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Armed forces

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Page 160

Apprenticeship: Gillmore King to John Fowler, sailmakerApprenticeship: William Palmer to William Danby Palmer, shipwrightApprenticeship: Robert Burrage jnr to John Ives, marinerApprenticeship: Samuel Killett jnr to Samuel Killett, merchantApprenti...

Page 159

Apprenticeship: Samuel Hurst jnr to John Haslope, marinerApprenticeship: Samuel Grimstone to Samuel Steele, marinerApprenticeship: John Neave to John Morse, merchantApprenticeship: William Liddell to William Davy, sailmaker

Page 158

Apprenticeship: William Dey to Charles Le Grys, merchantApprenticeship: Thomas Norton to George Riches, shipwrightApprenticeship: James Hamonds to Nicholas Boldra, marinerApprenticeship: Richard Bendy to John Drake, marinerApprenticeship: William ...

Page 157

Apprenticeship: Joseph Smith to Samuel Steele, marinerApprenticeship: John Springall to Henry Gibson Dewson, ropemaker and twinespinnerApprenticeship: Thomas Woolverton to Robert Lancaster, shipwrightApprenticeship: William Chase to Thomas Corey, ...

Page 156

Apprenticeship: Thomas Mackerell to Francis Seaman snr, marinerApprenticeship: Thomas Beckett to Robert Jarvis, carterApprenticeship: Matthew Ellis to Robert Liffen, marinerApprenticeship: Joseph Hare to John Waters, marinerApprenticeship: Isaac W...

Page 153

Apprenticeship: Gilbert Logen to Francis Seaman jnr, marinerApprenticeship: Richard Sims to Thomas Martin esqApprenticeship: Benjamin Boldra jnr to William Boldra, marinerApprenticeship: John Bennett to Benjamin Happ, joiner and carpenterApprentic...

Page 150

Apprenticeship: Samuel Wright to John Hurry, grocerApprenticeship: Christopher Spanton to Francis Clifton, marinerApprenticeship: Thomas Nutress to Robert Lancaster and Henry Riches, shipwrightsApprenticeship: Thomas Allbird to Robert Lancaster an...

Page 149

Apprenticeship: William Ruxby to Thomas Whitton, brazierApprenticeship: Edward Symonds to William Danby Palmer, shipwrightApprenticeship: George Betts to Thomas Corey, marinerApprenticeship: Richard Curtis to Samuel Sharp, marinerApprenticeship: ...

Page 147

Apprenticeship: Thomas Sewels to Christopher Sayers, blockmakerApprenticeship: John Mitchells jnr to John Winn, shipwrightApprenticeship: John Wright jnr to Robert Lancaster, shipwrightApprenticeship: Gilbert Fairby to Thomas Hurry, marinerApprent...

Page 146

Apprenticeship: Edward Hall to Joseph Cobb, ship carpenterApprenticeship: Simon Bendy to Bracey Taylor, gentApprenticeship: Edward Jex to Samuel Errington and George Errington, ropemakersApprenticeship: William Kinge to Timothy Cooper and Godfrey ...

Page 145

Apprenticeship: Horea Goddard to William Haw, ropemakerApprenticeship: Samuel Hurst to Joseph Barnby, marinerApprenticeship: Edward Jex to Samuel Errington, ropemakerApprenticeship: Peter Crombie to Edmund Cobb, mariner

Page 144

Apprenticeship: William Norton jnr to Robert Lancaster, shipwrightApprenticeship: John Barber to John Wright, cooperApprenticeship: George Racey to John Haslope, marinerApprenticeship: William Holmes to Francis Mase jnrApprenticeship: William Cull...

Page 143

Apprenticeship: Thomas Richardson to John Wright, cooperApprenticeship: John Bidwhistle to Reynold Barrett, marinerApprenticeship: William Smith to John Ramey, gentApprenticeship: George Augustus Burgess to John Morris, merchant

Page 142

Apprenticeship: Thomas Meadowes to Benjamin Neave, cooperApprenticeship: Samuel Bly to Robert Williams, marinerApprenticeship: Benjamin Stutters to William Sayers, marinerApprenticeship: Joshua Patman to Pexall Forster, bakerApprenticeship: John F...

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