Bolingbroke and Yallop Family Papers Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
BOL 1/26, 738X7 Papers concerning Yallop's estate, including residuary account for Stamp Office with related correspondence and inventory of household goods File nd [c 1835-1837]
BOL 1/30, 738X7 Covenant, George Errington Bolingbroke with Horatio Bolingbroke and J.N. Mottram following sale of Long Piece and Long Acre near Unthank Road in Eaton by latter to former File 1869
BOL 1/31, 738X7 Bank pass book of H. Bolingbroke and J. Mottram File 1870-1878
BOL 1/36, 738X7 Stock transferal notices, 1901-1929, and papers re Norwich Corporation Stock, 1891-1897. File 1891-1929
BOL 1/37, 738X7 Valuation of securities of estate of Alice Bolingbroke, deceased File 1937
Horatio Bolingbroke (c 1798-1879) Sub-series 1823-1904
BOL 1/47, 738X9 Bolingbroke, Enfield and Co. in account with Harvey and Hudson, mostly re investments File 1846-1879
BOL 1/48, 738X9 Cash book, with receipts for payments from executors of late Horatio Bolingbroke, 1886, 1893. File 1851-1893
BOL 1/50, 738X9 Share certificates and notices of registration of shares File 1855-1865
BOL 1/51-54, 738X9 Bolingbroke's bank books, 1856-1870, 1876. File 1856-1876
BOL 1/55, 738X9 Ledger of Bolingbroke's executors, including letters and papers File 1866-1904
BOL 1/57, 738X9 Cash book, Bolingbroke in account with Bolingbroke, Woodrow and Co. File 1868-1878
Leonard Bolingbroke (1859-1927) Sub-series 1878-1953
BOL 1/71, 739X1 Assessment of duty on land values for Ferry Road, Norwich File 1915
BOL 1/75, 739X1 Correspondence re lease of 4 Charing Cross (Strangers' Hall) to Mr Reason File 1913
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