Bale Manor; 1189-1925; Bale, Norfolk

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Bale Manor; 1189-1925; Bale, Norfolk

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  • Bale Nojeons and Thorpes
  • Bathley
  • Batheley

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All or part of this manor was held of the Honour of Clare. Inquisitions post mortem provide information about the tenant-in-chief of the manor: Robert Banyard died in possession of the manor of Bathele (an alternative form for Bale) in 1331; his heir was Lucy daughter of Robert atte Asshe whom Robert son of Robert Banyard married [IPM 1:7/290]. Beatrice, late wife of John de Noioun died in possession of Bathele and other manors, 23 July 1350; her heir was John her son [IPM 1:9/389, 655, the latter describing the holding as a moiety of the manor].
Sir L. Jones, Bt, is given as lord of the manor in White's Trade Directory (1845).
According to the Inclosure Award of 1813 Henry Burrell had lately purchased the manor of Bathley otherwise Bale Nogeons and Thorpes from the trustees of the late William Gay [C/Sca 2/11]. No other manor is indicated on the Inclosure map or Award for Bale, so Bale manor and Bale Nogeons and Thorpes are probably alternative names for the same manor.


Bale, Norfolk

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F. Blomefield, 'An Essay towards a Topographical History of the County of Norfolk' (11 vols, London, 1805-1810)\r\nHMSO, 'Inquisitions Post Mortem, Guides and Calendars. Series 1. 1236-1447' (

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