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Arnold A. Pryor; 1920-2002; USAAF airman; USA

  • GB/153/NM/10067
  • Person
  • 1920-2002

Arnold A. Pryor was born on the 1st January 1920. He was a first officer and aircraft commander in the 788th Bomb Squadron. He died on 17 February 2002.

Dickleburgh Parish Council; 1727-1991; Dickleburgh, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/1007
  • Corporate body
  • 1727-1991

Parish councils were formed under the Local Government Act 1894. They took over the civic and social welfare duties of existing groups hitherto based around ecclesiastical parishes (notably the overseers of the poor). Records of parish charities managing commons under distribution of land as a consequence of the Enclosure Acts can often be found in parish council records.
They are elected bodies, usually on a four year cycle. The number of councilors varies according to the population of the parish.
Parish Councils tend to be responsible for the provision of such facilities as village halls, recreation grounds and children's play areas. They have a legal right to be consulted and to comment on all planning applications in their areas.
The name was changed from Dickleburgh Parish Council to Dickleburgh and Rushall Parish Council by a South Norfolk District Council Order dated 28 January 1980, which came into effect on 25 February 1980.

Mervin M. Shank; fl 1941-1945; USAAF airman; Barsham, Suffolk

  • GB/153/NM/10071
  • Person
  • fl 1941-1945

Sgt Mervin M. Shank was born in 1922 and joined the United States Army Air Corps (later USAAF) in 1942. He was eventually assigned to Lt Stalie Reid's crew in the 791st Bomb Group, 467th Bomb Group.

He was one of three crew members (of Stalie Reid's crew no. 88) to successfully bail out of the B-24 they were flying (serial number 252445). Lt Stalie Reid and six other crew members died in the crash-landing, in a field opposite Barsham village school, following damage sustained by a German Messerschmitt during the 'Night of the Intruders' incident, 22 April 1944.

Daniel Miney; ?-1944; USAAF Ground Crew

  • GB/153/NM/10072
  • Person
  • ?-1944

Pvt Daniel Miney of the 1229 Quarter Masters Company, was the only member of ground crew in the 2nd Air Division classified as killed in action and noted on the roll of honor. He was killed while cycling on base during an intruder attack by a German ME-410 aircraft, 22 April 1944 (the 'Night of the Intruders').

Norman J. Rogers; 1919-1944; USAAF airman; Rochester, New York, USA, Russelheim, Germany

  • GB/153/NM/10079
  • Person
  • 1919-1944

Norman J. Rogers was born in Rochester, New York on 22 December 1919. He was the pilot of the B-24 'Wham! Bam! Thank You, Ma'm', in the 854th Bomb Squadron, when it was hit by flak over oil and aircraft industry targets near Hannover, Germany, 24 August 1944. The aircraft crashed near Greven, Germany. The crew were captured and all but Sgt Brininstool, who was badly wounded and taken to a military hospital, were taken by train towards the Dulag Luft interrogation centre at Oberursal, near Frankfurt. The train was stopped at Russelheim as a result of an RAF bombing mission to the Opel motor factory, which had also destroyed the railway line. Local people were angered by the damage and attacked the airmen, beating all but Sidney Brown and William Adams to death.

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