Charles Townshend, 3rd Viscount Townshend (1700-1764) Inventory list

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BL/T 6/15 Lord Townshend, Raynham, to Sir Edmund Bacon: discusses Bacon's rights and, like him, would prefer not to be involved in a lawsuit with a neighbour. [copy] File 14 Nov 1748
BL/T 6/18 Same, Raynham, to Horatio Walpole [1678-1757]: about bankruptcy of Mr Sutton, whom he denies is his agent, and financial matters arising. [draft] File 10 Dec 1748
BL/T 6/21 D. Rushworth, Chairman, Northampton County Hospital, to [?Lord Townshend]: asks him to become an annual subscriber. File 7 Oct 1749
BL/T 6/24-25 Sir Thomas Robinson [1695-1770, later 1st Baron Grantham, diplomatist and politician], Whitehall, to Lord Townshend: encloses memorial from Lieut General Thomas Fowkes, Gibraltar, stating that Petticrew, Consul at Tetuan, may be able to purchase a Barbary horse for Townshend, but that it could cost as much as £400. File 29 May 1755
BL/T 6/28 Robert Cony, Walpole, to Lord [Townshend]: asks him to give the widow of Captain Mayo a memorial of her husband's services; because Mayo sold out she is not entitled to receive a pension, but she may be able to obtain something from the Compassionate List [with typed transcript] File 10 Mar 1758
BL/T 6/31/128-136 Letters from William Cole, Ely, to Lord Townshend, about proposals for improved drainage and navigation, with copy replies (BL/T 6/31/131, 134) File 1738-1745
BL/T 6/31/164-169 Letters from Philip Case, Lynn and Ely, to Lord Townshend: proposed drainage works, failure of Ely Corporation to keep their banks in repair, legal advice, including copy letter from Case to Mr Child & Co. about a £3,000 loan. File 1742-1746
BL/T 6 Letters to Charles Townshend, 3rd Viscount Townshend on miscellaneous topics Series 1736-1758
BL/T 6/1 Lord Lynne, Upper Grosvenor Street, near Grosvenor Square, to unnamed: although circumstances occurred when treating with recipient's father-in-law about the Denham Hall farm 'which gave me a good deal of dislike', is willing to let recipient have it upon terms stated. File 14 Feb 1736
BL/T 6/4-5 Joseph Clifford, Tamworth, to same: Tamworth charities and local affairs; with typed transcription File 25 Oct 1742
BL/T 6/9 Samuel Killett, Norwich, to Lord Townshend: hopes Lords Orford and Townshend, with MPs Mr Walpole and Col Townshend, will visit next summer to meet the principal gentlemen, when he hopes it will be unanimously agreed to re-elect the present members with little expense or trouble. File 11 Nov 1746
BL/T 6/12 Thomas Cockayne, Soham, to same: offering his greyhounds. File 6 Jul 1748
BL/T 6/26 William Petticrew, Gibraltar, to same: has drawn bills for £174 on Townshend at twenty days' sight. File 3 Oct 1755
BL/T 6/29-31 Letters to Charles Townshend, 3rd Viscount Townshend from land agents, stewards, etc., on estate affairs Sub-series 1732-1747
BL/T 6/30/1-10 Letters from Thomas Luck, Kennet, to Charles, Lord Lynn: mainly relating to Lynn's newly acquired estates at Soham and Fordham, which were inherited by his wife Etheldreda, daughter and heiress of Edward Harrison (1674-1732), formerly governor of Fort St George, Madras. File Dec 1732-Feb 1733
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