Bradfer-Lawrence Collection: Everard of King's Lynn Inventory list

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BL/EV 1/1 Title deeds relating to Duke's Head Inn, late the Griffin, King's Lynn [AA96-115] File 1663-1769
BL/EV 1/10 Exemplification of a recovery, William Woodrooffe plt., James White dft.: manors of Moulton Egertons alias Geytons etc., vouchees Edward Everard and wife Sarah Sellen [AA25] File 1824
BL/EV 1/11 Deeds to property of Charles Rivett, insolvent debtor, in St James's Place, Lynn, conveyed by Charles Heriott Coe to Edward Everard in 1847, with abstracts of title from 1767 [AA35-41] File 1838-1847
BL/EV 3 Marriage and family settlements and wills Series 1733-1901
BL/EV 3/1/1-2 Marriage settlement between Edward Everard, son and heir of Revd James Everard deceased and wife Rebecca, and Mary, daughter of Benjamin Holley, beer brewer: property in Knapwell, Cambridgeshire, liberty of erecting lighthouses upon Hunstanton cliff or chapel lands, property in Terrington St Clements (endorsed later sold to Mr Henry Lane, 16 Feb 1782) [AA179-180] File 6 Dec 1733
BL/EV 3/2 Copy of proven will of Benjamin Holley of King's Lynn: tenements in Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalene and St Peters, Terrington St Clements and St John, Middleton and Gaywood, South Lynn, made 16 Feb 1750[/1], proved with 7 codicils, 14 Feb 1756 [AA159] File [1756]
BL/EV 3/5 Marriage settlement of Edward Everard jun. of King's Lynn, and Dorothy, daughter of Edmund Elsden of King's Lynn, merchant, and wife Elizabeth [AA182] File 6 Apr 1789
BL/EV 3/8 Draft will of Edward Everard III with codicils, etc. File 1819-1827
BL/EV 3/13 Copy and draft wills of Edward Everard IV File 1830-1841
BL/EV 3/15 Papers relating to the marriage settlement of the Revd Salisbury Everard [son of Scarlet Everard] and Charlotte Chester File 1836
BL/EV 3/19 Papers re administration of Edward Everard's estate, 1864-1866, sale of Baker Lane Brewery, King's Lynn, and Middleton Hall estate, 1864, Major Thomas Hutton's affairs, 1865-1885 File 1864-1885
BL/EV 3/21 Benjamin Everard's executorship account File 1865
BL/EV 4/2 Articles of co-partnership, Edward Everard with Scarlet Everard, John Prescott Blencowe and Thomas Oxley, with endorsement, 1 Sep 1804, that the partnership has been dissolved by mutual consent. [AA33] File 31 Mar 1800
BL/EV 4/13 Everard account book with details of profit and loss, account with Gurney & Co., with (loose) debts due and not taken by Gurney & Co., 30 Mar 1861, and 3 cheques signed by Salisbury G. Payne, surviving executor of James Elsden Everard, 1884. File 1861-1885
BL/EV 4/14 Correspondence, agreements etc. re transfer of wine trade of Messrs Edward Everard and Sons and investment of stock File 1866-1867
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