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King's Lynn Conservancy Board; 1897-; King's Lynn, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/7596
  • Corporate body
  • 1897-

The King's Lynn Conservancy Board was established as the sole port and harbour authority in 1898 by An Act to constitute a Conservancy Board for the Port and Harbour of King's Lynn; to transfer to and vest in such Board the Powers of the Corporation of King's Lynn relating to the Port and Harbour and all the Powers and Property of the Harbour Mooring or Pilot Commissioners of the Port and of the Body known as Select Trustees appointed under the Eau Brink Act 1831; and for other purposes, 1897.

Bedford Level Corporation; 1663-1920

  • GB/153/NM/7911
  • Corporate body
  • 1663-1920

Established under the General Draining Act, 1653 to maintain drainage & navigation on the Bedford Level, divided into three areas- north, middle and south. There was a gradual loss of responsibility for all three areas during its existence.

Mrs Hilary Clutten; 1956-; author; Pulham St Mary, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/9236
  • Person
  • 1956-

Formerly of Pulham St Mary, where she served for a time as Parish Clerk, and author of a history of Pennoyer's School, 1994. Lived in Rose Farm, North Green, Pulham St Mary for many years until 2000. She was also the owner of a business creating clothing and furniture for vintage dolls. She later moved to Attleborough.

Pearce family; ?-; local historians; Alburgh, Norfolk, and Denton, Norfolk

  • Family
  • ?-

Brian and Jane Pearce were very involved in the village activities of the parishes of Alburgh and Denton. They were both active members of various committees. Jane Pearce contributed greatly to the writing and publication of the parish magazine for Alburgh and Denton, and Brian Pearce researched and wrote a village appraisal on behalf of the parish council.

William George Keppel; 1835-1922; Old Buckenham, Norfolk

  • Person
  • Born 5 June 1835 and died 17 Feb 1922

Born in Cambridge to Thomas Robert Keppel. He was grandson to William Keppel, 4th Earl of Albemarle and nephew of Viscount Bury and to Admiral Henry Keppel. He took a commission in the Indian Army, serving with the Bengal Staff Corps, and retired a major. He married Emily (nee Haughton) in 1864 and bought The Grange, a substantial dwelling on the Church Green in Old Buckenham in 1871. He lived there until his death in 1922, aged 86 years.

Lowry Arthur Casamajor Cole; 1878-1955; Sprowston, Norfolk

  • Person
  • Apr 1878-Sep 1955

Born to parents, the Hon. Arthur Edward Casamajor and Adelaide (nee Blackwood) Cole in London, became a parliamentary private secretary for the then Unionist parliamentary chief whip, Sir Alexander Acland-Hood, MP, married Grizel Pratt-Barlow in London, then, moving to Norfolk in his 30's, a businessman and director of motor engineers and coach-builders, Mann Egerton Co. of Norwich. He purchased Sprowston Lodge in Sprowston and lived there for the last forty years of his life. His son and heir was Arthur Lowry Frederick Cole. He died in September 1955 at St Helen's nursing home at Bishopsgate, Norwich, leaving his estate to his widow and son.

Watson and Son; fl.1879; Norwich, Norfolk

  • Corporate body
  • fl. 1879

Frederick Elwin Watson and his son, Thomas Watson, solicitors were, in 1879, the successors of the firm, Messrs Watson and Fraser of 74 St Giles' Street, Norwich, then . in 1869, being Frederick E Watson and James Edward Fraser, solicitors. Fraser had joined Watson, who had started out in legal practice in 1836 in Norwich. Watson and Fraser appear also to have had a legal practice in Wisbech concurrently with the one in Norwich.

Dr Andrew Hayden; fl 1978-; interim organ adviser to Norwich Diocese; Norwich, Norfolk

  • Person
  • fl 1978-

Andrew Hayden studied Music with Applied Physics at Surrey University graduating in 1978. He was a pupil of Richard Hickox and Robert Munns gaining FTCL under the latter's tutelage. His early years were spent in sound engineering in Germany and as a postgraduate researcher leading to an MPhil in the history of radio drama recording technique.

As an organ consultant he has been active since 2003 and has worked with, among others, Churches Conservation Trust, Norwich Anglican Diocese, and with BIOS as Historic Organs Listing Scheme assessor and Casework Officer. His experience of the instrument from both a playing and a technical standpoint is extensive, drawing on over twenty years involvement as a church musician. He has a particular interest in the work of northern builders such as Forster & Andrews, Wordsworth & Maskell and Isaac Abbott.

Well known for his historical feature articles in The Organ and Choir & Organ, he was one of the team of organists for the East Anglian Historic Organs Sound Archive project. He has completed a PhD at Cardiff University on The Organs and Organists of Great Yarmouth, St Nicholas 1733-1894 and is the originator of the Star Organs of Britain photographic archive and calendar.

Member of the Association of Independent Organ Advisers.

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