Business and Estate Papers Inventory list

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PRA 384, 379X7 Assignment to attend the inheritance on the sale by Roger Pratt and Edmond Saffery (executor of Matthew Batman) to Thomas Robinson. File 1736
PRA 388, 379X8 Copy of the will of Roger Pratt, proved 1771, with memorandum re Edward Roger Pratt's upbringing to 1780. File 1771, 1780
PRA 403-407, 379X9 Papers re fishing in the Wissey or Stoke River File 1785-1918
PRA 415, 380X1 Draft declaration by Frederic Browne Bell re the family of E.R. Pratt. File 12 Dec 1839
PRA 426, 380X1 Account of Bexwell estate purchased in 1840 and of property proposed to be sold to make up the purchase price File 1840
PRA 430-432, 380X2 Three bundles of business and estate correspondence. File 1863-1887
PRA 433, 380X1 Papers re sale of a tenement (two cottages) and common rights in Denver by Ollett to Pratt. File 1865-1866
PRA 435, 380X1 Papers re dispute between Revd Jermyn Pratt and George Josselyn one of the directors of the Great Eastern Railway. File 1866
PRA 437, 380X2 Papers re case Copestake and others vs Pratt, an action for debt. File 1867
PRA 442, 380X2 Bundle with papers File 1868, 1870
PRA 443, 380X2 Papers re sale of cottages at Campsea Ashe, Suff. File 1869-1870
PRA 444, 380X2 Letter to E.R.M. Pratt re swans File 1870
PRA 447, 380X2 Papers re lease of Denver Hall and premises at Denver to Mr Mitchell. File 1871-1877
PRA 448, 380X2 Draft assignment of Judd's lease of a farm at Roxham with correspondence File 1875
PRA 454, 380X3 Papers re lease of Ryston Hall to James Lamont File 1878
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