Court roll (manorial)



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  • Formal record of the manor court, whether in roll-form or on sheets of paper.

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  • A keyword used by TNA Manorial Records Project (Norfolk) 2013.

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Court roll (manorial)

Court roll (manorial)

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Court roll (manorial)

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Court roll (manorial)

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South Creake: court rolls and accounts.

South Creake Roses manor court rolls 1377-1385, 1439-1450 (3 skins). South Creake accounts 1387-1487 (8 skins); Walter Aslack, Edward Ede and William Farest bailiffs.

South Creake Manor; 1189-1925; South Creake, Norfolk

[North] Walsham court roll

Court leet entries for meetings on the Tuesday before the f. of St Lucy, virgin, 15 Hen VI [11 Dec 1436] and on the Wednesday after the f. of St Gregory, pope, 15 Hen VI [13 March 1437].
Annotated at the head of the earlier court entry, the word, 'Bayfield' in a late 19th-century hand.

Barton, Berry or Bury Hall Manor court roll

Dates from the Thursday after the Conception of the BVM, 6 Henry VI to 16 March 38 Eliz. I, but with many gaps in coverage. Includes reference to the first court of feoffees, Robert Boys Esq., Henry Lessyngham, Walter Shipdham and Walter Raulyn, July 1450, the first court of Hugh atte Fenne and other feoffees, Feb 1467 and the first court of Augustin Steward, citizen and alderman of Norwich, July 1548. Also includes draft court entries of 5 Eliz. I [1562-3], a rental of Bury Hall dated 3 Jan 1560 (on paper slit vertically almost into two) and estreats of 1574-5 and 1581 (also on papers). [Barton Turf]

Bernham Manor court roll

Dates from Monday in f. of Peter ad Vincula, 2 Edward III to Wednesday in f. of St Thomas Apostle, 25 Edward III. Includes courts of lords, Hugh de Bernham, Isabella, his widow and of Hamon de Mikelfeld. [Barnham Broom]

Cringleford manor court roll

Dates from the Wednesday after Epiphany, 37 Henry VI [10 Jan 1459]- 27 Jan 22 Edward IV [1483]. Starts with the first court of Master John Selotte of the Hospital of St Giles and records annual court sessions, often on the feast of the conversion of St Paul (25 January). The entry for the court of 18 Ed IV [Jan 1479] includes a rental of both free and villein tenants and that of 19 Ed IV [Jan 1480] records an extent of the manor lands, made by Master John Smyth and the leading tenants, with a note stating that the paper original [of the extent] in Master Smyth's hand was kept in the Hospital's evidences chest.

Great Hospital; c 1249-; Norwich, Norfolk

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