Abstracts of title concerning land in King's Lynn, Terrington, Clenchwarton, Roydon, North Runcton, Walpole St Peter and West Walton Inventory list

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BL/AB 16/9 Abstract of title of Hugh Jackson to pasture land in Seech, and 17 acres in South Lynn abutting on Thievesgate Lane File 1830
BL/AB 16/8 Abstract of title of assignees of John Hemington, bankrupt, to property in King's Lynn File 1815
BL/AB 16/7 Further abstract of title of Thomas Begley to estate in North Runcton File [1733-1814]
BL/AB 16/6 Abstract of title of Ann Pinnock and others to property in Stonegate Street, King's Lynn File 1803
BL/AB 16/5 Abstract of title of Mrs Sarah Colls, widow, to property in Chequer Street, King's Lynn (endorsed Cross Keys Inn, Hamond family) File [1707-1800]
BL/AB 16/4 Abstract of title of George Rayner Whincop to piece of land in King's Lynn File c 1836
BL/AB 16/3/1-2 Abstracts of title of Thomas Hoseason esq. to freehold estates in Clenchwarton File [1716-1814]
BL/AB 16/2 Abstract of title of Samuel Carpenter Tooke to the Swan in West Lynn File [1769]-1796
BL/AB 16/17 Abstract of title of Robert Barrows Household to shop and premises in Church Street, King's Lynn File 1866
BL/AB 16/16 Abstract of title to garden ground in Norfolk Street, King's Lynn, belonging to Thomas Marshall deceased File 1849
BL/AB 16/15/1-2 Supplemental abstract of title of G.W.P. Bentinck to estate at Terrington, and abstract of subsequent title File 1848
BL/AB 16/14 Abstract of title of Charles Goodwin to land in South Lynn All Saints File 1848
BL/AB 16/13 Abstract of title of John Lawson to estate in Terrington St Clement's File 1838
BL/AB 16/12 Abstract of title of John Jones to estate in Broad Street, King's Lynn File 1835
BL/AB 16/11/1-2 Abstract of title of Christopher J. Coe to estate in Terrington St Clement's, and supplemental abstract File 1833
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