Bawsey and Leziate Inventory list

Identifier Title Level of description Sort ascending Date Digital object
BL/HA 3/1/2/1-7 Miscellaneous papers including articles of agreement between Thomas Thorisby and Henry Pope, nd, draft marriage settlement between Henry Pope and Elizabeth Brame, 1675 (endorsed Childerhouse Farm), counsel's opinion on Pope's title, bill for building work and roofing, 1716, etc. File mid 17th century-1716
BL/HA 3/4 Hamond mortgages of the Bawsey estate with wrapping paper addressed to H.L. Bradfer-Lawrence by Trower Still & Co., 5 New Sq, W.C.2, 1935 File 1866-20th century
BL/HA 3/5 Papers about sale by Rear Admiral R.H. Hamond to King's Lynn corporation of land for Bawsey reservoir File 1894-1897
BL/HA 3/7 Box of papers about Leziate warren, prosecutions, encroachments, etc., including papers in Potter & Garner vs the Very Revd Dean Wood, 1826, and abstracts of title and other papers relating to Holt House farm, 1830s File 1790s-1906
BL/HA 3/1/1/1-25 Documents of title to estate of Thomas Rogers at Leziate, Bawsey and Ashwicken, purchased by Anthony Hamond in 1799, including copy wills of Thomas Rogers, 1753, Robert Rogers, 1779, and Thomas Rogers 1779, and limited administration 'de bonis non' of Josiah Tunbridge, 1800 File 1659-1800
BL/HA 3/2/1/1-15 Documents of title relating to property at Bawsey, sold by Edward Vincent to Anthony Hamond in 1790 File 1719-1790
BL/HA 3/2/2 Papers mainly relating to purchase of Edward Vincent's property in Bawsey, including sale particulars of manor of Bawsey, 1789, draft conveyance of 6 acres in Bawsey by Anthony Hamond to Sir Martin Browne Folkes, 1792, etc. File [1719]-1826
BL/HA 3/3/1-34 Documents of title relating to property of John Bell, bankrupt merchant of King's Lynn, at Leziate and Grimston; the part at Leziate was sold to James Fysh in 1739, to Roger Took in 1757, to William Sturley in 1766, and to Thomas Marsters in 1812, who sold the copyhold land in the manor of Well Hall to William Creake in 1841, and the freehold land to Anthony Hamond in 1842 File 1724-1875
BL/HA 3/6/1-2 Documents mainly about the sale of Bawsey and Leziate by Anthony Hamond to R.L. Bagge in 1911 File 20th century
BL/HA 3/1/3-4 Copy title deeds to freehold estate at Leziate, Bawsey, etc., late the property of Thomas Rogers, with letters and papers of Messrs R. & R. Whincop relating to purchase by Anthony Hamond in 1799, including correspondence with Thomas Fydell of Boston, Lincs, pedigree of Rogers family of Darsingham, and copy will of Reuben Deave, 1781 File 1753-1801