Bradfer-Lawrence Collection: Records of the King's Lynn solicitors, Archer and Archer, and their predecessors Inventory list

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BL/SL 5/1 Drafts of case and opinion about will of Matthew Cooper, 1824, claim of F.K. Reynalds to be freeman of Lynn, 1826, Villebois vs Villebois, nd, various affidavits, etc. [Messrs Pitcher, Lynn] File 1819-mid 19th century
BL/SL 4/5 Index to wills, Lynn area File 1828-1868
BL/SL 1 Letter book, copies of out-letters of Edward Lane Swatman, solicitor, with letter from B.E. Brooshooft about Houseley's annuity, 1847 File 1845-1847
BL/SL 5/12 Letters to Robert Whincop from John Horatio Bayley about property in manor of Swaffham, cases for opinion, etc.; two copies of printed notice about stealing of ling from Swaffham Common by William Howes and John Reeve. File 1793-1834
BL/SL 1A Miscellaneous letters to E.L. Swatman File 1847-1863
BL/SL 5 Miscellaneous Papers of Messrs Whincop and Lane and their successors Series 18th century-19th century
BL/SL 5/9 Solicitors' papers concerning Wisbech water bill and King's Lynn paving commissioners, water works and burial board File 19th century
BL/SL 5/11 The judgement in Wright vs Larmuth concerning claim by L.W. Jarvis, solicitor and banker at Lynn. Transcript from shorthand notes, Lynn, with note of provenance by E.M. Beloe, 1879 File 1869
BL/SL 4/1-4 Volumes containing copies of wills relating mainly to the King's Lynn Marshland areas, Archer and Archer File 1831-1929
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