County Politics Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
KIM 6/1 Opinion of certain Judges learned in the Laws' concerning the Earl of Southampton's case for granting a commission without warrant File 1547-1548
KIM 6/6 Appointment by Charles I of Sir Thomas Wodehouse and others as royal gamekeepers for the area around Thetford File 1638
KIM 6/10 Receipts and summary account of expenses for building and running Forehoe House of Industry with related correspondence File 1770-1782
KIM 6/12 Printed summary of expenses on maintenance of the poor in each county in England and Wales File 1802-1803
KIM 6/13 Letters and papers re expenses of building Carleton Bridge File 1815
KIM 6/14 County Election Expenses File 1728
KIM 6/22 County Election Expenses (sum total only) File 1804
KIM 6/36 Warrant of precedence to Henry Wodehouse as the son of a baron File 1847
KIM 6/37 Political papers and correspondence File 1806-1835
KIM 6/41 Letter to Kimberley from Grant Duff about the success of Kimberley's son at Saffron Walden and about Lord Curzon's circular about native princes - 'he is mad with self-worship and ought to end in a madhouse persuaded that he is God Almighty.' File 1900
KIM 6/45 Printed and manuscript lists of High Sheriffs of Norfolk from 1154 to 1784 File c 1784
KIM 6/46 Appointment of Sir John Wodehouse as Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk File 1753
KIM 6/2 Letter book of Sir Philip Wodehouse File 1599-1608
KIM 6/9 Military commission and correspondence of John Wodehouse File 1774-1801
KIM 6/16 County Election Expenses File 1747
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