File MS 11351 - Collection of letters and autographs from persons of note

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MS 11351


Collection of letters and autographs from persons of note


  • 18th century-20th century (Creation)

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p.1 Letter: William IV to a gentleman. Encloses a letter he has received, for reply. Bushy House, 21 Feb 1836 (1 sheet).
p.1 Autograph of Queen Adelaide, wife of William IV (1 sheet).
p.1 Autograph of Mary, Princess of England and Duchess of Gloucester (daughter of George III), 7 Jan 1816 (1 sheet).
p.1 Autograph of Victoria Mary Louisa, Duchess of Kent (mother of Queen Victoria) (1 sheet).
p.1 Autograph of Elizabeth, Princess of England and Landgravine of Hesse-Homburg (daughter of George II), 1838 (1 sheet).
p.1 Autograph of Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, 11 Feb 1831 (1 sheet).
p.2 Deed with autograph of King George IV, concerning Georg Ludewig Möller, from Carlton House 18 April 1823 (1 sheet, in German).
p.3 Letter: Augusta, Duchess of Cambridge, to Mr Walbaum, asks if he thinks Dr Meinertzhagen would be fit and willing to attend the Dinner for the Cambridge Asylum and if any member of the Huth family would be willing to assist, Cambridge Cottage, Kew, 11 May 1868 (1 sheet).
p.3 Letter: Princess Victoria Mary of Teck to Miss Meinertzhagen. Asks for a donation for new children's ward at Richmond hospital. White Lodge, Richmond Park, 10 Apr 1893. (1 sheet).
p.3 Cheque from Miss Meinertzhagen to Princess Victoria Mary of Teck, with 'Victoria Mary of Teck' written on the back in Miss Meinertzhagen's hand. 12 Apr 1893.
p.3 Autograph of Feodoroa Augusta Charlotte Wilhelmina, Princess of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (half-sister of Queen Victoria) (1 sheet).
p.3 Portion of letter with signature from Princess Charlotte Augusta: thanks the recipient for many kindnesses to her (1 sheet).
p.4 Letter: Queen Victoria to the nation on the death of her grandson the Duke of Clarence. Thanks the nation for their gift of a statue of the Prince Consort. Windsor Castle, 22 Jun 1887 (1 sheet).
p.5 Letter and addressed envelope: Princess Victoria Mary of Teck to Miss Meinertzhagen. Thanks her for her donation for the children's ward at Richmond hospital. White Lodge, Richmond, 13 Apr 1893. (1 sheet).
p.5 Signature of Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh and Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, son of Queen Victoria, on a fragment of a form, as Captain of a vessel witnessing a payment, HMS Galatea, 5 Sep 1870 (1 sheet).
p.5 Autograph of Queen Victoria (1 sheet).
p.5 Letter: Baroness Pawel-Rammingen to Mrs Meinertzhagen. Asks her to be patroness of a theatrical performance in aid of a convalescent home she hopes to found. Hampton Court, 10 Jul 1881 (1 sheet).
p.6 Deed with autograph of William IV, concerning Ludewig Möller. In German. St James's, 26 Feb 1831 (1 sheet).
p.7 Letter from Count Bernstorff to ? In German. Prussia House, London, 18 June [? 1867] (1 sheet).
p.7 Letter: The Duc d'Orleans to Mr Huth. Introduces M. de Villeneuve, President of the Societe de Bibliphiles Francais. Chantilly, 30 Jan 1896 (1 sheet).
p.7 Letter: Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein to [?Brillbörn]. In German. Frogmore House, 21 Apr 1870 (1 sheet).
p.8 Letter: Baroness Pawel-Rammingen to Miss Meinertzhagen. Thanks for her help at the theatrical performance in aid of the convalescent home. Hampton Court, 10 Aug 1881, (1 sheet).
p.9 Letter: Duke of Cambridge to Mr Walbaum, Cambridge House, Park Lane, 23 Aug 1841 (1 sheet, in German).
p.9 Letter: Duke of Cambridge to Dr Walbaum, Gloucester House, Park Lane, 3 Jun 1866 (1 sheet, in German).
p.9 Letter: Augusta, Duchess of Cambridge, to Mr Walbaum, Cambridge Cottage, Kew, 29 May 1860 (1 sheet, in German).
p.9 Letter: the Duke of Teck to Dr Walbaum. In German. Kensington Palace, 11 Mar 1868 (2 sheets).
p.9 Letter: the Duchess of Teck to Dr Walbaum. In German. 23 Mar 1855 (1 sheet).
p.10 Signature of Otto, Prince von Bismarck (1 sheet).
p.10 Letter: the Duke of Wellington to the Duchess of Somerset. Saying he will wait upon her as soon as he can. House of Lords, London, 4.30pm, 4 Jul 1844.
p.10 Signature of Wilhelm I, Emperor of Germany (1 sheet).
p.10 Letter: Viscount Palmerston to Madame Oldchap. Thanking her for a gift. Broadlands, 22 Oct 1864 (1 sheet).
p.11 Print with autograph of Salomon Heine.
p.12 Fragment of verse with signature of Emanuel Geibel: the poet expresses the hope that, as the traveller sets out by ship from his homeland for the first time, the happiness he has enjoyed will remain as a sweet memory (1 sheet).
p.12 Foot of letter with signature of General Werder (1 sheet).
p.12 Letter: Prince Demetri Ghica to Miss Meinertzhagen. Thanks her for her letter which he is answering owing to his wife's indisposition. 2 Pembridge Villas, Wimbledon Park Road, 18 Mar 1876 (1 sheet).
p.13 Letter: Queen Isabel to Cardinal Nicholas Patrick Stephen Wiseman. Letter of greeting (in Spanish). The Palace, Madrid, 31 Jan 1865 (1 sheet).
p.13 Letter: Duke of Rianzares (husband of Queen Maria Cristina of Spain) to Dr Daniel Meinertzhagen. In Spanish. Paris, 22 Apr 1869. (1 sheet).
p.14 Letter: G.F. Watts to Aglaia [Coronio]. Asking her to come and discuss some of his work with him. L.H.H., 31 Oct 1880 (1 sheet).
p.14 Letter: Anthony Trollope to Madame Oldekop. Giving her permission to translate 'The American Senator' into French. 39 Montagu Square, London, 16 Mar 1877 (1 sheet).
p.14 Autograph of Adam Sedgwick, Professor of Geology, University of Cambridge, 14 sep 1853 (1 sheet).
p.14 Postcard: Lord Leighton to [?Miss Morris]. Thanking her for a list and arranging for her and a friend to visit him. 2 Holland Park Road, Kensington. Undated.
p.14 Letter: William Morris to Aglaia. Arranging to visit her. Kelmscott House, Hammersmith. 13 Sep (1 sheet).
p.15 Letter: Leigh Hunt to a publisher. Asking that Vincent should be paid £25 and that he should send him Mrs Barbauld's 'Selections from the Spectator'. Kensington, 7 Jan 1823 (1 sheet).
p.15 Letter: Herbert Spencer to Mrs Meinertzhagen. Says he is recovering from illness and will call on his return. Hopes that she has good accounts from Standish and Canada. York Hotel, Brighton, 27 Oct. (1 sheet).
p.15 Letter: Lord Avebury to Conny, expresses the view that the Bill will not throw women out of employment, London, 25 June (1 sheet).
p.15 Letter: Charles Dickens to Mrs Laing, expressing interest in the work she is doing, Gad's Hill Place, Higham by Rochester, Kent, 23 Apr 1866 (1 sheet).
p.15 Letter: Edmund Yates to Mrs Hankey. Accepting an invitation to dine with her, although his wife is not strong enough to come. 22B Cavendish Square, London, 20 Jul 1876 (1 sheet).
p.16 Letter: James Lowell to Mr and Mrs William Lowther. Accepts an invitation. 2 Radnor Place, Hyde Park. 9 May. (1 sheet).
p.16 Letter: Sir Edward Burne-Jones to Mrs Coronio, arranges an appointment and expresses appreciation of a previous meeting, nd (1 sheet).
p.16 Letter: Edward Linley Sambourne to Fritz. Arranging to visit him at Cobham. 18 Stafford Terrace, Kensington, 2 May 1894 (1 sheet).
p.16 Letter: Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker to Mr Pollock, identifies 2 plants. From The Camp, Sunningdale, 27 Sep 1897 (1 sheet).
p.17 Letter: Robert Browning to a friend, regrets that he was unable to call the day before, 19 Warwick Crescent, London, 29 May 1876 (1 sheet).
p.17 Envelope: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow addressed to the Board of managers of the Governesses' Benevolent Institution, London.
p.17 Letter: Samuel Rogers to Mr Moxon. Invites him to dinner. nd.
p.17 Letter: Sarah Rogers to Mrs Moxon. Invites the Moxons to dinner. Hanover Terrace, 19 Mar. (1 sheet).
p.17 Letter: Dante Gabriel Rossetti to Mrs Coronio. Asks to borrow an embroidery frame. Thursday. (1 sheet).
p.18 Print with autograph of Johanna Maria Lind [Jenny Lind].
p.18 Letter: Jacques Blumenthal to Mr Jackson, asks for his opinion on a firm's report and balance sheet, from 43, Hyde Park Gate, London, 5 March 1895 (1 sheet).
p.18 Letter from Mrs Dinah Maria Hulock Craik to Miss James, saying that Amelia had already been after the place but found the work too hard, 19 Apr (1 sheet).
p.18 Fragment of letter with autograph, Marie Louise de la Ramee (1 sheet)
p.19 Fragment of letter with autograph: Sir Julius Benedict to D. Meinertzhagen (1 sheet).
p.19 Letter: Johanna Maria Lind-Goldschmidt [Jenny Lind] to Mr Meinertzhagen. Gives an account of Mr and Mrs Berg and asks him to find work for them if he can. Wynd's Point, Colwall, Malvern. 23 July. (2 sheets).
p.19 Letter: Sir William Sterndale Bennett to Sir George Alexander Macfarren, arranging an appointment, from the Royal Academy of Music, Hanover Square, London, 27 July 1868 (1 sheet).
p.19 Letter: Sir George Alexander Macfarren to Miss James. Thanks her for her sympathetic letter. 1 Nov (1 sheet).
p.20 Passport for Miss Edith Sewell, signed by Lord Salisbury as Foreign Secretary, 14 Dec 1898 (1 sheet).
p.21 Final page of a letter: Viscount Gough to M. Dufour, About his son Hugh, who is abroad. (1 sheet).
p.21 Letter: Sir Hubert von Herkomer to Mrs Lowther, refuses an invitation because of his wife's illness, 29 May 1885 (1 sheet).
p.21 Letter: Earl Roberts to Mr Sym. Promises to write to the India Office about a cadetship for Mr Sym's son. Lucknow, 12 Feb 1893 (1 sheet).
p.21 Envelope addressed by the Duke of Wellington to N.W. Jarrald? 19 Great George Street, West.
p.22 Autograph: Agnes Strickland, 2 Aug 1859 (1 sheet).
p.22 Letter: Charlotte Mary Yonge to a lady. Requests her to send her story for possible inclusion in 'The Monthly Packet'. Elderfield, 21 Feb (1 sheet).
p.23 Letter: Mrs Gaskell to Miss James, promises to find a suitable family receive Miss James's mother's counterpane, from Manchester, 28 Jan [1863 - envelope is in Wordsworth Museum] (1 sheet).
p.23 Letter: John Locke (1792-1856) to a lady. Regrets he has already disposed of his Presentation to Christ's Hospital. 2 Upper Fitzroy Street. 1 Apr 1835. (1 sheet).
p.23 Letter: Anne Thackeray to Miss James. Apologizes for not having visited her, since she has been ill. 16, Onslow gardens, London. (1 sheet).
p.23 Letter: Frederick Locker-Lampson to a bibliophile [? Mr Huth]. Expresses interest in a manuscript translation he has received from him. Rowfant, Crawley, Surrey. 6 Nov 1888. (1 sheet).
p.23 Letter: Florence Nightingale to Captain Galton. Encloses a letter she had received suggesting she start a subscription list for sick French prisoners in Germany and says that this should be done by the French. She fears that relief for French prisoners is appropriated by the German army. 35 South Street, Park Lane. 10 Dec 1870 (1 sheet).
p.24 Letter: Leigh Hunt to Captain Frederick Marryat, RN. Asks whether Captain Marryat has some manuscripts of Haslitt which he left with Mr Cochrane with a view to their being purchased by the Metropolitan Magazine, and which are now missing. 5, Wellington Street, Strand, 14 Oct 1833 (1 sheet).
p.25 Letter: Sir Charles Lock Eastlake to Mr Hodgkin, gives the address of John Franks, 7 Fitzroy Square, 11 Nov 1856 (1 sheet).
p.25 Autograph of Thomas Faed (1 sheet).
p.25 Letter: Elijah Walton to Mrs ?Osred, 34 Rutland Gate. Refuses an invitation owing to his wife's illness. 4 Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, London. Friday. (1 sheet).
p.25 Letter: Lord Leighton to Mrs Laing. Agrees to help her friend, an architect, if he can (1 sheet).
p.26 Autograph: Sir James Stanfield (1 sheet).
p.27 Letter: James Atlay, Bishop of Hereford, to Mrs Bellamy, agrees to comply with her request, The Palace, Hereford, 22 Oct 1873 (1 sheet).
p.27 Richard Chenevix Trench, Archbishop of Dublin. Poem or hymn. (1 sheet).
p.27 Letter: Archibald Campbell Tait to G. Dixon. Thanks him for his subscription towards a curate's salary. The Deanery, Carlisle, 3 May 1851. (1 sheet).
p.27 Autograph: George Augustus Selwyn, Bishop of Lichfield. (1 sheet).
p.27 Letter: Charles Thomas Longley to a gentleman. Regrets he cannot officiate at the opening of a new hospital, as he is already engaged. Addington Park, Croydon. 26 Sep 1864 (1 sheet).
p.28 Letter: Giuseppe Garibaldi to Mr Pride or Price, London. From Caprera, 5 Oct ?1873 (1 sheet, in Italian).
p.29 Fragment of letter with autograph of Charles Kingsley (1 sheet).
p.29 Letter: Henry Kingsley to a lady. Says he will comply with her request. 29 Fortress Terrace, Junction Road, London NW. 13 Nov 1873 (1 sheet).
p.29 Letter: James Sheridan Knowles to Mr Moxon. Request him to send sets of plays to Mrs Daw and promises his new play in the following week. Garrick Club, King Street, London. (1 sheet).
p.30 Letter: Elizabeth Missing Sewell to Mr Freeman. Sends Postal Order to aid the sufferers in the Turkish Provinces. Isle of Wight, 12 Dec 1876 (1 sheet).
p.31 Letter from Ernest de Bunsen to Dr Meinertzhagen, Abbey Lodge, ?18 march 1858 (1 sheet, in German).
p.31 Letter: Samuel Carter Hall to Mrs Laing, thanks her for her birthday letter, encourages her in her work and speaks of God's blessings to them both. London, 10 May 1873 (1 sheet).
p.31 Letter: Felicia Dorothea Hemans to Miss Hodgson, excuses herself for not coming to them on the previous Saturday, Waventree, 8 June (1 sheet).
p.31 Letter: Anthony Trollope to Madame Oldekop. He cannot find a publisher in England who would publish a French translation by her of one of his novels. 39 Montagu Square, London, 17 Mar 1877 (1 sheet).
p.31 Letter: Sarah Smith to Miss James. Arranges to visit her. 67 Via della Circe. Tuesday evening. (1 sheet).
p.32 Letter: Christine Nillson to Esther. Invites her to visit her. 8 Jun. In French (1 sheet).
p.32 Letter: Wilma Maria Francisca Norman Neruda to Mrs Hornby. Thanks her for a bouquet. 20 Linden Gardens, Bayswater. Sunday (1 sheet).
p.32 Letter: John Sims Reeves to Mrs Macfarren. He likes the Rubenstein composition she has lent him. Queen's Hotel, Upper Norwood. 26 Jun 1868 (1 sheet).
p.33 Fragment of letter with autograph Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton.
p.33 Autograph on foot of a letter, Sir John Barrow to Captain Sir Humphrey Fleimng Senhouse (1 sheet).
p.33 Letter: Anna Lavater to Senator Meinertzhagen. In German. [? Frankfurt] 28 Aug 1786 (1 sheet in envelope, loose).
p.34 Autograph of George Peabody (1 sheet).
p.35 Letter: Sir Herbert Benjamin Edwardes to Hugh James, is pleased to have helped in the appointment of Hugo James, remarks on Indian staff and on a condemned murderer, nd (1 sheet).
p.35 Letter: Sir Herbert Benjamin Edwardes to Hugh James, asks if it was Powell who fell off his horse on the way to Raj Ghat, written on back of letter to him from Henry E. Forbes, 15th (1 sheet).
p.35 Letter: Sir Herbert Benjamin Edwardes to Hugh James, sends him a shirt and jokes about Powell's offer to lend James one, arranges for Powell to come up to him to see Rose, Camp Inwaltan, India, 15 March 1849 (1 sheet).
p.35 Letter: Sir Henry Wylie Norman to Hugh James. Relates to the Indian Mutiny. He gives details of the military personnel at Umballa, and has little confidence in the leaders, except Chester. There is mutiny at Simla and the women have been evacuated. He has been unable to prepare a list of all those killed at Meerut and Delhi. Martial law has been proclaimed in Meerut District and the siege train cannot arrive before a week. Umballa, India. 3pm 18 May 1857. (2 sheets).
p.36 Autograph of Joseph Chamberlain (1 sheet).
p.35 Letter: Henry E. Forbes to Sir Herbert Benjamin Edwardes, thanks him for returning his horse, which had been found riderless, Auna Khaes, India (1 sheet).
p.36 Autograph of John Scott, 1st Earl of Eldon, 14 Dec 1836 (1 sheet).
p.36 Autograph of William Page Wood Hatherley, 1st Baron (1 sheet).
p.36 Letter of Robert Fitzroy to Edward Law, 1st Earl of Ellenborough, congratulates him on his successes and recommends his friend Mr Hugh Rees James, an officer in the Bengal Native Infantry, Lowndes Street, London, 21 Jan 1843 (1 sheet).
p.36 Letter: Sir Henry Wylie Norman to Macpherson. Relates to the Indian Mutiny. Encloses letter to Hugh James for him to read before forwarding it. Complains of inefficiency of senior staff. Camp Kuruaul, India. 29 May 1857 (1 sheet).
p.37 Letter: Sir Herbert Benjamin Edwardes to Mrs James, he is glad to have been able to secure an appointment for Hugo James, Lahore, 22 Jun 1849 (1 sheet).
p.38 Letter: Earl of Derby to D. Hodgson, makes arrangements to see him, Tunbridge Wells, 12 Apr 1836 (1 sheet).
p.39 Letter: Sir Henry Wylie Norman to Hugh James. Relates to the Indian Mutiny. He tells of the death of the Commander-in-Chief, explains the military situation and the shortage of equipment and ammunition. He criticizes some high officers and their decisions and commends others. Camp Kuruaul, India. 28 May 1857 (3 sheets).
p.39 Letter: Sir Henry Wylie Norman to Hugh James. Relates to the Indian Mutiny. He has explained the message from James that offended the Commander-in-Chief to Curzon. He explains military movements. The men are in good heart but the senior officers are inefficient and cholers is present. Camp Kuruaul, India. 28 May 1857 (2 sheets).
p.39 Letter: Sir Herbert Benjamin Edwardes to Hugh James, James' keys have been found by a coolie, whom he has rewarded, he has taken charge of public works in James' absence, 15 Mar 1849 (1 sheet).
p.39 Letter: John Nicholson to Hugh James. Asks him to support his application to Lawrence for extended leave. Srinaggar, Kashmir. 1 sep 1856 (1 sheet).
p.40 Letter: John Saul Howson to Miss James. Thanks her for the Dante and regrets not having replied sooner as he is Examining Chaplain at an Ordination at Ely. The Palace, Ely, 23 May 1860 (1 sheet).
p.40 Letter: Baroness Emmuska Orczy to Mrs Aleis Hankey. Regrets she and her husband cannot lunch with her as they have moved to the country for the summer. Snowfield, Bearstead, Kent, 18 May 1917 (1 sheet).
p.40 Letter: Charles John Vaughan to Mrs Laing. Regrets that the Temple Church is closed until October. Southboro, 6 Aug (1 sheet).

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