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7 Results for Biography

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Harry Fisher B [interview]

Description: Reading by Harry Fisher of his written memories and life experiences of working in the boot and shoe manufacturing industry in Norwich for 50 years. Topics include colleagues, work duties, bespoke shoe orders and being offered the for...

Mr Armes 20-5-86 [interview]

Description: Oral history interview with Norman Armes about growing up in the King Street area of Norwich. Topics include domestic life, local shops and businesses and Alderman Norman Endowed SchoolRecording location: Norwich, Norfolk, England, UK...

Reading from Snowy Fulcher's autobiography

Description: Reading from the autobiography of Snowy Fulcher concerning his childhood in the King Street area of Norwich during the 1920s.Recording location: Norwich, Norfolk, England, UKPerformer(s)/contributer(s): Cowan, Andrew (speaker, male; i...

Reading from Jack Creed's autobiography

Description: A reading from the written notes of Jack Creed about his childhood in King's StreetRecording location: Norwich, Norfolk, UKPerformer(s)/contributer(s): Daniels, Patricia (speaker, female)Playback mode: mono