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Estates of Thomas Anson in Lyng

45a. of copyhold land held of the manor of Lyng mortgaged by Elizabeth Gay to Edward Lombe in 1695. William Gay admitted in 1698 under Elizabeth's will to a messuage, malthouse and orchard; two messuages and 66a.; 6.5a. in More Croft next to a way from Moore Lane to Colhill Greone, east, and highway, south.
Estate mortgaged by Gay to Arthur Branthwayte and William Lombe, executors of the will of Edward Lombe, in 1704. Devised by William Gay to Katherine his wife in 1706.
Capital messuage and 60a. in Lyng conveyed by Katherine Gay to Edward Lombe in 1713. John Lombe admitted to copyholds in 1738 after the decease of Edward Lombe the younger, and Mary Hase admitted in 1747 under the will of John Lombe. Messuage and farm in Lyng and Sparham conveyed by Mary Hase and John Lombe to Thomas Anson in 1772.
With abstract of title of Thomas Anson and correspondence re sale of the estate to John Lombe in 1797.

Miscellaneous papers relating mainly to Sir John Lombe's estates at Elsing and Swanton Morley

Including bill for purchase of John Stephen's estate in Elsing; bills and correspondence relating to the purchase of Daniel Jones' estate, in Elsing; papers relating to a dispute over the ownership of a small piece of land between Jones' estate and William Engledow's farm, 1766-1770; abstract of title of James Coldham to an estate in Swanton Morley; extract from Swanton Morley enclosure award; two bills of Sir John Lombe 'for diners', 1815 and 1816.

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