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  • Formal record of the manorial courts when kept in a volume. Documents describing themselves as court books may only be minutes (rather than formal records) or documents which do not include the record of sessions of the manor court. These have still been described as court books.

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  • A keyword used by TNA Manorial Records Project (Norfolk) 2013.

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Court book (manorial)

Court book (manorial)

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Court book (manorial)

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Court book (manorial)

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Ryburgh and Stibbard: court books and rentals

Court books for Stibbard, 1582-90, 1596-1601; Little Ryburgh Horsham St Faith, 1588, 1598-1600; Little Ryburgh Paveles 1600-1; Scarning Hall with Dillington, 1588-97. With rentals for Scarning Hall 1549, 1583; and terrier for Little Ryburgh Paveles, renewed 1479.

Stibbard Manor; 1189-1925; Stibbard, Norfolk

Court baron records of Barton Bury Hall and Barton Kyballes Manors

23 Eliz I- 9 James I. Includes Barton Kyballes court records from 23 to 28 Eliz [Jan 1581-May 1586]. Later entries all relate to Bury Hall. At the rear of the volume are [? late 17th century] copies of Bury Hall rental (of both villein and free rents) of 1564 and a survey of the manor, made 30 Oct 1572. [Barton Turf]

Court baron records of Barton Bury Hall Manor

13 James I- 7 Charles I. Court of Edward Mileham, gent. Contains entries for only seven court sessions in total. Also, enclose loose, are articles of agreement re the covenants of a lease for 14 years by the Hospital Committee to John Emms of the site and premises of the Manor of Barton Buriall, 1701. [Barton Turf]

Court baron records of Barton Bury Hall Manor

8-19 Charles I. Entries for six court sessions only. At rear is a signed and witnessed memorandum in English concerning the receipt of this gathering from Ambrose Baspole of Worstead and that this manor now belonged to the Boy's Hospital in Norwich, July 1671. [Barton Turf]

Cringleford Manor court records

Commences with the first court of Mayor Thomas Gleane on 22 June 26 Elizabeth I, 1584 which includes a copy (in English) of the mayor's warrant to the steward of the manor re the grant of certain lands in the manor to Thomas and Christopher Layer and others as per deed dated 1 March 1584. Also includes an English text copy of the quinqepartite indenture involved.
The last gathering including courts, May-Sep 1600 is UFP.

Trowse Rockelles, court book

Described in another court book (Liber A) as, 'the Great Booke', this volume contains court entries from the Thursday after the f. of St Agnes 1 Eliz I [26 Jan 1559] to an unspecified date in 1829, with gaps, entries being especially intermittant after 1641.The entries up to f.21b are replicated in another volume (Liber A) and up to f.40 in volume, Liber B. On the second folio is the first court of William Mingaye, citizen, alderman and farmer of this manor held on Tuesday after the f. of St Andrew, Apostle 4 Eliz I [2 Dec 1561]. The volume also includes the first court of Elizabeth Mingaye, widow with other executors of the will of William, John Mingaye, Miles Mingaye and Umfry Rante, notary public, held on Thursday in the f. of St Matteus, Apostle 6 Eliz I [21 Sep 1564], the first court of Mary Mingaye, widow of Henry Mingaye on 11 October 1636 and of the mayor, sheriffs, citizens and commonalty of Norwich on the 29 April 1641. After this entries are recorded for the years, 1651, 1654, 1671, 1685, 1690, 1693-4, 1717, 1721, 1735, 1752-3, 1760, 1763, 1772, 1774, 1787, 1796, 1809 and finally, in 1829.
The latter half of the textblock is unused.

Trowse Rockells and Arminghall Manors, court book

Referred to in Liber A as being , 'The Old Book', and containing draft court entries, copies of rentals and estreats for both Trowse Rockells and for Arminghall Manors. Courts recorded for Trowse from the Thursday after St Nicholas 12 Eliz I [8 Dec 1569] to Tuesday 15 April 37 Eliz I [1595], and for Arminghall from Friday after St Nicholas 12 Eliz I [9 Dec 1569] to Monday 4 Nov 30 Eliz I [1588]. The early entries for Arminghall are duplicated in a different hand later in the volume. The latter half of the text all relates to the Arminghall entries.
Also included are several rentals for both manors, and, near the front of the volume, lists of servants and labourers for the years, 11-12 Eliz I [1568-70].

Trowse Rockells, court book, 'Liber A'

Court entries from the Thursday after the f. of St Nicholas 12 Eliz I [8 Dec 1569] to Thursday before the f. of the Purification of the BVM 27 Eliz I [28 Jan 1585] and including copies of rentals of Rockells, but also with lands in Wicklingham, Bixley and Bramerton, renewed 49 Ed III [1375-6], of Rockells recently Blakes of Trous for Michaelmas, 23 Hen VII [Sep 1507], and by Roger Wretton for St Andrew of Rockells in Trous, dated 37 Hen VIII [1545-6].
On the front cover is, 'All Transcribed in the Great Booke', and in a later hand, 'to page 23...' [actually now to f.21b in NCR Case 24i/3/1].

Trowse Rockells, court book, 'Liber B'

Court entries from the court of John Mingaye, gent. on Friday 6 April 35 Eliz I [1593] to the first court of Henry Mingaye, Esq., son of John, recently of Arminghall, dec. on Monday 22 Nov 22 Jas I [1624]. After the entries is an alphabetical index to tenants' entries in this volume. The remainder of the textblock is blank.
On the front cover is, 'All Transcribed in the Great Book from Page 23 to page 40...'

Manor of East Rudham court leet book

  • MC 3181, 1060X6
  • Fonds
  • 1609-1621

Includes inverted entry for Houghton with Coxford, November 1615.

Houghton Coxford Manor; 1189-1925; Houghton with Harpley, Norfolk

Beetley in Brisley and East Bilney and Tofts Manorial Records

  • ACC 2015/165
  • Temporary
  • 1588-1765

Beetley in Brisley and East Bilney and Tofts manor court book, 1588-1694 (Libers A-G). Entries for Tofts alias Toftrees, 1588-1694 entered at back. Some of pages in poor condition - volume may only be viewed under supervision of conservation staff.
Beetley in Brisley and East Bilney and Tofts manor court book, 1695-1732 (Liber H). Entries for Tofts alias Toftrees, 1695-1730 entered at back. With draft manor court proceedings, 1696-1699 (unfit for production), found loose within volume (1 volume, gathering).
Beetley in Brisley and East Bilney and Tofts manor court book, 1733-1765 (Liber I). Entries for Tofts alias Toftrees, 1736-1760 entered at back. (1 volume)

Beetley Manor; 1189-1925; Beetley, Norfolk

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