Additional Ames Family Papers of Lakenham, Durham and the United States Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
MC 3419/1, 1070X8 Silhouettes of Daniel Ames, Mary Ames and Mary Parkinson Ames (later Mary Thompson) as a child File nd [c 1820-1824]
MC 3419/5, PH53 Photograph of two young women, possibly daughters of Daniel Fletcher Ames File nd [mid 19th century]
MC 3419/6, PH53 Photograph of young woman, possibly a daughter of Daniel Fletcher Ames File nd [mid 19th century]
MC 3419/7, PH53 Photograph of Mary Buckingham Ames (d. 1865) in old age File nd [mid 19th century]
MC 3419/15, 1070X8 'Sugar boiling': oil painting by Daniel Fletcher Ames, showing log cabin by waterfall with men carrying buckets of maple sap and large cauldron of sap boiling over an open fire File nd [mid 19th century]
MC 3419/16, 1070X8 Watercolour of Thames barge File nd [1833]
MC 3419/17, 1070X8 Oil painting: man and woman with small child leaning on a fence looking at a horse and foal, with stream, ducks and windmill in distance File nd [19th century]
Photographic and Silhouette Portraits Series 19th century
MC 3419/2, PH53 Daguerreotype photograph of Daniel Fletcher Ames and his family, one daughter holding the neck of a guitar or other stringed musical instrument File nd [c 1850s]
MC 3419/8, PH53 Photograph of Mary Thompson File nd [c 1850s-1860s]
MC 3419/9, PH53 Photograph of man [Archibald Thompson] File nd [? 1860s]
MC 3419/18, 1070X8 Painting: woman wearing jacket and blouse and small hat tipped forward, beside man wearing hat, only partly shown File nd [late 19th century]
MC 3419/19, 1070X8 Painting: young man wearing ?naval uniform File nd [19th century]
MC 3419/22, 1070X8 Autograph album File 1891-1921
MC 3419/3, PH53 Photograph of Daniel Fletcher Ames File 1863
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