Bacon, Townshend, Coke and Other Papers Inventory list

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BRA 833/1, 669X1 Terrier of Lands belonging to Beck Hospital (in Billingford) ?secured by William Curson and John Ayens, Robert Markaunt master (Robert Markyate was master 1354-1358). File nd [? 14th century]
BRA 833/5, 669X1 Rental of Lands lately Mathew Camme's File 1524
BRA 833/8, 669X1 Draft Norfolk Quarter Sessions order, in Martin Man's hand File 12 Sep 1603
BRA 833/9, 669X1 Bond to the Crown obliging Gregory Cresse cooper of Cley and Edward Lesk mariner of same to deliver at Colchester six score quarters of barley, malt and rye laden into ship called the Ann of Blakeney, Lesk master. File 16 May 1611
BRA 833/13, 669X1 Grant of custody of person and management of estate of Lady Maria Honoria Townshend a lunatic to Ann, Dowager Marchioness Townshend, following inquisition at Hackney File 1767
BRA 833/14/1, 669X1 15th century copies of deeds relating to the Lazar house and chapel at Newebrigge in Ickburgh File 1325
BRA 833/14/4, 669X1 Bargain and Sale from John Bryant, grocer, of London to John Estgate of messuage divided into two with croft and three roods of land in Ickburgh, 1632. File 1542-1632
BRA 833/19, 805X6 Memoranda of inquisitions re enclosure breaking and thefts File 1564
BRA 833/2, 669X1 Transcript of letter in BRA 833/1 File nd [? 14th century]
BRA 833/4, 669X1 Rental of 'Longham londes of Henry Spilman esquier in ferme' File 15th century-16th century
Miscellaneous Series 1325-nd [? 1822]
BRA 833/14/3, 669X1 Draft agreement between Henry Jerningham Esq. and William Rack File 1604
BRA 833/18, 805X6 Page from a Watlyngtons in Langham Manor Court Book, court held 1512 File 1512
BRA 833/20, 805X6 Account of dispute between Revd Samuel Pancke of North Creake and William Armiger File 1665-1674
BRA 833/23, 805X6 List of jurors in the case Stephen Nobbs Stephens vs John Stockton, with note that verdict was found for the plaintiff File nd [18th century or early 19th century]
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