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Norwich, Norfolk

Watson and Son; fl.1879; Norwich, Norfolk

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 1879

Frederick Elwin Watson and his son, Thomas Watson, solicitors were, in 1879, the successors of the firm, Messrs Watson and Fraser of 74 St Giles' Street, Norwich, then . in 1869, being Frederick E Watson and James Edward Fraser, solicitors. Fraser had joined Watson, who had started out in legal practice in 1836 in Norwich. Watson and Fraser appear also to have had a legal practice in Wisbech concurrently with the one in Norwich.

Dr Andrew Hayden; fl 1978-; interim organ adviser to Norwich Diocese; Norwich, Norfolk

  • Person
  • fl 1978-

Andrew Hayden studied Music with Applied Physics at Surrey University graduating in 1978. He was a pupil of Richard Hickox and Robert Munns gaining FTCL under the latter's tutelage. His early years were spent in sound engineering in Germany and as a postgraduate researcher leading to an MPhil in the history of radio drama recording technique.

As an organ consultant he has been active since 2003 and has worked with, among others, Churches Conservation Trust, Norwich Anglican Diocese, and with BIOS as Historic Organs Listing Scheme assessor and Casework Officer. His experience of the instrument from both a playing and a technical standpoint is extensive, drawing on over twenty years involvement as a church musician. He has a particular interest in the work of northern builders such as Forster & Andrews, Wordsworth & Maskell and Isaac Abbott.

Well known for his historical feature articles in The Organ and Choir & Organ, he was one of the team of organists for the East Anglian Historic Organs Sound Archive project. He has completed a PhD at Cardiff University on The Organs and Organists of Great Yarmouth, St Nicholas 1733-1894 and is the originator of the Star Organs of Britain photographic archive and calendar.

Member of the Association of Independent Organ Advisers.

William Bell-Armes; 1878-1933; artist and architectural draughtsman; Norwich

  • Person

William Bell-Armes (1878-1933, hereafter WBA) is believed to have attended the Norwich School of Art and then worked for a number of local firms including Caleys/Tom Smith's crackers, Boulton and Paul and possibly Page Brothers. He was a contemporary and friend of Alfred Munnings and painted with him at times. Munnings also appears to have worked for Page Brothers and Caleys/Tom Smith's crackers. WBA lived in Norwich at 10 Esdelle Street (from the 1901 census when his occupation is recorded as an architectural draughtsman) and then 58 Plumstead Road (from the 1911 census where his occupation is still architectural draughtsman).

WBA was the son of William F. Armes (1852-1935) and Elizabeth Susannah Armes (1851-1936, daughter of John Bell). WBA married Maud Alice May Sutton (1884-?) . His siblings were Clement John Wayside Armes (1880-1965) and Harry Louis Armes (1882-1970). WBA's grandparents were Stephen Armes and Hannah Emma Armes (? nee Holt)

James Sillett; 1764–1840; artist; of Norwich

  • Person
  • 1764–1840

Born in Norwich, son of James Sillett of Eye, Suffolk. Apprenticed to an heraldic painter in Norwich, before moving to London, but he returned to Norwich in 1801 where he remained until his death, apart from four years when he lived in King's Lynn 1804-1808. In 1801 he married Ann Banyard of East Dereham and they had five children.

A member of the Norwich School of Artists, his work included miniatures, landscapes, and still lifes, but he was best known for his paintings of game, fruit, and flowers. He exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1796 and 1837, and was involved with the Norwich Society of Artists, serving as vice-president and president. He also worked as a drawing master.

Green Family; c. 1847-c. 1961; Norwich, Norfolk

  • Family
  • c. 1847-c. 1961

George Green, tailor, was an alderman and magistrate for Norwich, who served as Lord Mayor in 1919-1920. He and his wife, Emma, had a daughter, Minnie (d. 1932), who qualified as a doctor at Edinburgh University and practised in the city before marrying Theodore Shennan (d. 1948, who was professor of pathology at Aberdeen for many years) on 30 July 1903. George and Emma Green's sons, Frank and G. Colman Green founded Green's of Norwich, tailors, hosiers and outfitters, which folded in 1962.

John Steward; 1766-1829; solicitor; Norwich, Norfolk

  • Person
  • 1766-1829

Solicitor and attorney at law, and living in 'Upper Heigham' [by Norwich] in 1801, John Steward was sheriff of Norwich in 1808 and mayor in 1810, and in later life, purchased country estates in Swardeston, Mulbarton, Hethel and East Carleton. He died on 11 Oct 1829, leaving sons, John Henry (a clergyman) to inherit the county estates, and Edward to carry on as a partner in his solicitor's firm.

David Cleveland; 1942-; Director of the East Anglian Film Archive; Norwich, Norfolk

  • Person
  • 1942-

Born in Norwich in 1942. Joined the BBC as a film assistant in 1964. Made films for deaf children with Tony Ames, and was famous for the role of the 'The Prof' in the TV programme Vision On (1965). In 1976, he founded the the East Anglian Film Archive at the University of East Anglia, and was its director until he retired in 2004.

Benjamin Holmes; 1890-c 1960; Norwich

  • Person
  • c 199-c1950

Named in the will of Mrs Beatrice Florence Crome of Sandringham Road, Norwich as her sole executor and heir, and thereby, the eventual owner of the house at 35 Sandringham Road, Norwich