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Accounting, Estates

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Accounting, Estates

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Accounting, Estates

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Accounts, statements and letters concerning the sale of the Middleton estate to Savage Mostyn, and investment of the monies in a trust administered by Peter Leheup junior, Dr Samuel Alston, Philip Case and Horatio Walpole, with receipts for sums invested in the 3 per cent annuities

Including bond, Charles Cornwallis Lloyd to Sackville Gwynne for £2000, 23 Dec 1728, receipt by G. Speke for £900 for two years rent charge or annuity to Lady Jennings Lloyd his wife, from estate of Sir Charles Cornwallis Lloyd and Sir Lucius Chri...

Philip Case; 1712-1792; alderman, attorney, controller of customs; King's Lynn and Great Fransham, Norfolk