2nd Norwich Scout Troop (City of Norwich School Troop) Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Minute Books Series 1913-1999
Court of Honour Sub-series 1914-1954
SO 153/2, 742X8 Court of Honour minute book. File 1920-1924
SO 153/3, 742X8 Court of Honour minute book. File 1924-1930
SO 153/6, 742X9 Court of Honour minute book. File 1942-1946
Scout Meetings Sub-series 1913-1999
SO 153/114, 788X6 Correspondence File 1977
SO 153/119, 814X3 Photocopy of diary of Alfred 'Tinny' Stephenson (once a 2nd Norwich scout) whilst on the British Arctic Air Route Expedition to Greenland July-September 1930 and January-March 1931. File 1930-1931
SO 153/120, 814X3 Leaflet produced by the Norwich District Scouts appealing for donations [late 1960s or early 1970s] and 2nd Norwich Scouts programme 1975-1976. File 1960-1976
SO 153/122, 814X3 Deed of covenant papers. File 1970-1986
SO 153/16, 743X5 Group committee accounts year ending 31 May. File 1956
SO 153/20, 743X5 General circulars received from Imperial HQ addressed to 'Training Team'. File 1936-1951
SO 153/21, 743X5 Letter received from Tom (surname not given) from Neston, Wirral, re his troop with a programme of a scout play enclosed. File 1936
SO 153/22, 743X5 Scouts' physical health cards. File 1937
SO 153/24, 743X5 Certificate of Annual Group Registration. File 1938
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