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Anthony Beaumont; 1918-2005; author; Castle Rising, South Wootton and King's Lynn, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10119
  • Person
  • 1918-2005

Anthony Beaumont (1918-2005) of South Wootton, was a schoolteacher and author, who lived, at least toward the end of his life, at Waynefleet, Castle Rising Road, South Wootton, King's Lynn PE30 3HR. Beaumont's interests included steam engines, photography and art, especially the paintings of L.R. Squirrel.

John Oddy; fl 2008; author

  • GB/153/NM/10168
  • Person
  • fl 2008

Dr John Oddy was the author of The Writings of the Radical Welsh Baptist Minister William Richards (1749-1818) (Lampeter 2008).

Stephen Ernest Brewster Daniels; 1917-2005; author; Gorleston, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10208
  • Person
  • 1917-2005

Born Great Yarmouth, July 1917 died Great Yarmouth Hospital, November 2005
Stephen was the second child and first son of George and Rebecca (née Brewster) Daniels. George Daniels came from Ipswich and opened a branch shop of the family business, Smith and Daniels Ltd, Cutlers and Tool Merchants, situated in the Market Place Great Yarmouth, where a Woolworths store later stood. Rebecca was the thirteenth child of George and Adeline Brewster. Her father was a builder and the family lived in Alma Street, Great Yarmouth. George Brewster was a staunch churchman, who served at St. George's Chapel for many years in one capacity or another.
Stephen, his sister, Barbara, and younger brother, Dennis, grew up at 100 Beccles Road (now 171) in Gorleston close to the Gorleston bypass. The house was on the edge of farmland in those days. He attended Carlton House School, Edward Worlledge Junior School and Duncan House School in Great Yarmouth. When he left school at fifteen, Stephen was apprenticed to a local boat builder at Lowestoft and then worked at Herbert Woods at Potter Heigham. He had a lifelong passion for boats. From a teenager, he sailed his own dinghy out of Great Yarmouth harbour and was, for some years, honorary secretary and crew member of the Elizabeth Simpson, the Gorleston Volunteer Lifeboat.
In 1939, Stephen set up a new boat building yard in Limehouse, which produced over 20 small naval craft and made masts and spars for RAF stations and merchant ships. Boat building was a reserved occupation and vital to the war effort. In 1942, he designed and brought into production a 26-foot ship's lifeboat; also working with Lloyds on the design of reversible life-rafts for merchant ships, supervising the building of prototypes, and working out mass production methods. During the blitz, he served with the Home Guard on anti-looting patrols at London Docks.
In 1942, Stephen married Winsome Wright, also from Gorleston, and their first child, Valerie, was born in 1943. Two more daughters, Diane and Andrea, were born in 1944 and 1946. Towards the end of the war, Stephen returned to Herbert Woods to work on air-borne lifeboats. Unfortunately, he succumbed to severe dermatitis brought on by working with wood, and his career in boat building was brought to an abrupt end. He then worked for the family business, Smith and Daniels Ltd, eventually moving to Ipswich where his young family grew up and his son, Richard, was born in 1952. In their mid fifties, Stephen and Winsome moved to the Orkney Islands to assist their daughter, Diane, and her husband in a farming venture. They remained there for more than a decade, finally returning to the Great Yarmouth area where Stephen took up maritime research and writing.
He served as Chairman of the Friends of the Maritime Museum and was instrumental in helping to set up the Time and Tide Museum. He was an Honorary Freeman of Great Yarmouth and was keen to see the town put firmly on the map. Stephen was also actively involved with the Friends of the Elizabeth Simpson, the Maritime Festival, the Model Boat Exhibition and the Museum of the Broads.

Books by S.B. Daniels:
Rescue from the Skies: The Story of the Airborne Lifeboats (HMSO, 1994)
The Gorleston Volunteer Lifeboat: Elizabeth Simpson (North Walsham, 1989)
Mincarlo LT412: the story of a Lowestoft sidewinder (Hoveton, 1999).
Some particulars of Yarmouth fishing vessels: YH 1-YH 2459, listed in order of YH port registration numbers (Great Yarmouth, 1999).

Geoffrey David Maurice Block; 1914-1991; author

  • GB/153/NM/10213
  • Person
  • 1914-1991

Geoffrey David Maurice Block was the author of 'An introduction to the military aircraft engaged in the Western theatre of war', etc. (1945). He was born on 18 Feb 1914 and died May 1991.

Elliot Philipp; ?-?; gynaecologist, author; Marham, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10274
  • Person
  • ?-?

Elliot Philipp was called up in April 1940, after qualifying as a doctor and gaining six months' experience as a house doctor in a hospital. In summer 1940, he was posted to Marham, where he was assigned to 218 Squadron. He left Marham after about nine months to become an administrative medical officer. Following the war, he became an eminent Harley Street gynaecologist.

Philipp wrote his book during the war. When it was published in 1946, it was heavily censored and the name of the base where he was stationed was not revealed. He used the pseudonym 'Victor Tempest'.

The book was given in memory of Dr Philipp's daughter, Ann Susan Hills (1941-1996) journalist.

Verily Bruce; 1915-2010; author; Northrepps, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10350
  • Person
  • 1915-2010

Author of over thirty memoirs, biographies and children's books. Daughter of Revd Rosslyn Bruce and Rachel Gurney, daughter of Richard Hanbury Gurney of Northrepps Hall. She published 'The Northrepps Grandchildren' - an account of her own childhood visits to Northrepps Hall and a history of her Gurney ancestors - in 1968. Her first husband Donald Anderson, writer on military history, died in 1956 and in 1971 she married Paul Paget, architect and surveyor to the fabric of St Paul's Cathedral, who was her distant cousin.

Michael Kingsley Stammers; 1943-2013; author; Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/10419
  • Person
  • 1943-2013

Michael Kingsley Stammers was born in Norfolk in 1943 and developed a love of the sea as a child. He researched the maritime history of Norfolk, as well as nationally, and published various books on the subject including 'Victorian North Norfolk Sailing ships' (2012). Mr Stammers studied history at Bristol and was appointed assistant keeper of folk history at Warwick County Museum. He later became the first Keeper of Merseyside Maritime Museum. He died on 30 January 2013.

Philip Wayre; 1921-2014; naturalist, conservationist; Earsham, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/11028
  • Person
  • 1921-2014

Born 26 May 1921. Naturalist and TV presenter and served on numerous conservation bodies. Founded The Ornamental Pheasant Trust in 1959. Co-founded the Otter Trust in 1971. Died 29 June 2014.
He was a member of the councils of the Fauna and Flora Preservation Society, the International Council for Bird Preservation and the Norfolk Naturalists’ Trust, and also served as the chairman of their conservation committee. From 1976 to 1978 he was chairman of the Eastern Regional Council for Sport and Recreation. In 1994 he founded the Philip Wayre Wildlife Trust to promote conservation and the protection of wildlife.
Author of The Valley of the Otter (1992), The Natural History of the European Otter, (1977), Operation Otter (1989). Guide to the Pheasants of the World (1969), The Private Life of the Otter (1979), Wind in the Reeds (1965), The River People (1977)

Anne Millett; fl 1948-2011; author; Norwich, Norfolk

  • GB/153/NM/11475
  • Person
  • fl 1948-2011

Anne's husband, Frank Millett, was vicar of St John Timberhill with All Saints and St John de Sepulchre, Norwich, 1961-1977, and of St Giles, Norwich, 1977-1987. She wrote a book entitled 'Tales of a Vicar's Wife 1948-1987'.

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