Boxted and Glemsford, Suffolk, Title Deeds and Manor Records Inventory list

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WLS XXXVI/4, 419X3 Manor of Troketes cum le Bek in Boxted and Somerton serviens' account File 1460-1461
WLS XXXVI/14/1-16, 419X5 Deeds of a messuage called Whites with 12a. in Cavendish and Glemsford, Whites Grove cont. 5a. in Cavendish, close of 10a. called Jankyns in Cavendish and Glemsford, and close of 6a. called over Scalders in Cavendish File 1698-1741
Boxted and Glemsford (Suffolk) Manor Records Sub-series 1329-1482
WLS XXXVI/1/1-3, 419X3 Court rolls of Boxted Pecokes 1407, Boxted Trokettes (Pecokes fee) 1455, Troketes cum Bekkes 1493 File 1407-1493
WLS XXXVI/12/1-8, 419X4 Copy of bargain and sale from William, Archbishop of York and Ralph Freeman Esq. and William his son to Thomas Walker Esq. of the manors of Trocketts alias Trucketts and Peverells in Boxted, Glemsford, Somerton, and Cavendish, 1718 File 1718-1805
WLS XXXVI/15/1-16, 419X4 Copies of Deeds relating to property as in last and other estates in Suffolk and Essex, purchased by John Littel Bridge Esq. from Robert Bridge and wife Sarah in 1753 and passing under his Will proved in 1776 to his son Thomas. File 1753-1792
WLS XXXVI/8, 419X3 Manor of Troketys cum le Beckee in Boxted, Somerton, and Cavendish, rental File 1460-1461
WLS XXXVI/13/1-12, 419X4 Deeds re the manor of Truckets with lands etc. in Boxted, Glemsford and Cavendish, with farm called Truckets with malthouse, kilnhouse etc. and 348a. land and farm with 103a. in Boxted, Glemsford, Cavendish and Somerton File 1791-1819
WLS XXXVI/16, 419X5 Conveyance from Mary Gee widow to Lord Walsingham's trustees of the manor of Trucketts, Trucketts Hall Farm of 457a. 1r. 31p. (described in schedule), farm of 103a., messuage called Whites, Whites Grove, and closes called Jenkins and Over Scalders, all in Boxted, Cavenham, Glemsford and Somerton. File 1853
WLS XXXVI/9, 419X3 Manors of Trukettes Bekke and Peverel at Glemsford, rental File 1466
WLS XXXVI/11, 419X3 Incomplete rentals and bailiff's accounts File [15th century-early 16th century]
WLS XXXVI/2, 419X3 Manor of Glemsford, serviens' account File 1329-1330
WLS XXXVI/3, 419X3 Rentals, Bekkes 1439, 1440, Trokettes in Boxted 1445; serviens' accounts, Troketes cum le Bek in Boxted and Somerton 1448-9, manor of Glemsford alias Peverell 1448-9 File 1439-1449
WLS XXXVI/5-7, 419X3 Manor of Truketes and le Bek in Boxted and Peverels in Glemsford, bailiff's accounts 1464-5, 1467-8, 1479-82 File 1464-1482
Title Deeds Sub-series 1698-1853
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