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Oxnead, Norfolk

Paston family; fl 1610-1730; Oxnead, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10558
  • Family
  • fl 1610-1730

The Paston family of Oxnead, Norfolk

SIR WILLIAM PASTON, c.1610-1663, married (1) Lady Katherine Bertie, daughter of Robert Bertie, 1st Earl of Lindsay, and Elizabeth Montague, and aunt of Lady Bridget Bertie (1629-1704) who married Thomas Osborne, Earl of Danby. She died 3 January 1637.

He married (2) Margaret Hewitt on 27 July 1640 at St Mary Aldermanbury. She was alive in 1666.

By his first wife, Sir William had one surviving son:

SIR ROBERT PASTON was born on 29 May 1631 at Oxnead, Norfolk, and died on 8 March 1683. He was created Viscount Yarmouth in 1673, and 1st Earl of Yarmouth in 1679. He married Rebecca Clayton on 15 June 1650; she was a daughter of Sir Jasper Clayton and Mary Thompson, and died in 1694.

Their surviving children were:

1 WILLIAM PASTON, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth, born 1654; died 25 December 1732 at Epsom.

Married (1) Charlotte Howard on 17 July 1672, illegitimate daughter of Charles II, born c 1650, and died 1684.

Married (2) Elizabeth, daughter of Dudley, 4th Baron North, and widow of Sir Robert Wiseman, born 1647, and died 1730.

Children of William Paston by his first wife:

Charles (1674-1718) married Elizabeth Pitt; d.s.p.

Charlotte (1675-1735) married (1) Thomas Herne of Haveringland, 12 June 1703, and (2) Hon. Major Weldon.

Rebecca (born 1681) married Sir John Holland of Quidenham, 8 May 1699.

2 Margaret, married Hieronimo Alberti di Conti of Venice.

3 Robert married Anne, daughter of Philip Harbord and Anne Drury, and died 1705.

4 Mary, probably died in 1678.

5 Jasper, went to sea

6 Thomas (1663-1691), became a soldier

7 Elizabeth

Oxnead Hall Manor; 1189-1925; Oxnead, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/4079
  • Corporate body
  • 1189-1925

The manor was held by the Paston family from 1423 to 1732. From the court book of Oxnead Hall Manor (1694-1922): on 15 October 1694 a General Court Baron of William (Paston), Earl of Yarmouth was held. The First General Court Baron of George, Lord Anson was held on 15 April 1762. General Court Barons were recorded for: Thomas Anson, esquire (19 December 1791); Thomas William, Viscount Anson (14 December 1821) and Sir Edward Stracey, Baronet (27 February 1841).\r\nSir H.J. Stracey, bt, is given as lord of the manor in White's Trade Directory, 1883.

Brampton and Oxnead Parish Council; 1894-; Brampton and Oxnead, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/8699
  • Corporate body
  • 1894-

Parish councils were formed under the Local Government Act 1894. They took over the civic and social welfare duties of existing groups hitherto based around ecclesiastical parishes (notably the overseers of the poor). Records of parish charities managing commons under distribution of land as a consequence of the Enclosure Acts can often be found in parish council records.
They are elected bodies, usually on a four year cycle. The number of councillors varies according to the population of the parish.
Parish Councils tend to be responsible for the provision of such facilities as village halls, recreation grounds and children's play areas. They have a legal right to be consulted and to comment on all planning applications in their areas.

Aylsham and District Team Ministry benefice; 2018-; Church of England pastoral unit; Aylsham, Norfolk

  • Corporate body
  • 2018-

The Team Ministry was informally launched on 1st January 2015 but grew out of Deanery discussion over the previous two years, and through a partnership between the previous benefices of Aylsham and Cawston since 2012. The Team Ministry 'experiment' ran alongside formal Pastoral Re-organisation over 18 months. Our success in bringing parishes together led to other Parishes joining the Team and early in 2018 we celebrated the formal creation of the Team. In Nov 2012, Cawston, Heydon & Haveringland parishes join the Team, forming the 'Cawston Group'. In Jan 2015, Oulton & Blickling parishes join the Team and in 2016, the Bure Valley Group of Churches join the Team with Badersfield Community Church. In Sept 2016, the Little Barningham, Itteringham & Wickmere parishes join the Team. In Dec 2017, a
Pastoral Scheme formally creating the Team is approved by the Church Commissioners and the Bishop of Norwich, and in Feb 2018 ,
Service of Celebration lead by the Bishop of Lynn & Archdeacon of Lynn to mark our coming together as the Aylsham & District Team Ministry.
The same years saw discussions begin with Scottow Parish regarding joining the Team, and 2019 saw the same with Aldborough Parish regarding joining the Team. Currently (2022) there are 18 parish churches in the benefice.
Currently (2022) there are 18 parish churches in the benefice grouped together as follows: Aylsham and Blickling, Aldborough Group (Aldborough, Itteringham, Little Barnigham, Sustead and Wickmere); the Bure Valley Group (Brampton, Burgh-next-Aylsham, Buxton, Lammas, Marsham and Oxnead); Cawston Group (Cawston, Haveringland, Heydon and Oulton) and Badersfield St Edwards' parish church.

Lady Charlotte Paston; 1676-c 1744; Oxnead, Norfolk

  • Person
  • 1676-c 1744

Born in 1676, the elder daughter of William Paston, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth and his first wife, Charlotte Howard, nee Fitzroy (illegitimate daughter of Charles II). Married Thomas Herne of Haveringland Hall, Norfolk in 1703, with whom she had several children, including Paston Herne. Widowed in 1726 and married Colonel Thomas Weldon in 1733. As the sole child to survive her father, she and her second husband acted as executors after the 2nd Earl’s death, having to sell off the Paston estates to pay his creditors.

Lady Rebecca Paston; 1682-1726; Oxnead, Norfolk

  • Person
  • 1682-1726

Born in 1682, the younger daughter of William Paston, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth and his first wife, Charlotte Howard, nee Fitzroy (illegitimate daughter of Charles II). Married Sir John Holland of Quidenham, Norfolk in 1699. Died in 1726.

Charles, Lord Paston; 1673-1718; brigadier general; Oxnead, Norfolk

  • Person
  • 1673-1718

Born in 1673, the eldest son of William Paston, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth and his first wife, Charlotte Howard, nee Fitzroy (illegitimate daughter of Charles II). Educated at Eton. Entered the army and became a brigadier general in 1710. Stood for parliament unsuccessfully several times, but was MP for Thetford 1699-1700. Sold out of the army in 1711. In the same year, he married his mistress, Elizabeth Pitt, with whom he had a daughter. Died in 1718 at Gravesend, Kent.

William Paston; c. 1682-c 1709; Oxnead, Norfolk

  • Person
  • c. 1682-c 1709

Born in c 1682, the younger son of William Paston, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth and his first wife, Charlotte Howard, nee Fitzroy (illegitimate daughter of Charles II). According to ‘The Paston Treasure Microcosm of the Known World’ ed. A. Moore, N. Flis and F. Vanke (Yale University Press, 2018) virtually nothing is known about him except that he died unmarried after 1709.