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Reading from Jack Creed's autobiography

Description: A reading from the written notes of Jack Creed about his childhood in King's StreetRecording location: Norwich, Norfolk, UKPerformer(s)/contributer(s): Daniels, Patricia (speaker, female)Playback mode: mono

Mr Armes 20-5-86 [interview]

Description: Oral history interview with Norman Armes about growing up in the King Street area of Norwich. Topics include domestic life, local shops and businesses and Alderman Norman Endowed SchoolRecording location: Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK...

Reading from Snowy Fulcher's autobiography

Description: Reading from the autobiography of Snowy Fulcher concerning his childhood in the King Street area of Norwich during the 1920s.Recording location: Norwich, Norfolk, England, UKPerformer(s)/contributer(s): Cowan, Andrew (speaker, male; i...