 1814: Harbord (Vernon House) to Lord Orford [Horatio, 3rd Lord Walpole of Wolterton, 5th Lord Walpole of Walpole, 2nd Earl of Orford 11] re tenancy of Islington House, son ill, staying in London. 20 Feb 1814: S. Humphreys (Chester) to Harbord (Vernon House) re claims of John Robotham on property. March 1814: Richard Prichard (Langham Parsonage, Norfolk) to Harbord (Vernon House) re Oxford University parliamentary candidate, Lord Vernon's patronage, mentions [?] Wyndham (neighbour), application for [?] Bathurst (not incumbent). 3 June 1814: H.A. Broughton (Solicitor-Marlborough Sreet) to Harbord (at Albion House, Ramsgate, Kent) re Lord Vernon's estate, Harbord executor, including copy letter from Henry Smith (Gwernllwynchwith, [W. Glam.] (10 Aug). 22 Aug 1814; re [Sir Samuel] Romilly 'retained', Harbord's counsel for life. 11 May 1815; re court case, Lord Ellenborough's support of Harbord's cause [?], likely result in favour of leases, tenants' test case, Mr Justice Bailley. 31 Oct 1816: Printed circular from Co. Sir John Wodehouse (Grand Jury Chamber) to Harbord (at Ramsgate) re proposal to erect statue to Nelson. Oct 1814: sub-bundle:- 1) Lord Jersey [5th Earl) to C.B. Wollaston re title deeds of Briton Ferry Estate (June 1814): 2) Jersey (Berkley Sreet) to Harbord re Harbord's possible purchase of Briton Ferry Estate: 3) Harbord's reply (Vernon House) rejecting offer: 4) Jersey's reply (at Newmarket, W. Suffolk) re Briton Ferry Estate: 23-25 April 1815: J.G. Harris to Harbord (Uddens House, Ringwood, Hants.) re Uddens cellar wine and cost, writer's appointment as Deputy Judge Advocate to the Forces; (at Army Headquarters, Paris) re Harbord's renting of Uddens, events in France; re wine, Paris balls given by Duke [of Wellington] and Lady Castlereagh, review of English Army and French National Guard, King's Tuileries speech, other Paris events; re wine accounts and wine shares, Marshall Ney, Treaty of Chaumont, King and Ministry: Aug-Nov 1815: A. Buckton (London) to Habord (Uddens House) re repair of seal. 7 Aug 1815: James White (Ringwood) to Harbord [Uddens House] re Harbord's laboratory experiments and problems; re writer's invention for blowing fires in iron foundries and enclosing diagram: Aug 1815: William Hawes (Strand) to Harbord (Mudeford, Christchurch, Hants.) re cost of game-keepers' bugles, request for game. 3 Oct 1815: Revd Edward T.S. Hornby (Warrington, S.W. Lancs) to Harbord (at Blickling) re his recommending Revd Joshua Horton (sic) [Horchoyd, Yorks.?] to Middleton living in gift of [Dowager] Lady Suffield, request for Harbord's support, Horton family, Harbord's former kindness to writer. Jan 1816: Lord Ilchester [3rd Earl] (Melbury Park, Dorset) re writer's buying Portland sheep for Harbord. 11 Sept 1816: H. Baring (Ringwood) to Harbord (Henbury House) re shooting wager. 17 Dec 1816: Robert Evans (Everton, S.W. Lancs.) to Harbord (Henbury House) re writer's wife's death, pupils sent home due to typhus, question of Harbord's 'renewing parliamentary interest'. 29 Dec 1817: also including:- Dr Edward Jenner to [H] Collins (copy letter) re smallpox vaccination. 25 Aug 1810: Pamphlet on Cowes Yacht Club, list of names incl. C.A. Pelham. 1814: Leaflet on 'Game Preserves Scheme' sent to Suffield [2nd Lord]. April 1816: Leaflet entitled 'Dunkin's patent anglometer'. nd.

Marked '1810 to 1817 no. 6 examined and scheduled by R.M. Bacon'.

Henry Bathurst; 1744-1837; clergyman and Bishop of Norwich

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft reply) and associated correspondence dated April-December 1826 and July 1830

From: James Stephen (Kensington Gore, Middx.) re Suffield's speech in Lords on slavery, approves but regrets Lords' lack of support. 18 April: Suffield (Vernon House) to Robert Peel (Home Office) re Spring Gun Bill. 24 April [Bacon pp. 241-2]. Sub-bundle-: 1) Princess Olive (London) requesting financial help for Mrs Evelyn of Southrepps: 2) Suffield's reply expressing unwillingness to help someone not personally known to him: Oct: Edward V. Vernon re singers and their voices, congratulations on Suffield's marriage [Archbishop of York]. 7 Dec: [Bacon p. 243]: Revd Dr T. Gilbert (Brasenose College, Oxford) re enclosed (21 Dec 1826) and enclosing H.A. Broughton to Gilbert copy letter re Middleton School and Suffield's application to Court of Chancery to take action against Brasenose [spelled Brazen Nose] as school trustees. 19 Dec [Bacon pp. 247-8]: 1826: Edmund Wodehouse (at London) re intention to retire as MP for Norfolk. 8 July 1830.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Letters to and from Lord Suffield (including draft replies) and associated correspondence

From: John Stracey (Sprowston, Norfolk) re Assizes removal from Thetford to Norwich, Lord Tenterden's opposition; re Assizes removal, mentions Lord Tenterden and Peel; re Assizes removal, prisoners-travel problems, witnesses, Thetford. Feb-March: Lord Tenterden [1st Lord] (Chancery Lane) to Suffield (House of Lords) re enclosed letter (not encl.) from Lord Justice [Gardner]. 11 March: Theophilus Smith (Middleton Hall) re Address on Middleton School enclosed (not encl.), Suffield's liability to expense due to decision of Master of the Rolls, therefore Smith attempting reduction of estate expenditure: 28 Dec: 1831: J. Miller (Durham) expressing agreement with Suffield on pluralities, mentions Bishop of London. 31 March: Lord Radstock [2nd Lord] re Suffield's amendments on pluralities, [subject?]. March [Bacon pp. 371-2]: Richard Potter (Manchester) re meeting held at which opposition expressed to government's plan for education in Ireland but unrepresentative of local opinion, Suffield's help over Manchester petition on Reform Bill, considers Suffield must tell Lords truth about above meeting, Lord Kenyon's presenting petition on pluralities. 2 April: Baron Rubensoke re personal family distress in Prussia, Prince Hardenberg, difficulties, Church and State separation, Pluralities Bill, Bishop of Durham. 9 April: Sir John Newport (Jermyn Street) re Pluralities Bill. 16 April: E.G. Keppel (Hertford Street) re [East Norfolk] candidacy and intention to stand, a 'thorough Reformer' and pro-abolition, lameness. 7 June; (at Bransbury, N. Hants.) re candidacy withdrawal due to electioneering expense. (18 June) and enclosing R.T. Elwin (Norwich) to Keppel (copy letter) re selection committee ([A.] Hudson, [E] Lombe, [T.S.] Norgate, [?] Brightwell), possible candidacy of Keppel (the favourite), likely yeomanry support, expenses-'no half measures will do as the Tories will strain every nerve' (16 June); (at Hertford Street) re candidacy withdrawal intention. 20 June; (at Dover) re decision not to resign since presence (in Norfolk) not required. 7 Aug: W.H. Windham re candidacy, uncertainty re Keppel, declaration in support of abolition and 'independent' support to Lord Grey; re mutual meeting at Brookes, candidacy: June-July: enclosed together:- 1) Printed circular distributed by Lord Molyneux [later 3rd Earl of Sefton] (Croxteth Hall, S.W. Lancs.) addressed to electors of South Lancs.. 9 July: 2) Suffield (Vernon House) to Molyneux re election, supports Molyneux provided he advocates immediate emancipation of slaves. 15 July: Molyneux's reply (Arlington Street) to Suffield re circular, emancipation. July 20: T.S. Norgate (Hethersett) re dismissal of Aldborough [Norfolk] curate-Spurrel [Patron-Suffield]. 29 Oct. Suffield's reply re 'East Anglian' [Editor-Norgate], Suffield considered church reformer in parliament, Pluralities Bill, refutes allegations. Oct 30. Revd Robert Charles William Wilkinson (Middleton) re rector's death [James Archer], writer's curacy, Middleton affairs, Grammar School. 19 Nov [Bacon p. 279] and enclosing copy letter A.T. Gilbert (Principal-Brasenose College, Oxford) to Revd J.C. Wigram (Secretary-National Society for the Education of the Poor) re Suffield's appeal to Lords against Master of Rolls decision on Brasenose College, Society's application refused. 6 July: also including:- Invitation to peers wishing to attend coronation of William IV from the Earl Marshal. 4 Aug 1831 Vote of thanks from Court of Mayoralty (hand-written by Norwich Town Clerk) to Robert Grant MP and Suffield for ensuring passing of Bill for the removal of the Lent Assizes from Thetford to Norwich. 20 June 1832: Certificate re Suffield's resignation as a Chairman of Norfolk Quarter Sessions, gratitude. 17 Oct 1832: [?(Huntingdon) re gaol delivery of prisoners at Norwich, ringleaders at large. 10 March 1831: [correspondent?] re [Samuel?] Bamford's application. 7 March 1832: Bacon's notes marked 'no. 16 schedule'.

Marked 'used'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Quarter Sessions books

Records of proceedings at Quarter Sessions for the borough, held in the Guildhall, 1726-1858 and 1866-1957. The volume for 1858-1866 is missing from the series.

Sessions minutes

Quarter Sessions minute books, 1620-1680, 1729-1815 and 1826-1865, with files, 1689 and 1693. The books from 1729 onwards are drafts for the Sessions books. The references allocated to the documents in 1866-68 by Henry Harrod are given in square brackets. Minutes, 1685-1686 and 1815-1826, which became estranged from the borough archives, are available separately as KL/D3/2 and 3.

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