Bromehill Manor; 1189-1925; Weeting, Norfolk

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Bromehill Manor; 1189-1925; Weeting, Norfolk

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The Priory of Bromhill was founded in the early thirteenth century by Sir Hugh de Playz, who held the manor of Methwold of the Earl Warren. Land in Methwold was aliened to the priory, and subsequently land in Croxton, Feltwell and Weeting. On dissolution the manor and priory were granted to Cardinal Wolsey in 1528 and, after his fall, to Christ's College Cambridge in 1531.\r\nIt is not clear at what point, or indeed whether, the four Bromehill manors (that in Feltwell called East Hall) were split from one main manor, but by the nineteenth century a separate manor court was regularly held in Croxton, Feltwell and Methwold (see court books MC 2909).


Weeting, Norfolk

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