Banda, India



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Banda, India

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Banda, India

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Banda, India

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Banda, India

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Papers, mostly copies, concerning the French Revolution and Napoleon and Far Eastern affairs

Including Mme Daniel's account of the 5 October 1789 and other scenes of the French Revolution; account of the 10 August 1792 by de Durler, Captain of the Swiss Guard; 'Historie des deux soeurs Lanconniers', 1807; account of the death of Sir John Moore, 1809, letter from Captain Cole describing the taking of Banda, 1810; extracts from Colonal Taylor's journals describing storming of Fort Cornelis, the taking of Java etc., 1811-1812, with plans of battles; copy letter from Colonal Scott giving numbers killed in the Hessian Campaign, 1814; accounts of Paris, 1814-1815, and of the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon's journey to Elba and escape etc.; BOI 308/16 includes proclamation in it, 27 Feb 1815, with a translation by J.C. Franklin added, 2005; letter of G. Ellis describing expedition against pirates in Borneo and dethroning of Sultan, 1813.

Including also translation of account of Bengal by Ibrahim son of Candu, a Malay, nd; copy of letter from General d'Armfelt regarding Gustavus the mad king of Sweden, nd; account of sighting Major Blomberg's ghost with supporting letter of Wilby Steward Rose, nd; report by Alexander Stewart of attack by Malays on the Schooner Sara Prise, nd; begging letter from [William Smail] Clarrlaw near Howicj, asking for bagpipes, 1814; account held 'On the Sutledge 15 January '46' describing a battle with Sikh Cavalry; two letters from Amelia Opie to Sir John and Lady Boileau, 1846 and 1867; drawing of the Boileau arms.

Sir John Peter Boileau; 1794-1869; 1st Baronet, antiquary, Sheriff of Norfolk