Bawsey, Norfolk



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Bawsey, Norfolk

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Bawsey, Norfolk

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Bawsey, Norfolk

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Bawsey, Norfolk

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Documents of title to estate of Thomas Rogers at Leziate, Bawsey and Ashwicken, purchased by Anthony Hamond in 1799, including copy wills of Thomas Rogers, 1753, Robert Rogers, 1779, and Thomas Rogers 1779, and limited administration 'de bonis non' of Josiah Tunbridge, 1800

The estate was sold by Thomas Thorisby of Haveless to Henry Pope of King's Lynn in 1659, and by Pope to Thomas Rogers in 1698; it was mortgaged to Reuben Deave in 1770.

Hamond family; early 17th century-1991; Westacre, Norfolk

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