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Rough drafts (408/1-4), neat drafts (408/5-8), proofs (408/9), notes and translations of original documents (408/10-11) for life of Talleyrand.

Also included are a letter to HLB from Acarry, 1852, and from Charles Spring-Rice, 1852 (in 408/9) and printed materials relating to Talleyrand incl. newspaper cuttings, pamphlets, 'Bulletin des Lois' etc., late 18th century-19th century...

E.L. Dorsey, ' Pocahontas' (Washington DC, 1906)

With attached letter from George Melville-Bolling, Ohio State University, to Herbert Neville-Rolfe regarding the Bolling family's connection to Pocahontas and the Rolfes, 1919, and a press cutting entitled 'Virginia Heraldry' regard...

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