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BL/AQ 3/8 'The Folklore of the Wash', by H.J. Hillen [MS] File early 20th century
BL/AQ 3/10 'Kitty Witch Row, Great Yarmouth' by H.J. Hillen, 'The Antiquary', N.S. Vol VI, No. 5 File nd
BL/AQ 3/13 'Passages from the Journal of John Helder, an obscure Cambridgeshire worthy', by Jas C. Wood, typescript, from The Antiquary, Nov. 1888, vol. XVIII, pp 199-203 File 1888
BL/AQ 3/14 'The Troubles of Sir Peter Gleane' by R.W. Ketton-Cremer: proofs File 20th century
BL/AQ 3/1 'A Collection of Marks used by the Norwich Merchants during the 15th & 16th centuries', collected by Samuel Woodward, MS with 18th-century and 19th-century inserts, with 'H. Gurney, Keswick Library' on flyleaf File 1837
BL/AQ 3/4 'Memoirs of the Life and Achievements of the late Lord Nelson' with an account of his funeral File nd [19th century]
BL/AQ 3/11 Essay on Broad Norfolk by ?H.J. Hillen with newscuttings on antiquarian topics File c 1907
BL/AQ 3/2 'An Historical Inquiry touching St Catharine of Alexandra to which is added a Semi-Saxon Legend' by Charles Hardwick, Cambridge Antiquarian Society no. 15 File 1849
BL/AQ 3/6 'Legends of Cliffe Castle', printed poem by E.F.T. File nd
BL/AQ 3/15 'The Brancaster Colonia' by Gordon Ward, with plans File [20th century]
BL/AQ 3/16 'The Lost Villages of Norfolk' by K.J. Allison, Leeds University: carbon typescript, with maps File 1953
BL/AQ 3/17 'The Gentry of Elizabethan Norfolk: Office-holding and Faction', by A. Hassell Smith, PhD thesis, London File 1959
BL/AQ 3/3 Account of a manuscript genealogy of the Paston family, by Francis Worship [printed, pages uncut] File 1852
BL/AQ 3/7 'The Flower of the Parish, a tale of modern East Anglia', by Henry J. Hillen [MS] File 1895
BL/AQ 3/9 'The Legendary Folklore of Norfolk' by H.J. Hillen [MS] File early 20th century
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